Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Veggies Anyone?

It has been twenty years or longer since I have had a vegetable garden.  St Fiacre has stood in this corner of the garden for several years wanting a job.He should be pleased overseeing the veggie garden.

Now all of you veteran veggie gardeners when you scroll down to see what I have been up to don't laugh. This is my version of a veggie garden. I don't have very much full sun however in this corner of the garden is where I chose to try a veggie garden, it has almost all day sun.

One of the things that got me started on this venture was the pot of herbs sitting on bricks right in front of this space. I didn't want the pot sitting out there all by itself. Besides my basil needed tomatoes to go with.
As you can see I layed out layers of sunflower seed bags as a weed deterrent. This also gave me the size for my veggie bed. It turned out to be about 4'x9'. 
If you look in the back right corner you can see my tiny compost pile peeking out. I think I will be turning it more often what with my having to check on the veggies now. 
 I turned and pulled out a lot of the weeds and grass. My DB came out after his nap and helped me finished turning.
Then I lined the bed with bricks we had laying around.  
I couldn't wait to get some plants. I dashed off to the market and got a big tomato, grape tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, bell peppers. I thought it a little late to try to raise onions. I put a few marigolds in the corners. I forget why you are to do that but they do lend a bit of color to the plot. 

 There is a big ole rosemary that survived the winter in a pot. I pulled it out and layed it by the compost pile and we went on vacation for a couple of weeks. I had forgotten all about it but when I was working on the veg bed it still looked viable so I stuck it in the front of the garden. It perked up right away.
A few days later and we got some mulch. I must say I am quite pleased with the way the veggies are growing. We have had an outstanding spring. Plenty of rain and cooler than normal temperatures. Thankfully nothing like the drought of last year. 
There are now flower buds on the bell peppers. I can't wait to show you my first veggies. Do you have any veggies in your garden?


  1. Hey, it looks good to me!
    My tomatoes are loaded with green ones. I picked two little cherry-type tomatoes today (the first ones!), and a couple of Sweet Cayenne peppers.
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. I don't see anything to laugh at. Looks very well designed, with the plants coming along nicely. I only dabble in vegetable gardening myself, though.

  3. It's a beautiful garden, Lisa!!!!! I am excited for you! I was just wondering what you were up to lately, and now I know!!!!! ;)

  4. Your veggie garden looks like quite a success, Lisa; the basil really looks happy. I had to check out St. Fiacre; now that I know he's the patron saint of vegetable gardening, I may need a statue of him, too!

    I got a late start on my veggie garden, but we've had some lettuce and radishes already. The tomatoes are looking especially good this year--all this rain is good for something, I guess.

    I've got a busy week ahead--Daughter and Son-in-law coming home, but yes, there will be a blog post on the Garden Walk soon:)

  5. Watch out because now it will get larger and larger over time. It will be SO nice to pick your own fresh veggies! Looks fantastic!

  6. Lisa, you've already made a garden to be proud of, practical and smart. As a repeated failure at food-growing, I salute your fine start. Brilliant!

  7. Like you it has been a long time since we had a veggie garden. Last year was the first time in many, many years. I started small as you did with bell peppers, tomatoes, a few red potatoes, and a cucumber. We enjoyed it so much; There was enough to prompt me to try a few new recipes. Roasted grape tomatoes are wonderful. This year we expanded it a little more and I think that the peppers are almost ready to eat! Now I need to add some herbs.

  8. I guess the reason I thought it was laughable is because everyone that I know that has a veggie garden has a HUGE one. ha... Thanks for everyone's encouragement.

  9. I just love your garden! It is perfect where it is. Wonderful. Good job!!!

  10. You created a really neat little potager and I loved seeing its progress in pictures. Of course basil needs tomatoes, and that is as good a reason as any to build a vegetable bed -- and you built a really nice one!

  11. Lisa, this looks amazing! No laughing here...just a wish that we lived closer so you could give me your extras... ;-)

  12. I think it looks fantastic. I love it when people make a vegetable garden and actually design it which is what you've done. It is going to be beautiful.

  13. Great location for a veggie garden. The way you've done it, it fits right in with all your ornamentals. And those plants certainly are loving the rain!


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