Monday, July 16, 2012

Flowers and Foliage July 15 & 16

The day after the official Bloom Day hosted by Carol over at May Dreams Garden if find that The Susans are blooming up a storm. A few of the Tall Garden Phlox are giving it a go too. There just aren't
many other blooms in the garden. 
When I went to make a list of blooms the list looks about normal but the garden itself doesn't look a bit normal. Dry and a little crispy around the edges. We have had a couple of pop-up showers the past few days. I was so hoping a good rain would set it. We will have to wait until later. 
The drought hasn't given the blooms much chance this summer. The foliage of many plants are brown around the edges. Many hostas are going to a pale flop but there are a few hostas that are holding up in the drought. I thought I would give them special attention for today is Foliage Follow Up as hosted by Pam at Digging. 
Sagae has been stellar in it's performance in this heat and drought. It even grows under the Apple tree.
Right beside Sagae is Guacamole. It also has withstood the drought. It has sort of become one color instead of the bicolor it usually has but it is still looking good for these conditions.
If you have some blooms or foliage to share please go to the highlighted web sites and join in on the fun. 
If you don't have something blooming I sure hope you have some fantastic foliage.
Blooms this month:
Crepe Myrtle
Tall garden phlox (White and Pink)
Black-eyed Susans
Yellow Trumpet Vine
Crocosmia 'Lucifer'
Lemon Balm
Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea
Patio Hydrangea


  1. We definitely grow 'Guacamole' here in OK because it is so tough. I also grow some of the blue hostas. It seems the thicker leaves perform much better than the sometimes prettier, more delicate ones. Hope you get rain soon. Heck! I hope I do too.~~Dee

  2. Love the black eyed susans, such a treat when all is brown and tired.

    Mine just opened yesterday and immediately the garden looked better. Not great, not well watered, but better with a little golden rudbeckia sunshine.

    I'm hoping for rain for you.

  3. Hard, hot times can't keep everything down, as your garden proves. But yes, rain will make a huge difference. Here's hoping it comes soon.

  4. It breaks my heart to see the dry weather going on back East. So much damage. I sure hope it gets better soon. I love the Black eyed Susan's

  5. Lovely foliage and the banner photos is spectacular!

  6. It just amazes me that we are all from different areas, yet none of us seem to be getting any measureable amounts of rain this year. I can remember years in the past when I couldn’t even keep the grass cut fast enough. I find the weather very disturbing the past three years…

  7. Is that your 'Vanilla Strawberry' in the photo or another hydrangea? I noticed blooms just beginning to appear on mine this weekend. Perhaps they've fully opened up, but it's so darned hot again that I'm not even venturing outside right now.

    It's good to see that your garden is surviving this awful drought and that you still have lots of green left. I'm praying for rain even more than cooler temperatures!

  8. Lisa, I hope you get some much needed rain soon!

  9. Dear Lisa,
    I am surprised at how many blooms you have! We are crispy in the heat and drought! My hostas are brown....
    I am keeping the seedlings alive. Zinnias are beginning to bloom. At least the butterflies will have food.
    We also need rain...glad you received a few pop ups...
    Stay cool...I am looking forward to October

  10. Another plant we have in common--I LOVE 'Sagae'! Mine is in... well, lets just say too much sun, really. But it doesn't skip a beat. :-)

    Hope you get some much-needed rain over the next few days. We're doing the rain dance here, too...

  11. Hi Lisa,

    Isn't it strange....I lost all my Susan's during this wet spell. They became so waterlogged they just gave up ..
    I am glad you have at least had showers, I pray you get a lot more.
    Your area was on BBC news a few days ago......dreadful.

    Good old of my favourites in the summer garden.

  12. The garden is lovely despite the drought. To think out here we are treading water....

  13. I love hostas. I'm surprised to know they can hold up so well in drought. Hope you get some rain soon.

  14. I've got a few washed out hostas as well. I wasn't sure if I was just seeing things but reading your post it seems lack of water seems to affect colouration. That never would have occurred to me before but I guess it's just part of the whole drooping fried leaf issue this hot summer.

  15. Susans are finally blooming and we have color in the garden. it always surprises me when folks say they dislike that yellow. I adore them and delight in planting a big red flower in the middle! We got rain but I see that summer is returning this week. I hope that you get much needed rain and soon. gail

  16. Lisa girl you have a lot of blooms hanging in with all the watering you are doing (like me ! LOL)
    But a small miracle has happened and we finally have a rain day after months of NONE !
    My Guacamole hosta is looking great .. Big Daddy is not so much .. but with this weather what can you do!
    I hope you get a great rain day(s)too !
    Joy : )

  17. Lisa, for some reason your postings weren't showing up in my Google reader feed. Think I have it straight now.
    Love the various hostas, their foliage is just wonderful. My collection of Susans is pretty lacking...yours is lovely!! Hope this recent rain came through your area.


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