Monday, April 28, 2008

A Different View

Sunday was a gorgeous day to be outside. The weather cooperated almost all day until the cold front started blowing through. I tried to sit out in the garden and just be but that didn't last too long. I pulled a few weeds and then noticed that the House Sparrows were buiding in the new Martin Houses. I got a ladder and cleaned out the boxes. While up on the ladder I noticed that the garden looked different from a birds eye view.

Here is a picture of this corner of the garden from the vantage point of the Martin Houses. I kind of liked the way you can see how a couple of the flower beds are round. You can see I have grass paths that run through the back. You can also see the Irises blooming as well as the Japanese Kerria bush on the other side of the fence.

This view also made me think of Frances and how she views much of her garden from a higher vantage point. Do any more of you Garden Bloggers garden on a hill and have a hill top view of your garden?

This is a view from the ground level from the other side of the flower bed. The Martin houses are in the back. I put a cross bar over the top of the houses as Ruthie suggested for the Martins to commune on. So far no Martins but I like the welcoming affect of the houses. I had a neighbor say she liked seeing them.

On the outside of the fence I moved the ladder over a few feet and took a picture toward the apple tree. The flower bed around it is also round. So if you want a different view of your garden. I would suggest get a ladder out and have a look around your garden.


  1. I love to see the transformation of your beautiful garden. We know you and your DB spend hours on it before it look like now looks. Beautiful garden and beautiful bird view.

  2. Thank you Gabriel. You are right about working out here a lot but it is a work we enjoy.

  3. Stunning pics as usual -I so enjoy stopping by your blog every couple of days .... I adore Spring though Autumn is pretty good here in Australia at the moment ... the Golden Wattle is in flower everywhere!
    Britt West Aus

  4. Your gardens are so lovely Lisa. I love the birds' eye view.

    We have a 2-story home, and I love to look out the 2nd floor windows onto the garden. I think it's the best view, and I can see the entire garden much better from upstairs than from the patio, since the family room blocks the patio view.

  5. So glad you could stop in Stitchety Grub.

    Garden girl I would love a second story view of the garden. Do you have a knot garden? I am always encouraging my friends that have second story views to put one in. I think they look the best from that advantage.

  6. Lisa, you are always finding such different ways to show us your gardens. But all the views are the same..Beautiful! Hope those martins show up soon.

  7. The view from the martin houses - so that would make it the bird's eye view?

    Elizabeth from GardeningWhileIntoxicated has told me that using a view from above is a great way to assess a garden's features. She's suggested I use that as a tip in an upcoming talk I am going to give on "Preparing You Garden for a Tour."

  8. I have a two story house and I'm always looking out back from the upstairs windows. I have a lot of work to do though and right now it isn't a very pleasing view.

    Your garden looks lovely though.

  9. Thanks for giving us a bird's eye view of your lovely garden. :)

  10. Your garden looks like it is in full swing. You even have iris in bloom already? Lucky you.
    A picture from above does give a different perspective. No hills slopes or even second floor windows here. Maybe I could climb a tree.
    The Mr and I watched a movie this weekend that showed Nicole Kidman get talked into climbing an old childhood tree. She gets stuck and family calls the fire department to get her down. How embarrassing would that be,but what a story for family gatherings eh...

  11. Oh so pretty, Lisa. Like Frances, I garden on a hill, so much of my rear facing garden is seen from the crest of it. My hills are smaller though.~~Dee

  12. Lisa, your gardens looks so peaceful; I'm sure you enjoy just "being" in it. It's always good to look at things with a different perspective, too.
    Just read yesterday's post; loved the picture of Luna with the turtle.

  13. Lisa what a pretty garden you have, I love it. Its one of those gardens I would just love to walk around and look at all the detail.

  14. Your garden looks great from above! I'd have a hard time taking an overhead shot of my shade garden come summer - then it's just all leaves. I might have to pull the ladder out as soon as it stops raining/snowing.

  15. Love "bird's eye view" of your gardens. This is a good idea!

  16. Your garden looks stunning Lisa, I think mine would fit in yours maybe 20 times over, your hard work is certainly paying off.

  17. I'm really an urban gardener now, but I love going on the roof and looking down at my garden. There is something nifty about the change of perspective. If I ever get a ladder to the high part of the roof I'll be able to look down on the roof garden too.
    You really have an artistic eye for composition, thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  18. Hi Lisa, brilliant idea to take the ladder to different areas and look down on the garden. Your martin houses do look very nice. Maybe we need some of those. Thanks for the link, my hill only lets us look up or down depending on where we stand. A two story house would be a great place to look down on a garden with a design like a knot garden, keep telling your friends. Maybe you could even design it for them!;->

  19. Wow Lisa, your yard is so beautiful! The grass is so green already and everything looks like it's growing so well.
    Have you seen any martins in the neighborhood yet? Are you playing your "dawnsong?" Because you're starting a new colony, you will be attracting subadults--the martins that were born last year but are now going to be establishing their own family group. The subadults are just getting into southern Indiana. You can check their progress on the PMCA scout map--here's the link:
    Be vigilant about evicting those darn sparrows and starlings and play your dawnsong and I bet you'll have purple martins checking out their new digs in the next couple weeks. It looks like a perfect location. Good luck!

  20. What a good idea--everything looks different at that angle--a nice perspective.
    I'm glad you helped the boxturtle cross the street yesterday, too.
    I'm a turtle-lover.
    There can never be too much help given to these old creatures.
    I'm afraid they may be soon gone.

  21. Thank you Beckie.

    Jim, of course it would be the view of a house sparrow. They are birds even tho I wonder if they aren't seed pigs.

    My DB and I worked hard last year because I had a garden tour. A friend and I do this every other year or so. Lots of getting ready was done. Good luck with your talk.

    Dee I didn't realize your garden was on a slope. I have just started reading your blog regularly. I will look forward to seeing it all.

    MrMcD I had heard that you were getting snow up that way. You and Robin. Take heart there will be spring days to come. We might even get a freeze tomorrow night. It is gooing to 37 tonight. The poor plants I put out already will be in shock. Booooo

    Ruthie I don't have dawn songs for the martins. I will have to look into that. Thank you for all your advise. Don't worry I will keep after the sparrows. My DB keeps after me regarding this. My job since he didn't want to try for Martins becasue of all the darn sparrows. I don't mind.

    Nina, I too worry about the turtles and all other creatures as well. It is a scary time we live in.

    Thank you all for visitng. I am glad you liked the Birds Eye View.

  22. What a lovely peaceful place to spend your time.

  23. We were cold today and will be even colder tomorrow! Enjoy it when you can and amazing photos!

  24. Lisa: I love the round beds and grassy swaths through your gardens.You know what amazes me most is that just a couple of months ago everything was white and grey and just look at it now!You have to be elated at the sight from any view. We don't live on a hill but I am continually surprised by the different views from any number of angles... it's fun isn't it?
    Meems @ Hoe&Shovel

  25. Great idea about the ladder. I'll have to try it. Your garden looks beautiful.

  26. Dear Lisa,
    You have a very beautiful garden!
    Lots of area too.
    The Martin House is inviting!
    Every now and again my husband will take pictures of my gardens from the roof!
    I am not steady on a ladder!
    Great idea!


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