Monday, May 25, 2015

Changes In The Garden

When you garden in a space long enough there are bound to be changes that occur. Plants mature, some die and need to be replaced. A person matures as well so we begin to think of changes to keep pleasure in gardening.  This thinking is what has brought me to this small change in the garden.

Our dear old apple tree had to be removed this spring. The tree was here before either of us moved into this house some 35 years ago. Even last year she looked pitiful. 
So back in March my Dearly Beloved took her out. While we were grieving our loss I shopped around for a tree I thought more fitting for the coming years. I am becoming smitten by conifers and evergreens. I think our latest addition, this Silverlok Fir is a good start.
Here she is ensconced into her new home. 
She must be pleased because she has new growth. The new growth is where she gets her name "Silverlok". The tips are actually white and they show as silver from a distance.
All around the little fir plants have grown up. 
When the sun is shining you can barely see her peeking over the top of the Soloman's Seal. 
When it is cloudy you can see her a little better.  Let's walk around the  edge of this bed to get a better look.  
On the way you can see a little Blue Star Juniper that was added to what is becoming a blue and white evergreen garden bed.
There she is. Looking quite happy in her new home.
Did I mention that she will have blue cones, is a slow grower and I am quite thrilled with progress so far? Oh yes, I am quite smitten. The only draw back that I could find, after reading more about her on the Missouri Botanical Garden plant site is that she might not like our summers. Have  you ever made a purchase of a plant with your heart and then live to regret it? This story will be continued.


  1. Oh Lisa... I am also smitten with your amazing new fir. I shall send her much love during the summer. Plants know when we love them.

    I am sorry about your apple tree. But we all have our time, and now it is Silver's time to flourish.

    The pictures of your garden make me feel deeply peaceful. What incredible energy you have there. <3

  2. Lovely choice. I like the idea of a blue and white conifer garden emerging in that bed. I planted a tiny Silverlok (or Silberlocke?) but I think mine is going to be small and rounded -- not tall and elegant like your new one! The nurseryman said he propagated it from a parent tree that was round shaped. It's beautiful and silvery, but I like the shape of yours better. Nice replacement for the old apple.

  3. Our garden has undergone lots and lots of changes in the almost 40 years we have lived with it there again so has the house.

  4. Oh yes Lisa, yes yes yes.
    I am struggling with a lady slipper orchid at the moment. protecting her from rabbits and slugs has been a nightmare. At this stage wish I had not bought it :)

    I love your pretty.
    I can see why you are smitten.
    I do hope she adjusts to your summers and stays with you for many years to come.

    Well done DB for taking the old apple tree out.

  5. I think your new Silverlok Fir looks happy (can a fir tree look happy?)... well it must be to start showing new growth.

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog and garden, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a pretty conifer--yes, you made a great choice! Three of us spent a lot of time this winter trying to choose just the right tree to replace two we had to cut down at the Nursing Home garden last year. We did a lot of research, but it seemed like every tree we picked was susceptible to something or other, so I think there's always a "maybe" with any tree you choose. I hope your tree likes your summers; it certainly looks happy so far.

  7. Love it Lisa, I’m often making changes within my borders. He-he… my plants should wear backpacks! Trees are great in a garden and you have made a great choice, especially as it has beautiful cones. I love the silver tones.

    Oh gosh, I’ve made many purchases of plants with my heart. I do regret a contorted willow purchase (quite expensive also) that grew too wide for my border and it didn’t fit anywhere else so I pruned it and used its beautiful twisted stems (that I bought it for) as plant supports – I felt sad not allowing it to grow :-(

  8. Really lovely, Lisa! Beautiful garden. It's hard to say goodbye to plants that have been with us for a long time. It's the pain of loving a place.

  9. I hate it when plants die but it always a good opportunity to plant something new and fun. Love the silver tip!

  10. I have been resistant to the charm of conifers, but I see the appeal of your selection. The only evergreen we have is a Japanese yew.

  11. Lisa ~ love your header photo and such a beautiful garden ~ gorgeous photos!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  12. Lisa girl ... no wonder you fell in love with this conifer, she is BEAUTIFUL!!
    I would love one too .. the colour is so refreshing and cool ... I hope she will put up with the summer weather .. just keep her well watered and she should be fine. Sorry about the apple tree ... we have gone through a lot of trees ourselves ... you would laugh at me with my Tri-coloured Beech I am trying to keep it small by pruning .. my story continues like yours girl : )
    Hope we both succeed!!
    Take care

  13. I really like it. As you say, change is constant in the garden. I am doing a lot of heavy-duty pruning this year. The garden is getting so overgrown. What is the red rose on the archway?

  14. Phillip, I hate to say it but I have no idea what the name is of that red climber. When I bought it years ago it was a coral color. I have moved it several times and with one of those moves the coral color disappeared and it became this red rose. It is hardy and blooms now. Speaking of change, it just changed colors. ha... I imagine it reverted to the root stock what ever that is.

  15. We took out one of our two ancient apple trees yesterday! More to follow. People seem to have good luck with Silverlok here and our summers can be quite hot and humid. But in recent years the weather is so crazy that one never knows what to expect no matter the season. I have a couple of tiny new trees that are almost being eaten by ground covers.

  16. Ah, I understand the loss of an old apple tree. Still I think you chose well in its replacement. Yard looks so peaceful.


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