Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Highlights

I believe we have experienced the most beautiful June can I remember. I haven't had to water any except for when I planted a veggie garden, I did water-in those plants.
The roses I planted a year ago to grow over this tall arbor has begun to intertwine at the top. I sure hope they continue to mingle. EDIT: these roses have been in the ground for more than a year. Time does fly. The white one 'White Dawn' has only been in the ground since summer of 2011. I don't know the name of the red one. It used to be a coral color but has reverted.
This clematis (above photo) has been on this trellis for several years but has refused to go much higher than the first rung near the top. All of the rain has encouraged it up and over. 
The hydrangeas have been thrilled with the rain. The poor climbing hydrangea that almost died in the drought last year has responded to the moisture by blooming and making up for the die back.
We went on a two week vacation at the beginning of June. I almost missed the iris blooming. 
Luckily there were a few still blooming when we returned. 
The iris below is a bit of a disappointment in that when I bought it I was under the impression that it would be pink. Ha... Not so. Just a blush of pin in the middle. I forgive it though because it is so pretty. 
The mock orange has bloomed up a storm. Aaahhhh if I could only bottle that fragrance. 
The bees are buzzing with delight at the monarda beginning to bloom. 
The hummingbirds love the crocosmia as much as I do. 
Daylilies are blooming up a storm now too. I don't have any of the newer fancy daylilies. 
These old war horses brighten the garden.  They still make me smile.
I have a lot to look forward to next month. The blackberries are loaded. MMmmmm. I can almost taste the jam.
 Oh yes, I almost forgot. When we returned from vacation we found that a Chipmunk has moved into our garden. I am not so sure what I think of that yet.
I don't think the birds like it at all. More on this cute little seed stealing, egg robbing critter later.
I hope your June was as delightful as mine. Happy gardening


  1. Lisa, I too wish you could bottle (and share) that mock orange fragrance. Thanks for reminding me to get one or three. Enjoy.

  2. Amazing what enough water early in the season will do! It all looks so lush and beautiful and it pleases the gardener, I know. Send some mock orange scent this way.

  3. Oh so lovely to see your garden. You are just ahead of us in bloom so it inspires me to lilies soon..monarda.. Sadly no mock orange here..why NOT!! put on the list...such delicious scent.

    Thanks Lisa.

  4. Oh Lisa!!!!! What amazing blooms!!!!!! Just wonderful! I am happy you made it home to see your iris! I sure wish I could have all that color in my yard!

  5. I envy you your mock orange. Oh, and we have a chipmunk also, I don't think he has caused much damage.

  6. Lilies and Iris so beautiful! Love all the climbing plants on the trellis (trellises?)!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea's Menagerie

  7. Everything looks so lush and green, Lisa! As much as I've complained about the rain at times, it's certainly been a boon to the garden. Love your crocosmia; that's something I've had no luck with. All those climbers--beautiful!

  8. It is amazing what a little rain can do. Your garden looks great. I love that daylily. And the mock orange is great. Ours was nice this year too.

  9. Everything is so lush! June rains have been a boondoggle for the garden this year although not so great for the gardener trying to get things done. No matter though. Not having to water has been a treat since I have so many things growing in containers. I'm looking forward to July.

  10. Summer is not as far advanced here, but we have also enjoyed the rain. Mostly. The roses loved it and so have the berries. It should be a sweet summer.

  11. Hey girl, your post and mine today are so similar with topic! Great minds think a like :-) We use to see Chipmunks but since the neighbors kitties started coming for daily visits, I have yet to spot one in the yard. I missed some iris as well when I went home to TN for a week visit. Luckily, I have some fall blooming iris to look forward to this fall. The rain is being good to us gardeners here this year and I am ever so happy to not be out dragging around the garden hose!

    Happy Summer!

  12. You're so lucky your mock orange smells good! I used to have one and it had no scent. Where there is one chipmunk more will come. My dogs have killed 8 this year! And still they come. They scold me as I walk in the garden, eat of my good fruit, and dig holes that are very damaging. It is awful trying to deal with the varmints. So happy you are having a great year in the garden! It has been really a good year and I've been happy too. No watering and it is comfortable in July is unreal but I like it! Enjoy your fourth!

  13. I'm sure it must have been pure joy to return from holiday and see all the flowers in your garden. Your mock orange looks great (mine didn't have a lot of blooms this year and therefore the fragrance wasn't as strong as usual). And I also like this white iris with a tiny blush of pink. What's the name of the rose that's on the trelli? It grew very fast for being planted only a year ago. Continue to enjoy your beautiful garden!

  14. Barbara, I was misleading. The White rose on the right of the trellis is White Dawn. It was planted in 2011. The red one I don't know the name of. It has been in the garden several years. It used to be coral but reverted during a rough winter/summer. I keep it around because it blooms reliably.

    I guess what I meant to say is that it is the first year they have mingled and bloomed together as I wanted to see it.

  15. So very beautiful. You have a gift with plants!

  16. wonderful garden Lisa...!


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