Monday, December 5, 2011

Story behind the name

Monica over at Garden Faire was talking about how people choose their on line name. She has asked people to share their story. You can do so by going here to link into the conversation.

Mine is fairly short and simple. My blog name is Greenbow and so when I would comment I would sign off by saying Lisa at Greenbow because there are so many other Lisas out there. This way you know which blog I belong to and have a sense of who I am.  How did you get your online name?


  1. Hi Lisa, but where does Greenbow come from?

  2. I know you told us the origin before, but, I forgot! gail

  3. As one of my most faithful readers and commenters, and being a blogger I've actually met in person, I too want to know where Greenbow came from!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I am glad you used the link to your post, since I so late in participating. I thought the question was about the name of our blogs. How did you decide to use Greenbow?


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