Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Foliage Follow Up - November 2011

I am delighted to be able to tell you that the Hardy Cyclamen foliage has popped out just in time for Foliage Follow Up this month. Since this is the first year of the HC growth I didn't know what to expect. The foliage followed the first hard freeze of the season. It magically appeared just when I was thinking that there wouldn't be much to show you.
The Hardy Cyclamen foliage is very similar to the foliage of the wildflower Appendaged Waterleaf. The Waterleaf makes a great ground cover and these leaves will last well into the winter.
The rest are the usual suspects. The Arum is up and about looking to make itself useful in the garden until an extended period of frozen ground. 
The hard working Viburnums, like this Leather Leaf Viburnum, are shining this fall. This plant hasn't had so many yellow leaves before. I think this droughty summer is taking its toll on the plant. I am hoping this is only a protest not a demise. 
The winds have been horrible this fall. Even the normally sturdy grass has succumb to the winds. But the greenery will survive well into deep winter when it will turn tan. It looks fairly nice all winter against the red cedars. 
When you start looking a little closer you can find that the Autumn Fern sitting there with Geranium Orkney Cherry and Perfectly Pink Phlox foliage. The red is a leaf from the Japanese Maple nearby. It is fun to see these bright red leaves making exclamation points all around the garden. 
No, it hasn't been snowing. As Luna followed me around the garden she picked up this leaf, came and stood by me as if to say don't forget the burning bush that has faded to a pink.
I will leave you with a look at the window box dressed out for the winter. I cut some greens and grass seed heads for a bit of visual interest. 
For more winter greens interest pop over to Pam's blog Digging to be inspired even for winter color.


  1. Your window box greenery is lovely, Lisa. Perfect for the season. I know what you mean about drought-browned foliage -- so sad. Now that fall is here in Austin I'm trying to pretend that dying trees with brown leaves are just turning with the season. :-)

    Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up!

  2. Lisa, as usual, you find beauty in places most would overlook! Terah

  3. Love your window box, Lisa--it makes me think of Christmas already. The winds have been awful here, too; usually my burning bushes are still clinging to their fading leaves, but this year they all blew off about a week ago.

    I didn't see your last post until this morning--the masses of alyssum look so pretty. And a clematis bloom? How lucky you are! Maybe I'll get a chance to see your garden next May--looking forward to it!

  4. I hope next year will not be as dry for you. I've always wanted to try to grow cyclamen but have never tried. Everything looks good!

  5. Pretty littel window box! Those sweet red maple leaves make me smile!!!

  6. Good luck with HC! I love your garden posts.

  7. Beautiful window box ~ love the story about Luna ♥

  8. so awesome to see all your plants! ours are being covered with a blanket of snow that could last for 5 months.

  9. That Luna, always so helpful. You've got yourself a great Gardening Assistant there! :-)

    By the way, add me to the list of those who love the window box. It's just lovely.

  10. Lisa girl I love the fact that Luna is helping you out with this foliage post : ) well done Luna girl!
    I see a lot of greenery here too .. but I am worried a lot will be shocked when we finally settle down to COLD weather .. if snow falls first it won't be so bad, but you know how destructive sharp dry cold is to plants.
    Your window box is BEAUTIFUL ! I wish I had a place to put one up too .. but you have spurred me on to make up a green Xmas container (maybe one more season of my poor black urn?) .. plus the HUGE beautiful Xmas wreath we got from Costco this year .. that should do the trick ! : )
    Great post Lisa girl and thanks for dropping by my blog : )

  11. You've got beatiful foliage and blooms in you garden. It is a pleasure to look at them

  12. Beautiful foliage. Lots of strong winds here too this fall.

  13. Kim, I wish I knew which alyssum it was. I didn't keep the tag. I will probably plant it again next year. It looked it's best during fall. Of course our summer left a lot to be desired weather=wise.

  14. Lisa, just wanted to pop by to say Hello and say thanks for all the comments and chat we have exchanged over the last five years. :-)

    I really thought I’d left a comment already on this post. I keep meaning to join in with the foliage posts. I always enjoy seeing the variety of foliage plants you have.

    I can image your dry seasons this year has done your foliage no good at all. I bet the greens haven’t been as lush as usual. Hope the weather is better for you and your garden next year :-)

    Love your plant selection, hoping to grow hardy cyclamen here. Seeing yours always inspires me to try.

    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving :-)

  15. Beautiful Lisa. I also have Arum which traveled into my garden with another plant. I let it stay. I hope we all get better weather next spring and summer. Our fall has been lovely though. Sorry about your winds. We know all about the dang wind.~~Dee

  16. I am happy to have found your blog! I have enjoyed my visit - your fall colors and plants are marvelous! I am your newest follower,

  17. Most plants are now tucked away under blankets of weathered leaves.Soon a whole new world of winter white will move in to change your color green to white.Your window box will pop then!
    Have a good week!

  18. Hi Lisa! Your window box is so pretty. I wonder if it will have a little dusting of the white stuff this week!

    Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate you, my Indiana friend!

  19. Foliage can - with its various colors and forms - be as interesting as flowers. I love ferns...and your lovely decorated window box. The perfect decoration for Autumn. I hope the coming year won't be so dry for you (we also had a very dry year here) and the damaged plants will again grow in full freshness.

  20. Dear Lisa,
    Your gardens are still so lovely. Even tho your dry summer was a concern your November gardens look healthy and they appear to be thriving!
    Your window box is very pretty.
    I hope the winds have died down and you have had some rain.
    Happy December.


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