Thursday, October 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - October 2015

It is that rusty dusty time of year. There isn't a whole lot blooming but the few blooms that are in the garden are most appreciated.
 The above Filipendula 'Kakome' is always such a pretty sight this time of year. When other things are winding down this is just getting charged up.
 I need to plant some in front of these beautiful Japanese Anemones. 
 The lamium that is in flower pots as filler is blooming again. 
This little dahlia has bloomed all summer for me. It is one of those little short ones. It doesn't make a very good cut flower as it doesn't last long in the vase. This might be why it has done well in this dry summer. 
 This mum has been in the ground for years. I don't do anything to it. No extra water etc. It is so reliable and at this time I appreciate the cheerful yellow blooms.
 My poor Toad Lilies look pretty pathetic if you look at the foliage. Don't look at it.
 Just look at those lovely blooms. 
Something I learned this summer...that Lamium does well as a pot filler. It usually goes dormant in the ground here during summer. It often dies out because of our long dry spell. (I am trying not to complain) It looks quite good in a pot and it reblooms. Nice.
What do you have blooming in  your garden this month?  Do you have anything you will protect from the coming frost?  We are to have frost this weekend. I will let all be.
To see what is blooming in other gardens at this time hop over to Carol's blog.


  1. You have beautiful flowers in your garden!

    Greetings, Sofie #26

  2. I love those yellow sunny mums that don't require any care! How great is that.

    And those toad lilies! WOW! Those are my faves. (even with the foliage.)

  3. Love those bright yellow mums!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  4. I'll take anything blooming this late in the year. I'm surprised that lamium goes dormant in your garden. I had it for years, but eventually mine died. Happy Bloom Day. Love your toad lilies. ~~Dee

  5. I love that Filendelpula! I'm not familiar with this plant--shoot, I can't even spell it:) But I'm definitely going to check it out; I do hope it's hardy here. Good to see all that is still blooming in your garden after such a long dry spell. It's gotten so dry here, too, that I can't even plant any of my bulbs; it's like trying to drill through concrete! If I'm not too lazy, I do plan to cover up my pineapple sage this weekend. It's done extremely well for once, and I hate to lose it any sooner than I have to.

  6. Wow, I'm surprised you guys are so dry. We've had several rain showers recently. But now we're about to plummet into the cold stuff. Ick. I think your Toad Lilies look great! They didn't like my shady garden, but maybe I should have planted them in a different spot. I have swaths of Lamium here. It does get a little quieter during a dry spell, but otherwise it just keeps on going on. I have tried it in pots, too. Happy GBBD!

  7. They are still beautiful depending on the quality of the picture. Just like that toadlily where you made a close-up instead of the wider angle, it is so lovely. I hope they are past their prime when your frost arrives.

  8. Everything looks great Lisa--even those very floriferous toad lilies. No blooms here in my garden of them:(

  9. Toad Lilies are so pretty yet very small where I live. All looks wonderful.

  10. The Filipendula and Anemones would make a great combination.

  11. Lisa girl I love that you put lamium in a pot, I never thought of that !
    Mine can look a bit ragged in late summer if it gets too dry as well.
    I just moved my Kahome filipendula to another spot to see if it does better, it hasn't been looking very good the past two years so I thought another place might do the trick.
    I have to stock up on more anemone and toad lily (and a good dwarf aster) for Autumn next year.
    Yours looks wonderful ! I have never had toadlily grow that big so now you inspired me girl !
    Take care
    Joy : )

  12. Well, the toad lily flowers look awesome. Foliage? What foliage. :)

  13. A couple of my toad lilies always seem to have good foliage and the rest fries up like yours — even in a year like this with plenty of rain. And it does not seem to matter if they are in sun or shade. Have never been able to quite figure it out!

  14. All gorgeous, Lisa! Sure beats out my fake flowers!!! LOLOL.

  15. I lost all my annuals when we had our frost, so I've been cleaning up the pots.

    I love your anemone! I need to add that to my garden --and a mum would be nice too. I don't have enough fall flowers.

  16. Nice to see all you garden blooms Rose. It appears despite your drought the garden is surviving :)
    I love Japanese Anemone, they take a while to get established but once they do they romp away.
    Poor toad lily struggling, blooms look pretty..............I did not look at the foliage :)

    Have a good weekend and hope you get some rain.........

  17. Lovely to see what's blooming for you, I have plenty of sad foliage! I loved your Japanese

  18. Lovely blooming garden shots ~ thanks for visiting ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  19. Lisa girl you are far from lazy (strike that word out of your descriptions!!)
    My Mr. Chips chipmunk would love each and everyone of those crocus .. they are like candied popcorn to him I am sure .. so I am taking a chance with the ones I have planted ... I look at them as annuals ... if I am lucky ! LOL
    Joy : )


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