Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - November 2011

The gloom of this GBBD sort of matches what is going on bloom-wise in my garden this November. I think the drought this year took it's toll on the fall flowers. Of course the hard freeze we had this week didn't help matters any either. There are a few hardy blooms trying to hang in there. Like the mums by the front steps. They are protected by porch roof overhang and cement steps around it.
Below is the last button bloom on the Tansy.
My very favorite clematis Ramona has the palest viseage of a bloom that is hanging on. She so longs to please this gardener. She does a marvelous job. 
The rest of the blooms are annuals. Alyssum in white and 
purple hangs on. I think the purple looks as good as it has all season. 
A surprise plant, to me is this bacopa. It has survived the summer and the freeze so far. I have it in pots and in the ground. These tiny flowers keep on blooming and the foliage looks nice too.  This one happens to be the light blue one.
Most years I have Japanese Anemones blooming now but it was a rough growing year here what with the drought. What do you have blooming in your garden today?  If you want to share your blooms with gardeners around the world you can go to Carol's blog to participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


  1. I love the photo of your Japanese Anemone.
    Happy GBBD :)

  2. Alyssum is my new old favorite. Lots of it featured this Bloom Day to great effect.

  3. I think it was a rough growing year all over from what I've seen on blogs. Your purple looks very good. Happy Bloom Day Lisa.~~Dee

  4. Your garden still looks quite lovely, Lisa! That purple alyssum is magnificent, as is the white. We grew the Bacopa, blue and white this year and enjoyed it. Mine have been done for some time, though. Happy GBBD!


  5. I still have a few things blooming but with a freeze and possible snow on the valley floor this week promised, I am sure that will be the end of the impatiens and a few daisy like flowers.

  6. I was also surprised by Bacopa/Sutera. The foliage on mine turned wine colored, but it still keeps blooming despite frosts & freezes. I'll definitely be looking for it next year.

  7. Beautiful blooms for so late in the fall, and after such a hot, dry summer.

  8. Lisa, It's been a rough fall following a rough summer. I am always surprised that anyone has blooms! I can't grow Sweet Alyssum! Isn't that amazing and I love it. Love the acorn on the pedestal! gail

  9. How beautiful that sweet anemone is, and what a treat to have it into November. It is one bloom that always takes a good picture even in too much drought!

  10. That pool of purple Alyssum is stunning...love it!

  11. I think that I have alyssum envy! Can you remember which purple one you've got there? Mine never look half so good, so maybe I need to try a different one. (Yes, I know it's probably gardener error, not the type... but I'm trying to be optimistic. lol.)

    Glad that you're finishing off a tough growing season with a very nice November Bloom Day! Hope that you also have a happy Thanksgiving. :)


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