Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Safari - August 29, 2010

We got out early this morning trying to beat the heat. As you can see the heat was blanketing the area.
Sherry over at Q's Corner does a post every Sunday about what is seen in and around her garden. Sunday Safari is what she calls it.  Since I had been out and somewhat successful with some photos I thought I would play along.
It seems that our garden has been taken over by the Tigers. Tiger Swallowtails that is. There appears to be many sizes of these beauties. I thought at one point there might be something different as some were so much larger than others. No such luck.
Another beauty that is plentiful at this time is the Buckeye. This must be high season for the second brood since there are so many around.
Even though Dusky Wings aren't as colorful as the other butterflies they bring a nice calm to the garden.
The butterfly caterpillars seem to all have disappeared. I hope that they weren't all eaten by the birds in the garden.  I have been occupied with watching the  House Wrens bring in bills full of bugs. Food goes in and...
food goes out, in the form of fecal sacs.
Just today while we were away the young ventured out. I was so hoping I would be sitting here when the took flight. It was not to be. However I have seen them in the garden so things are going well. There are still plenty of bugs in the garden for them.
Of course there are other predators of caterpillars. You can see here that this poor little Catalpa Moth caterpillar has been parasitized by wasps.
This big ole leaf-footed bug let me get in close for a portrait. I couldn't figure out why. I thought it might be because it was missing one of its hind legs.
What I discovered was that it was laying an egg.
I hope you all have had a great weekend. Did you have a successful Safari Sunday?


  1. Each picture was interesting to see, I enjoyed reading the post, and by the very end - WOW! - an egg-laying bug! Incredible shot! Great timing!

  2. Your garden has a fair few beautiful visitors. Great stuff. Stay cool!

  3. Loved your safari! And how cool, to get a shot of that bug laying an egg. (And what a nervous mama she must have been, to have an audience! lol.)

  4. No safari for me today, too sick with a stupid summer cold. But I eventually wandered through the backyard and saw many of the same critters that you did! Except the egg layer, did you find out what kind it is? Maybe it's a bad guy you should destroy! I'll never forget the day I photograhped an interesting moth, and found out later it was the nasty squash borer that destroyed my zucchini!

  5. MsRobin, I haven't found out what kind of bug it is. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. Lisa.....this is just lovely. So many beautiful images of bugs and birds.
    Love the butterflies......let us hope that the wrens left a few caterpillars.
    I am so pleased the fledglings are doing well and that there is plenty of food for them.

    Your garden is food for my soul Lisa, tku for sharing it with us.

  7. WOW! this is amazing!
    OK I know what I'll do next sunday :-)
    Thanks for these great shots.

  8. The butterfly activity is really starting to pick up here too! Love all your garden shots Lisa. :c)

  9. I share your love of butterflies, Lisa, and the fun of photographing them. But that last photo is amazing! I also didn't know that wrens were such tidy creatures...kind of like throwing out dirty diapers, isn't it:)

    Let's hope yesterday's heat wave was Summer's last hurrah. There's a chance of rain in the forecast, and I think I might go out and do a rain dance to make sure it comes our way.

  10. Wow, lolok at everything you saw! Butterflies, parasitized caterpillars, birds eating, and insects a-layin'. Wow!! (P.S. It's hot and humid here too.)

  11. Fantastic insect photos, I love the detail, especially of the egg laying. You have a very patient eye and a sense for the small dramas in the garden. Beautiful.

  12. I'm sorry, Lisa, but I really didn't need to know about fecal sacs. ;^) Fun Safari!

  13. Hi Lisa,
    Love all your butterflies and wren photos... even the cat and egg-laying bug. Great safari.

  14. That is an amazing shot of the sun--and yes, it does look hot. I loved the shots you got of the wrens. You must be very patient! The poor little parasitized Catalpa Moth caterpillar, nature is so strange sometimes. What luck to manage to shoot the bug laying it's eggs! I enjoyed going on Sunday Safari with you.

  15. Great photos and amazing that you could get so close.

  16. Very nice collection you have captured with your camera !

    Your garden is a healthy one, to support such variety of life!

  17. What great finds. Your garden gets many neat visitors. The egg layer especially. Safari Sunday is a great name for bug hunting.

  18. Lisa, your garden are always full of fun and surprise. These little guys are beautiful and interesting!
    Love to see them in different wonderful garment, yes tiger is visiting...the tiger butterfly!

  19. Oh, you were quite successful in finding a lot living little "beauties". Great shots of everything, but very special is the snapshot of the bug!

  20. Also seen this on many blogs, Lisa... loved yours. Pity you missed the wrens fledge especially when you've seen them peeking out.

    I always enjoy seeing your butterflies. I especially liked that Buckeye one. Great Moth and bug shots too... quite a safari indeed :-)

  21. Wow, Lisa! This was an amazing post! I know I'm late in seeing it, but I'm no less impressed.

    We've been having Buckeyes by the numbers this summer and I've not seen them at all before this! We actually have an abundance of them right now. Seems rather late to see so many, but maybe not. I love this butterfly!


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