Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday Woes

It seems that plants are barreling along into spring but all is about to come to a screeching halt. The prediction is that we are to have frost this weekend and maybe even some snow next week. We had to drag inside the plants I had put outside last week. The behemoths will have to sit in front of the patio doors until this cold spell passes by.
Instead of dwelling on the blah I thought that I would share a few pictures of what I am able to enjoy now. The 'pink' is taking over the front of the house. Redbud trees and Almond bush. 
The Almond bush has never looked better. 
It and the Button Spirea are romping. 
It seems like some things are blooming earlier than usual. Like this variegated Soloman's seal. The native Soloman's Seal isn't even up. I don't think it has been fooled by this warmer than usual weather.
It seems like the later Daffodils are white ones. I wish I could remember their names.
This pretty little yellow trillium is new to the garden. It is in a very protected place. It came from Tennessee so I suppose it is on track. 
I will leave you with this little spot of sunshine. I am not sure what hosta it is but every spring it injects some much needed light into a gloomy day.
I hope you all have a delightful weekend. Try to stay warm. It is going to be a little more difficult to do since we have had such nice warm weather. We are matching our record high for this date as I type, 84F (29C).  Cheers.


  1. Oh my! Is that a large Soloman's seal or have I only seen small ones? That is gorgeous! What beautiful views you have - from inside where it's warm:-) Hope it will warm back up quickly for you.

  2. Snow in April?! Is that a "thing" in your part of the country? I hope all your spring beauties manage to cope.

  3. You apparently have some extreme weather highs and lows there. Kinda hard on plants, and gardeners.

  4. Oh no, you have suffered enough! Out with winter, in with spring please. Hopefully the forecasters are wrong.

  5. Lisa as I have said before you are ahead of us by a bit but like you some of my flowers are blooming extremely early...bleeding heart - peach tree, and flowering quince to name three. We too are going to get colder temps and possible snow showers after being in the high 60's. Already the wind has turned colder with a low of 31 degrees predicted tonight. I am praying they are wrong. We gardeners have to keep an eye out on those temps :)! Take care girlfriend and have a good Easter. Hugs!

  6. Nice redbud and yellow trillium! Never heard of almond bush, does it really bear almonds? Next week we're supposed to go down to 29, but I take it as just another April in Chicago.

  7. I do not have pink or yellow, but have white in abundance from the snow the other day! Temps have been cool so not as quick a melt as the last little snowfall. Ah, April in NH!

  8. Wow! Dazzling colors and wonderful visual effect for us ~ Hope the frost don't do too much damage ~ Weather continues to be stranger than usual everywhere ~

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Snow!! The local mountains got 3' of snow this week, which has not happened since the 1960's here. So you are not alone with late snow.

    Your houseplants, wow, they are huge. You take great care of them to have gotten them so big.

    Happy Easter Lisa and best wishes for Spring to hurry up and get there.

  10. Your Hosta and Heuchera are more advanced than here in west-central Missouri. LOOKING GREAT!


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