Saturday, December 19, 2015

The December That Was...

As a Gardener I often look at the months in terms as how the weather has affected the garden. While this December isn't officially over, we have over a week to go with this month, I know what the next days bring. I won't have a more than a moment to myself to look back at December and enjoy the wild weird weathers we have had and have been promised to have continue.
The first few days of December were below average in temperatures. Most of the plants in the garden obeyed the law of averages and decided to drop their leaves. The few roses I have in the garden weren't quite convinced. Sure enough the weather warmed and has been so since.
 My poor hydrangeas are fooled by this warmer weather. They are trying to bud and leaf out. I am afraid this means there won't be any hydrangea blooms this early summer. For surely the weathers will figure out it is winter when the Little El Nino lets loose it's grip.
Of course the hydrangeas aren't the only ones a bit confused. Daffodils are poking out of the ground. I don't remember ever having them in December. I don't worry about them. I think they can withstand most any weather changes.
It isn't just the wanted plants that are succumbing to the lure of warmer than usual weather. The weeds haven't skipped a beat. At least the dandelions give us a bit of bright sunshine as they peek out.
Even the lamium that is in a large pot is blooming despite being frozen a few times this month. This and

the orchid inside are the only things that were blooming on December 15 this year. I was amazed at the lamium but I am thrilled with the orchid that has bloomed. It is the only one in my collection with actual blooms. The rest are all in buds. As you can see I don't stake my orchids. I have seen them growing in the tropical areas and they hang down as do the flowers. They seem happy enough with this arrangement. I certainly am quite satisfied with them.

I hope you are all happy scurrying around enjoying the holiday celebrations. I also hope that you are able to take a few minutes to enjoy this December that was...


  1. Well, confused or not your plants are still amazing.

    And...a dandelion!! How cool is that!! I love the dandelion. <3

  2. So sad about your Hydrangea. Hope it isn't true! I think you're right about the Daffodils, though - they can take anything, at least before the flower buds form.

  3. Your plants are beautiful. We still have geraniums blooming. Nate has been bringing them in during the night and putting them back out in the daytime. They are looking REALLY good. Amazing weather for December.

  4. Your Hydrangeas are farther along than mine are, but I've seen some of the terminal leaves opening up (and then re-closing). I have three Hydrangeas--two facing north and one facing south. It's the south-facing one (no surprise) that's getting fooled by the warmth. I, too, worry about what's to come later in January and February. Hopefully, we won't have much if any subzero weather this winter. That would be nice for a change. And hopefully the plants will survive OK. Happy Holidays, Lisa!

  5. What a pretty orchid! I finally broke down and bought one for myself. Hopefully I don't kill it I just found out dandelions are fantastic for honeybees so I am allowing them to bloom away. They do definitely add a bit of sunshine. El Nino surely has had a huge impact on our plants and even on us this year. I'm enjoying it. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  6. Wonderful post and photos ~ Like your beautiful garden ~ I think we are all confused weather wise ~

    Wishing you the magic and love of the season,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. Your post made me walk around the garden today. Early bulbs poking up anf fat Hellebore buds. I figure everything will slow down any day but I worry about farmers with orchards..

  8. It's been an unusual winter, to say the least. I wonder, too, whether some of the plants confused by the warm weather will be affected next spring. Wishing you and DB a very Merry Christmas!

  9. What confused plants we all have in our gardens at the moment ! Like you, I have the strangest combinations in bloom ! Bergen , agapanthus, hellebores, clematis Armandii, lots of roses ... and even a few ceanothus blooms !!

  10. Thanks for sharing...happy new yeard!!!

  11. Lisa, sounds like you have had a mixed bag of weather with you too. I’ll have to take a look at my bulbs now (not been near my garden during December).

    We have had a double hit of scurrying this December – looking at Wedding venues for our eldest daughter too! This is a first for us and is quite daunting at this point when there are restrictions in date times and booking somewhere.

    Wishing you a calmer build up to the New Year and good health to enjoy your garden and wildlife trips in 2016 :-)


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