Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November - 2015

I have been quite busy here this November. The Autumn weather has held off for the most part. A few frosts so far. Just enough to bring the flowering plants to a halt.
We always a few hangers on. This lamium is still sporting a few blooms. 
If you look around the edges of the knot garden you can still see a bit of alyssum blooming. 
The few trees that still have leaves are few and far between. This Coral Bark Japanese Maple has red leaves on top and yellow at the bottom. It has been all yellow until now. You can see the deep red leaves from the neighboring Japanese maple photo bombing the Coral Bark. 
Speaking of leaves. I have been busy wrangling leaves in the garden. I mulch and put them in the flower beds. Easy to do and the soil and plants appreciate the effort.
I have had to keep the screen house open so the House Sparrows can come and go. When the doors are all shut the rascals get in and then they can't get out. They make a mess in there when they are frantic to get out.  
We have the veggie corner cleaned out. I will be adding some of those leaves soon. 
Luckily we had some rain the past couple of days. The unlucky part of this is that a cold front came blowing through. It blew down my favorite arbor. 
This will be a project that will be addressed as soon as possible. This weekend the temperature are to be colder than normal. From one extreme to another. Such is a gardeners life.
I am thankful for this long warm autumn. Looking forward to celebrating next week with the family. I hope you all are too.


  1. Love that first photo of the Amsonia. My tuteur also got blown over by the wind. I've left my leaf wrangling for next weekend. Wish me luck!

  2. Your amsonia is gorgeous! Sorry about your arbor; the wind didn't blow anything like that down here, but I noticed yesterday I have empty pots all over the fields. Looks like I will have to do some traipsing through the mud to clean everything up:) Thank you so much for the Sumac! Beckie just brought it over last week, but I haven't had time to plant it---Mom is back in the hospital. I may just put it in a bigger pot and bury the pot in the vegetable garden for now and then find a permanent home for it next spring. I love sumacs!

  3. How do you shred your leaves Lisa ? I am curious.
    I put mine on the borders but I do not shred them. Obviously they break down more quickly if they are shredded.

    Your garden still has colour.......I love the amsonia.

    It is so frustrating when arches (arbors) are damaged beyond repair.
    So annoying.

    We had dreadful winds last night......I have to walk the garden and collect empty pots :)

  4. The leaves of your Japanese Maple are beautiful, as is the amsonia. Nice fall color. It's been so warm here, I have some bulbs putting out green shoots, but that will change this weekend. The wind is still howling outside today, but the temperatures are much reduced. They are threatening 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow evening, but I'm really hoping they're very wrong!

  5. You're so organized! I like your autumnal display and your knot garden. I really must add Amsonia to my garden--it's incredibly beautiful, especially in the fall. Sorry about the arbor--yes, it has been windy here in Wisconsin lately, too. Tonight we're getting a pile of snow, like Cassi.

  6. What a shame about your arbour! You have certainly been busy, your garden seems well organised and you put me to shame. What a lovely know garden....loved that final picture!xxx

  7. Agree that your Amsonia is gorgeous. Mine is still a baby. And the orange and purple combo by your door just glows. Perfect in this lower light.

  8. Hi Lisa
    I so often see your name on the blogs I visit ...Cheryls, Snowbird, Rose to name but three!!! So I thought I really must visit you ...

    You have been busy!
    I love that last photo of yours.

    Hope the week ahead is a good one for you.

    All the best Jan

  9. Well Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope it is a great one. Looks like your garden is already and you too!

  10. Always a lot of work to do putting a garden to bed for the winter. Hoping you and yours enjoyed a great Thanksgiving!

  11. It looks great Lisa. I also wrangle the leaves, and yes, the gardens love them. I get tired of them though. LOL. Happy Christmas.~~Dee

  12. Neat autumn photos ~ favorite is the last one ~ dramatic colors!

    Wishing you the magic and love of the season,
    artmusedog and carol


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