Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chicago Flower and Garden Show

I was blessed to be invited to go to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show this past weekend with Beckie and Rose. Below is a picture of the small group of Garden Bloggers Mini Meet. It was great fun to see everyone again. From the left Diane, Rose, Monica, Me, Beckie and Linda.  We lunched, talked, toured the displays, talked and generally enjoyed one anothers company.
While the show was almost as entertaining as the company we kept I must say I was a little disappointed in what the displays had to show us. I guess being from such a small town without the large pool of suppliers to draw from I thought I was going to see something spectacular, or a larger scale, and more of it while there. What was here was fabulous.
The theme this year was "Sport of Gardening".  The gigantic croquet set was fun to see since we like to play croquet in our garden.
The balls for this croquet set were made of gigantic white Orchids. I have no idea what kind they were but they were the largest I have ever laid eyes on.
My favorite display in the show was Silent Poetry: The Confluence of Stone and Plants by Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery. I walked around and around this display. The varieties of plant materials ran from the tropical fillers to the Conifers that this nursery is noted for. There were also stone Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe interspersed artfully through out the setting. I could have done a whole post about these beautiful carvings.
It seemed that sprinkled throughout were scrumptious succulents. They were used in window boxes, pots, and in the landscapes.
Of course any of you that read my blog know of my desire to have chickens in our improperly zoned garden. Sigh~~ Here they showed a sweet little hen house/enclosure that was a kit. It could be tucked into amost any sized suburban or even urban garden. It was stocked with two chickens who seemed to ignore the masses oogling them and their domain.
The table scapes that were made gave me plenty of ideas for Easter dinner table settings.
Rose was quite taken with the tulip display as we all were. Of course her named tulip was one of the prettiest.  I on the other hand was quite taken by these...
No they aren't cow paddies.  These are the corms of the Hardy Cyclaman. I have been wanting some of these for my shady garden. I don't know why I couldn't ever get some but they were being sold by a vendor in the market place. So I came home with them and a lot of fond memories of the day. There was a whole lot more I could go on about, such as the Raptors that were on display.
The childrens area with BIG bugs you could hold and observe.
The most unusual hats.
 Something for everyone.


  1. I love that expression - improperly zoned! Congrats on your hardy cyclamen, definitely on my wish list, just haven't made the effort to find them. I'm looking forward to a meetup soon of CT bloggers, a day of talking plants will be heaven.

  2. I hear you on that chicken coop kit... LOVE it! (And I can't have chickens here, either. Boo.) I also loved the raptors... but multi-legged bugs, you can keep. I'd rather have spiders!

  3. I'd like to have chickens one day too. Very interesting displays (hats?)

  4. Love the chicken coop.

    Those sculpture are pretty unique too. Nice.

    Sounds like a fun time even if it didn't totally come up to expectation.

  5. What a fun day. But I know what your mean about being a little disappointed.. sometimes we have bigger expectations. :) But looks like it was a wonderful day in all. I would love to have that Chicken coup. We could have chickens .. but its the expense of getting everything we need for them that keeps me from doing it and we have hawks so would need a cage for their protection.

  6. Cyndy, it was such fun getting together with plantheads.

    Kim, there was also a tarantula (sp). I held it but it was tired and didn't want to stay on my hand.

    Phillip, It was crazy to see those hats there. I could have done a picture post about them. They were unique to say the least. Some did have a sports theme, some had a garden theme. It just didn't seem right. There were even some hats made of cake. Go figure.

    Cris those cute little houses are probably an arm and a leg to build.

  7. Gosh, what a fabulous show...I'd like to go paint there.... love that last pic especially. :)

    Yep the food trucks have quite a following, they post their locations on Twitter. My co-worker follows a particular Korean-Mexican truck. (Krexican??)

  8. I've considered chickens more than a few times myself but we don't eat many eggs in our household and I always thought it would be a bit wasted on us. Until a neighbour told me about meat chickens. Thank goodness I live in a no rules rural area, I might just get some chickens yet! (and if I do that coop is darn attractive)

  9. So glad you were able to get together with friends and go see this show. It looks lie it was fantastic--and I laughed right out loud about the cyclamen corms. And sighed about your lack of chickens.

  10. So glad you had a good time. Wish I could have chickens but town living is something else.

  11. Lisa, great post! i think you summed it up very well. Whar was there was wonderful to see and smell, but it was bot as large as it has been. As Garden Girl said, maybe it is the economy.

    The show was fun but I think I enjoyed the gathering of the mini meet even more. Getting to spend time with you and Rose was a delight! So glad you could make the trip with us. Another great adventure!

  12. How great that you got to go!!!

  13. Lisa, this is so much fun seeing your perspective on the show! But not as much fun as we had this weekend--I'm so glad you went along. I was a little disappointed in the show, too, but there were still so many things I did enjoy. It's funny, but we were both taken by some of the same things, and I have some similar photos on my post which will be up tomorrow morning. I enjoyed Rich's exhibit, too, and of course, I must have some of those tulips:) So glad you shared the photo of your cyclamen corms. If my hubby found those in a bag in our garage, he'd probably think they were something else and throw them out:) We'll have to do this again next year!

  14. Plants, garden displays, chic chicken coops and friendship... Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend.

  15. I too have been a little underwhelmed by garden shows, and keep expecting something really spectacular that doesn't materialize. But garden shows are the only thing going for real plants and a little design pizzazz this time of year!

  16. It was wonderful spending the day with you Lisa, and with the rest of our warm, friendly group!

    Enjoyed your post - the photos, and reading your take on the show. I too was a bit underwhelmed by the show this year, but it was still fun. The best part of the show for me, even in years when it's been more spectacular, is having the chance to visit with blogging friends. I'm glad you noticed the hat display. I missed it on Saturday. It turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the show. The conifer garden was beautiful, and the sculptures were really wonderful!

    I added some hardy cyclamen to our garden a couple of years ago, and love them! The foliage is beautiful, and I love that it stays so fresh all winter long. The fall blooms are wonderful too, and come at a welcome time after most of the garden is past its peak.

  17. I didn't even realize there was such a thing as a hardy cyclamen! Very cool!

    It was such fun to hang out on Sunday. Yes the show was a little overwhelming, but at least it hasn't been cancelled like so many others have been. We'll have to do it again next year!

  18. Hey Lisa, glad you got to see the show. You and I have such good taste - we both liked the same garden the best.

  19. That millipede rocked!! It felt like the show was bigger last year; I can't put my finger on why, as it was in the same space. I wonder what Linda and I are cracking up about! :) Enjoyed seeing you again, and, as always, say hi if you ever make it to Ann Arbor.

  20. I love the croquet theme. Makes me think of my childhood as well as of Alice in Wonderland. This looks like a nice event.

  21. Lisa, You are going to love the cyclamen. The show looked wonderful and what a fun group to hang out with~gail I hope you get to have chickens! Maybe someone will challenge the city ordinances

  22. I wish I had been mobile, I would have liked to have seen you & gone to the show. Have you considered petitioning to change the zoning laws to allow for chickens?

  23. Dear Lisa,
    Spending time with other plant people must have been the best! I seldom go to flower shows but they are fun when you go with friends. I really like the sculptures and the bugs!
    Snow here today 70 degrees for St. Patty's Day.....March is a roller coaster ride!
    I too wish I could have chickens.

  24. Hello Lisa,

    Love your sharing on the Garden Show. Hoever, I love to see the tulips that you shared here so much. simple but have just taken my heart away. I wish to be there to witness the live show too!

  25. What is the last image there?
    Something for everone look very unusual. I love this type of surprises!

  26. I look careful, it's a hat.
    Ha..Ha..make me laugh, smile!

  27. Oh my goodness ! I wouldn't be able to go near those bugs ! EEKK!!
    Those were cute displays and the chicken house was sweet .. I hope you can have chickens at some point Lisa ! .. I like them from a distance .. but I have a thing about them .. pecking order ? LOL
    Yup .. I would have wanted to see more plants and vendors but you did get a little something for yourself and that is nice !


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