Sunday, April 27, 2008

Outstanding finds

While walking at the park we came upon this box turtle crossing the road. Why do I consider this an outstanding find you ask. Well, when was the last time you saw one of these critters? I would imagine it has been some time. Of course when we were kids they were quite abundant. No one thought anything about seeing them. However now they are on a watch list for Indiana. They are not an abundant animal now. It was Luna's first time to see such a thing. She couldn't figure out why I was so excited and taking pictures of this animal.I moved it to the side of the road so it could get on its way before someone ran over it. Luna couldn't believe I was paying attention to such a thing. Of course it closed its shell and didn't venture out while we were around. I hope it made it to its destination safely.
Our next big find you might not appreciate unless you are into birds. This Worm-eating Warbler was what got my heart singing. As he sat in a tree singing his heart out we were below just soaking up the view and listening to his song. Why am I so excited about this little song bird? It is the first time in 5 years that I have seen one for one thing. Secondly it is the first time I have seen one in Knox County.
These birds are usually skulkers on the ground. You can tell by its coloring it is difficult to see, especially if it is on the ground where it usually is. They also nest on the ground which makes them fairly easy prey for most any animal. This little guy must have been pushed down into the forest by the storm that passed through the night before. He didn't sit still for long as he was busy picking insects off the tree leaves.
You just never know what you might find when you venture out to the park. I hope you all get out this weekend and enjoy nature.


  1. Wow Lisa, what memories that turtle brings back! You are right... you hardly see them anymore and they used to be so plentiful.

    Love your sweet warbler!
    Blessings to you for a beautiful day.

  2. Two beautiful finds Lisa, a Sunday in the park to remember.

  3. Lisa, you're right about the turtles. We used to see them on country roads everywhere, but not anymore. I wonder if they are on Il. watch list? A beautiful day for a walk.

  4. Lisa, it seems to me there's magic in the air this spring!

    Blooming trees and shrubs are glorious so far this year, much prettier than last. Things I thought had disappeared from my garden are back.

    There are all sorts of happy things occurring so far this spring. I hope they're signs of even more good things to come.

  5. Hi Lisa, like Linda, Garden Girl, said, our spring has been outstanding too. We have several of those turtles on our property, I never know where they will be discovered. I usually leave them alone after admiring their shells, and the next time I look, they have disappeared. Now that I am blogging, I want to take their picture, and when the camera has been found they are gone. It is fairly wild here, lots of habitat areas with brush piles around the edges of the property, good for critters, good and bad. Luna is looking good. Our dog used to dig up the turtles at my parent's house, and try and dig through their shells. Lots of rescues there. Lovely warbler, the song must have been marvelous.

  6. That IS exciting to find that box turtle!! There are way to few left in the world. Thanks for moving it. I have stopped my car to move a turtle off the road when they cross to lay eggs.

  7. Turtles are too exotic for Sweden. But it's really sad how many species disappear each year.

  8. Are you sure you moved the turtle to the side it wanted to get to? :^) I like turtles, they are quite the comical critters.

  9. Like Katarina in Kullavik said turtles are not found (wild) in Sweden. The closest we come to shelled creatures are snails :S . Seems like your area are on the mend - I hope you see many more!

  10. I moved a turtle this week also! Luna looks happy!

  11. This is so cool, Lisa! We used to see box turtles cross the roads all the time, and would also stop to move them off the road closer to their destination. As the area attracts more people, turtles seem to have disappeared. And I have NEVER seen a worm-eating warbler. That's SO awesome - thanks for sharing.

  12. Looks like you and Luna sure had a fun day! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Dear Lisa,
    WOW! My husband stops the car and helps turtles cross the street. There are not as many as there used to be.
    The Warbler is very, very beautiful! Nice picture too.
    How exciting...
    Would be a "lifer" for me!
    We have very few warblers in Missouri.


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