Monday, June 15, 2015

GBBD June 2015 Maybe I should say time of the lilies.

I always like June bloom day. I know I am going to surely have some blooms to share. This year it is no different. If we walk out into the garden from the patio you pass by the Jackamannii clematis and the Oakleaf hydrangea.
When you slow down to take a look at them you may notice the that the tiny hostas are blooming here and there in the fairy gardens. 
I can't remember the names of these little darlings. 
You can see that their blooms are as diverse as the foliage selection.
Just like the big ones. 
Lily season is definitely on the run.
From the small daylilies, 

to the larger day lilies.
I just noticed in these photos that I have a lot of yellow going on with my day lilies. The one below mixes well with the spiderwort. 
I am unfortunate enough to have several day lilies that have reverted to the common ditch lily.Have you had a problem with this?  They do add a different color to the garden. 
Several of the tall garden lilies are blooming too. 

No I didn't look up their names. You can just enjoy their vibe.
Jack is not the only clematis that is blooming now. At the top of the Coral Bark Maple is a couple of big Ramona blooms. 
We also have a light blue clematis that just won't go up the arbor it is planted by but it does ramble through the hydrangea nearby and is quite happy with itself. 

Speaking of hydrangeas, this Annabelle is beginning to bloom up a storm.If you look past her you can see the butterfly weeds blooming and there are some Great Coneflower about to fully open.

Of course June is when the Queen likes to begin to wave her frothy blooms. 
Gosh, all the walking about the garden is making me hungry. We will soon have some zucchini and 
cucumbers to help with this.
I hope you all are having a bloomin good June. Do join everyone at Carol's May Dreams Gardens to share with everyone a peek at your blossoms.


  1. Wow Lisa,
    you certainly have a lot of colour in your lovely.
    My lilies are in bud, not ready to bloom yet.
    I have that ditch lily (as you call it, in the garden). It was left by the previous owner, I really like it.
    My day lily are not ready to bloom yet. You are way ahead of us.

    Love Annabelle.....bought one this Spring :)

  2. I'd say your blue clematis is quite justified in feeling pleased with itself. Our lilies (day, oriental, oienpet) are not yet blooming, but we're getting there. You do have some beauties. Also waiting for our 'Annabelles'. I must say looking at your photos makes me impatient!

  3. Absolutely stunning. Your photographs are as much of a masterpiece as your amazing blooms.

  4. What a divine garden ~ such beautiful variety and colors! Great shots!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

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  6. You have a beautiful collection of daylilies! Mine just start to open their first flowers. The hosta flowers do not yet show up. I think the vegetation here is behind yours, although this year a lot of flowers are in blossom already. Every year nature changes a bit :-) ! Hydrangea Annabelle will be flowering here around August only!
    Enjoy your beautiful garden and have a good time!

  7. Well, I think your garden is full of great colour.
    Enjoyed your post, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  8. Lots of color in your garden on this Bloom Day, Lisa! My lilies are just starting, and I can't wait. It makes strolling through the garden so much fun this time of long as I overlook the weeds:) Love all your clematis, too; every time I see yours, it makes me want to plant more here. Have I mentioned before how much I love your header photo?

  9. Everything is looking great!

  10. Hi Lisa, mine have never reverted, but I've had a tagalong in a clump before that rears its ugly head later. I have Kwanso because of that. I keep digging it out, and it keeps coming back. Ugh! Those orange lilies have those lateral roots that choke out other plants so I dug up any of the ditch lilies and Kwanso and put them elsewhere. Interesting that yours have reverted back. Love seeing your blooms. Happy Bloom Day!~~Dee

  11. Happy GBBD! Love that peach double daylily. Lots happening in your June garden.

  12. My daylilies don't revert but I do actually grow ditch lilies in certain areas. Your garden is looking great! We are about at the exact same time for zucchini-like you I can't wait!

  13. You do have some delicious plants! I have enjoyed browsing your blog, what a lovely garden, and your dogs looks to be a real character!xxx

  14. Good evening! I was wondering if you would be interested in a guest blogging opportunity with Gardening Know How? If so, please e-mail me for more details! Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon...

  15. You have a wonderful collection of lilies and I agree, June is their time of year. My Asiatic Lilies are coming into full bloom now, but I have had those early risers get a jump on them with some blooming by the 15th. I like the fairy garden with the mini hosta. In our area, fairy gardens are a big thing with all the garden walks and tours in this region. The nurseries put on fairy garden demos early to get more folks starting small gardens of their own. Thank you for visiting my pollinator post. I think we both share that passion.

  16. tell me more about that maze / labyrinth on the lawn in the background?

  17. I love that striped bloom on the little Hosta. They are so charming and this year the rabbits have not eaten them in my garden — at least not yet!


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