Thursday, April 1, 2010

Garden Blogger's Muse Day - April 2010

My garden is my muse this month. It has been unseasonably warm here so I have nearly buried myself in mulch this spring so far.   The forsythia has never looked prettier as most everything else, but on this day it is the forsythia that caught my eye in the blazing sun.

                                                                          Forsythia rays
                                                         competes with Spring's sunshine
                                                                         even in a vase
For more Garden musing go to Carolyn Gail's blog Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.


  1. Lovely drawing and poem!
    I also cut forsythia for the house today. It does look so pretty. It seems to have it's own light.
    Being inspired by the Forsythia is delightful.
    Happy April,

  2. Lisa you make me want to have this shrub again .. and that is a very pretty drawing with the poem : )

  3. What a great sketch!

    You've got a great blog here, I'm glad I found it through your comments on Digging

  4. It's hard not to be inspired by the garden with the beautiful weather we've had this week. Lovely poem, Lisa--the forsythia certainly does create a sunny splash of color everywhere.

  5. Love the sketch Lisa! Wishing you a great weekend with your family :-D

  6. You make me want to keep a better garden journal. That is a terrific page, Gail.

  7. Beautiful sketch Lisa! Oh, the joys of spring!! Happy Easter to you. :c)

  8. Love the drawing... I cut both my forsythias WAY back last year to be able to move them to sunnier locations... so very few blooms this spring. Ah, but next!... Happy Easter, Lisa!

  9. Ah, forsythia. A rite of spring, and one of my favourites. I never get tired of seeing it. Happy spring, happy April, happy Easter to you, dear Lisa.

  10. So love this flower. Makes me think of my dad and all those springs of getting the boat ready for the summer. And the lobster pots....

  11. What a beautiful drawing Lisa!

    I love forsythia!

  12. Did you draw that, Lisa? Wow. I am envious of anyone that can do that.

  13. Someone in my neighborhood managed to make Forsythia grow in Austin - only place I've seen it here in 11 springs in Texas, Lisa... your poem and drawing is perfect.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  14. Where are you hiding these days?


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