Thursday, December 30, 2010

Azalea Path

This last day (oops I should have said last post) of 2010 I wanted to show you a place I had been this past spring. I wanted to save it for a time when the snow was blowing and we had our minds set on warmer weather. This is the time with the snow blowing and our wishes turn to spring.
A friend of mine and I set out to find the Azalea Path that we had heard a lot about. It is a Private Garden nestled in the back woods of South West Indiana not far from where I live.  Driving through the winding road that leads to this little piece of paradise we were surprised to see this sign indicating we had arrived at the gardens. We didn't know what to expect.
 We turned down the drive that takes you into the heart of the garden where you park. There was no indication of which path to take. This garden encompasses 50 acres more or less.  It is difficult for this person that lives on a 1/4 acre to wrap my mind around this much acerage.
However once you start walking the paths you just become engrossed in the beauty of nature.

The bit of tweaking of azaleas planted about everywhere you look enhances what Nature has given. 
You can certainly tell that the human hand has made its offerings too.  
 Of course every large garden must have a waterfall. This garden doesn't disappoint.
There are several bridges to traverse.

Large and small ponds to explore. 
There is even a childrens area. The play house and small furniture is for their Grands. 
Big kids are welcome too. 
If your tastes go more toward modern art there is a section that has several nice pieces. I wish I had written down what artists were displayed. I sure I did but I am sure I have lost that information. 
If the modern are is, well too modern, you will find more conventional art to peruse. 
There are benches everywhere. You can stop and relax, take in some of the majesty of the woods. 

Some of the benches are even incorporated into the art.

In one large section, my personal favorite, a tornado came through and ripped out a huge hunk of the tops of the trees. They hired a chain saw sculptor to come in and do their magic. 

These were only a small portion of the carvings. This angel seems to watch over this area now. Obviously one of my favorite areas of the garden. 
Oh, did I forget to mention the Azaleas?? 
Since we were told we had missed the grand display due to the hot weather we had in early spring we will just have to go back. 
If you get a wild hair to join me on a visit to the Azalea Path I would be delighted to be your guide.
They also have a page on Facebook. You can go there and see the garden shrouded in snow. It is equally as beautiful then.


  1. Lovely tour, Lisa, thanks so much. Actually you have one more day before the year is gone :-)

    Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Carolyn, Yes, I should have said last post of the year. Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Dear Lisa, Thank you for the enchanting tour. Wishing you the Happiest of New Years! Best wishes for a great gardening year!

  4. Oh my what a gorgeous place. I'll put it on my "bucket list." We intend to go to the Blue Ridge someday to see the azaleas there. Having very very limey soil here in southeaster Minn. (Bluff Country) I have had zero success in raising these beautiful shrubs. Yes I know you can add acid but even that seems to make little difference here. Oh well.... that so much for sharing. :)

  5. Thank you for saving this for us to read now, as the snow and winds of winter blanket the northeat. A lovely woodland garden in spring is a delight, and your post transported me there!

  6. I'm so glad you waited until now to show us this, Lisa--what a gorgeous place! The snow isn't blowing here--it's melting instead, and everything is a slippery, muddy, gray and brown mess. So it's really a treat to see these colorful azaleas and all the green. I like the chainsaw sculptures, especially the angel. How nice to have such a beautiful place so near you--I hope you get to see it in peak bloom this spring.

  7. What a lovely and welcoming looking spot! It reminds me, in a way, of Vandussen Gardens in Vancouver though Vandussen is smaller and a little more formal. Thank you for a taste of the spring/summer that is really just around the corner at the rate time slips by.

  8. This is lovely. A perfect time to show it. :) Is this a free place to visit? How do they afford to maintain it? That's a lot of acreage to keep up. Very clever & creative what they did with the chain saws.

  9. What a gorgeous place to walk and enjoy. They've managed to capture such a quiet ease, very natural, yet with lovely dabs of colour. I'm looking forward to your return visit to see more azaleas.

  10. Fantastic, Lisa! I feel much warmer seeing sights like this, when there are buds on my rhodies and azaleas but their leaves are hauled down and rolled up against the cold. Just the perfect post for the end of the year. Wishing you the happiest of New Years...

  11. What an interesting garden, with so many unique spaces to explore. I like how they made lemonade out of the lemon of the tornado too. Thanks for the tour, Lisa.

  12. Oh goodness, this was so beautiful, and such a wonderful surprise for you to find!!! Love those tree carvings!

  13. What a beautiful garden to visit on this last day of the year. Thank you for the tour and have a great 2011.

  14. What a good idea to have kept this post for now! It is a beautiful path, indeed.
    Wishing you a very happy new year!

  15. Looks like there is something for everyone to enjoy here. Very nice!

  16. Oh my... what eye candy for today! Just a glorious place Lisa. Thanks for taking us there and reminding us what will soon come. Happy New Year my friend.

  17. I'd love to see these gardens! And yours, too, Lisa. Hmmm...perhaps a road trip is in order! Love the angel carving!

    Happy New Year, Lisa!

  18. Lisa, that is a gorgeous place! I'd love to see it in person!

    I hope 2011 brings you health and happiness and lots of new adventures!

  19. That's such a neat place. Too bad my snow is all melted today. I like the hardscaping and sculptures even more than the plants at this one (and that's saying something).

  20. It's actually raining here which makes it easier to imagine a scene like this — and to know it will come again. Happy New Year!

  21. Thank you Lisa~this is just what the doctor ordered! The azaleas are lovely, but, the chainsaw sculptures are really special. Happy New Year! Gail

  22. Lisa, I saw your request about my email. I've tried to send you one, but I've got several Lisa in my contacts and I'm not sure which is you. :-)
    Is bowman the right one?
    Otherwise, works. Or try
    Thank you!

  23. Warming and beautiful. Thank you for saving this for us.

  24. Wonderful last post of the year, Lisa! I did enjoy it , I love virtual garden tours like this. Thank-you :-)

    Favs here were that large of slice of stone used as a bridge and the sculptures made from trees that had been damaged. Great idea there.

    That swing also caught my eye as it reminded me of a garden visit in England a few years back. My OH is 6ft 3in and he looked tiny as he tried that swing out. He had to hold on very tight too as the arc was huge!

    Hope you’ve had a great Christmas. Wishing you and your family all our very best wishes for 2011 :-D

  25. That is a beautiful garden i enjoyed the tour. I thought the Azalea path is a path bordered by azaleas, hehe. Happy New Year to you too. I also posted a kind of garden our style, which i just tried now instead of my usual flowers, etc.

  26. This looks like a wonderful place to explore and just be, taking in the beauty.

    I wish you a wonderful 2011 ~

  27. We are having an especially cold night, so these warm weather images have left me feeling summery on the inside. Thank you.


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