Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, Luna and The Birds

This morning we had a heat wave for a few minutes before the cold front came in. So Luna and I decided it was time to get out into the neighborhood and test out the new fallen snow. I guess we had 4".
She loves to be the first dog on the block to break snow. There wasn't another critter track in the driveway before we went out.
 Several people have asked me if I can see her in the snow. It is difficult but you can see her. That is why I have to keep her teathered. Besides I am afraid that someone driving by wouldn't see her and there would be trouble.
 By the time we got home she had snowcicles on her whiskers.  She loves this kind of weather.
When we got back to the house I made a hot cup of tea and did a bit of bird watching. We had quite the influx of field birds. Brown headed Cowbirds and a few Starling joined the masses of House Sparrows at the feeders. They have a game they play. First you see them... 
Now you don't. Ever vigilant for the Cooper's Hawk that patrols the garden. One can't blame them for being so skittish. 
The temperature dropped all afternoon. Quickly getting into the twenties and upper teens. This will be the high tomorrow what with the wind whipping through here. 
I am glad the snow is insulating the garden. I hope you are all warm and safe inside.


  1. OMGOSH what a great header photo. Now that's cold snow. I love watching the birds in the snow. Luna does blend in doesn't she. Great photos. We are starting to warm up here starting tomorrow. I am so ready. :)You can leave the first page of your garden journal white and just date it for snow. :)

  2. Great looking pics. Luna is about hidden in all that white.
    Staying in & keeping warm. So ready for Spring.

  3. Lisa,

    Love Luna she looks like a wonderful dog. Sorry about your bird feeders, yeck trash birds... Crossing my fingers, we have never had a Starling here to my knowledge. The benefits to living out in the country.

  4. Oh, Luna and Sophie would have a great time together playing in the snow! Does Luna like to make doggie angels, too? Sophie also enjoys bird watching--the third photo is what happens here when I let her out of the house:) I've been wondering, though, where all my usual winter birds are. We've had lots of sparrow and juncos with the occasional cardinals and bluejays. But I have yet to see a woodpecker, and they usually are annual visitors here.

    We've had the same weather today, with warnings of drifting snow through morning. Love the header!

  5. Luna is a lovely pup! It's fun to watch dogs frolic in the snow~We still have snow and now the shocking cold is arriving. Brr. Keep warm Lisa and have fun with Luna...gail

  6. When we had a little black and white terrier, I always thought the whiteness of the snow made him look dingy. One of out current dogs is a snow-eater. An Aussie shouldn't have problems with walks in the snow, but if you don't stop her from scarfing down snow, she'll start shivering. Dogs aren't very good at figuring out cause and effect.

    Stay warm!

  7. Luna is so sweet in the snow! I've got a buff colored puppy now, and I know how easily I could lose sight of him in the tundra - with 2 more feet falling now in CT!

  8. Funny, I though Luna was quite visible on the snow. But when she is a bit away, she is almost invisible indeed.
    Take both good care!

  9. I started to say, "Is Luna in that photo?" LOL! Good idea to keep her safe. It's only supposed to be 24 here today. We are quite tired of the ice now.

  10. Luna needs a big bright bandanna or hot pink collar so you can see her outside in the snow! Great camouflage. Your header photo is amazing.

  11. I LOVE the photos of Luna--and the new header! Seems like winter is really digging in all around this year, doesn't it? I have a snow-loving dog, too, but I'm already dreaming about spring... :)

    Hope you stay nice and warm like the garden!

  12. I'm happy for the snow insulating the garden too! For my garlic! I also planted some potatoes in the fall.

    I took 3 little dogs out got a long walk in fresh snow today and they came back looking like snowballs -especially the oldest!

  13. I'm glad you rode that wave of heat. I hope it's back before too long!

  14. wow, that frosty header!! It looks like bird wings, don't you think?

    Luna is like a polar bear in the snow, really creamy yellowish white, not stark white. It bugs me when people paint white polar bears.

    I was going to mail you something today but we are snowed in big time! Tomorrow looks promising :)

    Luna is a beauty!

  15. It looks like that here! One more day and it will probably start to melt.

  16. I was out for a walk in our new snow today, and I saw birds like yours come out of nowhere. There was no food about. It was as strange as it was beautiful.

  17. Lisa, I love seeing pictures of Luna. The ones in the snow remind me of my late Borzoi who was also white & loved snow. I used to have trouble finding her at night in the snow when she'd be out in the yard. That is, until she'd turn around, & I'd see her black eyes & nose.
    That's quite a temperature drop, but at least your snow didn't all melt.

  18. Lisa,
    I always love seeing Luna in the snow. She just looks like she belongs there. Glad you were able to get out and take a walk. That's a huge drop in temps. I hope you have lots of warm tea and stay snuggly. It has been one heck of a winter... again.

  19. Luna is so bautiful out in the snow!

  20. I'm thankful for the snow insulation, too. We've had some cold temps lately, but I'd rather get it over with and have warmer temps in April, when it's supposed to be warming up.


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