Saturday, October 15, 2011

Perfect Weather This GBBD

This day 4 years ago Greenbow blog was created. I was encouraged by Carol at May Dreams Gardens who is the Hostess for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. People like me all over the world post their blooms the 15th of each month and then link on Carol's blog. If you would like to share your blooms put up a post then head over to Carol's and put the url to the post on Mr Linky. Thanks so much for hosting Carol and for all your encouragement to all gardeners.

A lot has happened at Greenbow over the past 4 years. Yet when I look around it seems like a lot stays the same too.

Blooming this month is the periscarias: Lance Corporal with it's wirey stems with little dots of red blooms is so unusual. Everyone likes them when they see them blooming. They are difficult to capture in a picture.
 Red Dragon has these tiny white flowers that will last until a series of hard frosts take them out. They also do well in flower arrangements. They resemble baby's breath except they have red stems that lend another color to your arrangement.
The white Japanese Anemones are blooming up a storm. Unfortunately the Pink ones just didn't bloom well this year.
Two Toad Lilies are blooming. Togen and 
"Empress" does impress. 
Those sweet little hardy cyclamen are continuing to bloom.
A few annuals are also blooming...Hyacinth Bean Vine hits it's stride this time of year.
Begonias in the window box just outside my window.

Alyssum, Geraniums, Black and Blue Salvia.
All in all, despite the droughty fall we have a few blooms. What is blooming in your garden?


  1. Congratulations on your blog's birthday, Lisa. You have a lot of beauties joining you for the celebration. I envy you those lovely toad lilies, especially, and you have such a nice patch of hardy cyclamen. Happy Bloom Day and Blog Day too!

  2. Happy anniversary! Your blog is beautiful, and I'm glad you're here.

  3. aloha,

    what a fine collection of fall colors, i'm partial to pinks and purples.

    thanks for sharing

  4. These are some gorgeous blooms, Lisa!!! Love that Empress!!! Lots of fun in your garden!!!

  5. So glad that you had perfect weather for this GBBD--and your blogiversary! :) Congrats on the milestone--and thank you for continuing to inspire us all. :)

  6. Happy four year anniversary! So nice to see it celebrated with lots of blooms going on in your garden.

  7. Happy blogoversary! i love toad lilies especially. My white Japanes anemones are also doing super well this year, but so are my pinks and purples, despite having severely pulled much of them out last fall. :)

  8. Hi Lisa,

    I like the Persicaria....I shall have to think about that one :0)
    My japanese anemones have been a disaster this year. I really do not know why. They have bloomed but not well.

    I also love the hardy cyclamen. They are just so pretty. Sometimes I get down on the ground with them, just to truly appreciate them (I won't tell you about the trying to get up...Ha!)

    Congrats on four years Lisa. Well done.
    I notice more and more bloggers dropping by the blog list is getting smaller and smaller.

  9. Happy Blogaversary, Lisa! It was your blog that got me started on this whole blogging adventure; thank you for the inspiration. I've learned so much from other bloggers--for example, I didn't know that persicaria could be so lovely. I have only its common cousin, which is an annoying weed:) Love your Japanese anemones! I planted one this summer which eventually died. I'm hoping if I try again next year--and not plant it in the middle of a drought:)--I'll wind up with some lovely blooms like yours.

  10. I'm so glad you started blogging, I always enjoy reading you.
    The weather has been so weird, " cold" and windy in july, then really hot since the end of August. There is not mich blooming now. Will be better next year...

  11. Brooding colors of fall, captured very well.

  12. Congrats of four years. I LOVE you header photo. You get the best shots. Which blog was first.. this one or your Art one?

  13. Enjoy your anniversary, Lisa. I sure did, through your post. You don't need celebratory fireworks, as your colorific images light up the page.

  14. Dear Lisa,
    Happy Anniversary! I am so happy you began blogging. I tell my friends about my friend Lisa in Greenbow...
    I tell them about your gardens and your art...your birds....You are a dear friend...
    Happy growing...Happy Anniversary.

  15. Congratulations on the four years at Greenbow. And thank you for the invitation to join in. I do not have a green thumb so I would never grow exotic flowers like your Lance Corporal periscarias.

    Today I did pull out some blooming golden rod plants from my bed outside the house. They had grown up through the bushes there.

    Thank you also for visiting my poem about the paper dolls. It was not my original poem but I did not have time to finish it.

    It would have been of a small child making and playing with his/her paper dolls. I made them myself in grade school. We all did.

  16. Lance is very interesting. Love your window box.

  17. It's always interesting what blooms from well from year to year and what blooms in another garden...I can't get the white anemones to grow but the pink loves it. I just notice that Empress is blooming in my garden~Such a beauty. Happy Blogaversary Lisa n and Happy Bloom Day. xogail

  18. Lovely post...I'm a huge fan of the Persicarias as well...I love Lance Corporals amazing foliage all season, and those otherworldly blooms are just the icing on the cake!

  19. I can't help myself to see more of these beautiful blooms! Lucky lucky me:)

  20. Apologies Lisa, for my lateness in congratulating you on four years of blogging. It has been a pleasure to e-meet you and I have enjoyed your posts and our comment exchanges very much!

    As you know I am an anemone fan too and was luckier than you this year having both white and pink ones flowering. Once again, from afar, I find myself admiring your Toad Lilies. Finally I have picked one up at a garden centre… lol… that’s not any good though… need to pick up a hand trowel and plant it so I can share it with you :-D

    Sending my very best wishes for another wonderful year at Greenbow… fingers crossed for more rain for you for next year :-D


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