Thursday, April 24, 2008

Progress at last

I must say it has been a busy past few days. As you remember this past winter we lost two big pine trees and the one crashed through our chain link fence. I dreamed up a plan and we have been busy trying to implement part one of the plan. Part one clearly was to install new fencing. Dearly Beloved and I have been working to install said new fencing. We decided to reconfigure this side of the garden. We staked out where we wanted the new fencing to be installed. Talked to our neighbor since we wanted to start our fence right by hers. She was all for it so it would look neat on this side. She sees this view more than we do. My Dearly Beloved dug all the holes for the fence. Whew, that was quite a job. Of course we kept the old fence up as long as we cold so that the Overseer would stay confined in the back garden. After the posts were in we had to slip on the jackets. Jackets is a term, used by the fencing people, for the plastic covering that goes over the posts. All has to be leveled etc. Installing this fencing isn't difficult but there are a lot of steps to follow. Since this is the first time we had ever done anything like this you can imagine how sometimes there was a step taken and then two steps back to correct what had been done. Here it is in its entirity. We are quite pleased with how it turned out. If you decide to do something like this you can be sure that it is much easier when two people work on it together.

Luna is voicing her dispeasure at me being on the opposite side of the fence. She has been busy sniffing and walking the length of the new fence. New smells and new territory to mark.
As you can see here. This side of the garden slopes down very steeply. We had to lower the long side of the fence. The front we kept at one height so it would look uniform from the front. On the long side we graduated the fence down three times to make sure Luna couldn't squeeze under. Right here in this corner you can see that she could squeeze under here. She has been a good girl so far though and stayed in. I put a little bit of fencing in this corner tso she couldn't go under. I don't want to test her too long. I know that if a cat or some other critter came by she might go under to get to it.
I have already moved some hostas, huchera and ferns that were in the new pathway. I can't wait for more planting in this area. Whoooo Hooooo The big job is finished.

I plan to just sit on the patio this afternoon looking at the new fence. I have lots of new territory too. I am busy imagining what to plant. I know a few things I want to plant here. I will have to recover some from all this. I hate to rush into anything. It couldn't be that I am a procrastinator now could it. No.... Just dreaming.


  1. What a lovely fence. We dont have them like that here in the UK. We have wooden solid fences - very dull and boring.

  2. Your fence came out wonderfully. Its nice that it matches Luna's color. There are no m more trees nearby to come crashing down on the new fence, are there?

  3. Goodness, I am exhausted just readin gabout all this work, but it sure turned out beautiful.

  4. The fence looks great! Luna doesn't look happy about it though, and that little Jack Russel who comes to visit would under it in a heartbeat if he saw a squirrel, so it's good that you've blocked off that corner. You deserve to rest on your laurels (for today anyway).

  5. You did a fine job of installing the new fence. It looks great!

  6. Very pretty, what a cool system for installing fencing. The white fence like that is my favorite, I love that look.

  7. Job well done! You and DB must be very proud(and tired). I like the new configuration. Besides more room in the back you now have a lovely back drop to plant something against so it shows up from the front. (Hope you understood that!)

  8. I'd be sitting and admiring that fence, too, if I had just installed it. It looks great! Do you hire out to do fences for others? :-)

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  9. Hi Lisa, your new fence looks so good and professional too. I don't blame you for sitting and enjoying the new view. Luna upset with you for being on the other side is so funny. Is she your official protector? How can she do her job if you are over there? HA Can't wait to see what you decide for the design, after plenty of time to think it over. No rush.;->

  10. Fencing is such a big job. It looks wonderful!

  11. You have been busy!! The white fence looks nice.

  12. lisa - the fence looks really pretty. Nice work!

  13. Lisa, I really, really like what you've done with your new fence.So fresh and clean looking. You are definitely no weeney as you commented on my blog! This is hard work. I love this style of fencing... the way it isn't too tall AND you can see through the fence... so cottage gardenie. It adds architecturally to your back garden and will really add to the visual appeal of whatever you decide to plant in front of it.

    Well Done!... Now, yes, go have a rest and let the designing/dreaming of new plants begin.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  14. Dear Lisa,
    Wow! It looks great.
    Lots of dreaming makes for beautiful when it is time to work.
    You two did a lot of work too.
    I bet you will enjoy planting too.

  15. Great job!! Love the white fence!!
    hugs NG

  16. You two did a great job! It's very pretty! I would gaze at it, too, and dream about future plans. My husband built many fences over the years and it just takes patience and getting into the groove. Lots of mistakes, too!

    Any gaps in our fences due to the grade - we tacked mesh fencing to keep the dogs in. It didn't keep a neighbor beagle out of our yard, though. Beagle was a digger and like to visit and play! I'd find her following my dogs into the kitchen for dinner.

    Can't wait to see your progress :o)

  17. Lisa, the fence looks so pretty. It's so fun watching the progress on your big project.

    You've earned a nice, long, relaxing sit-down to look at and admire that lovely fence!

  18. Your new fence looks great. You and your DB have earned the right to sit back and admire your work -- until the next project bubbles to the surface.

  19. Hi Lisa, In the countryside in the uk we do have fencing like yours. Its called a picket fence here and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. You have made a superb job, it is so pretty and so country. I love it. Our neighbour has it and everytime I drive by I look at it. Its timeless. Once your planted up its going to look even more gorgeous, can't wait to see it. I would love picket fencing, but when you have a terrier, she would be out as quick as a flash, straight over the top. I shall have to sit back and admire yours.

  20. Wow Lisa, that looks so great! I am so impressed that you all did this by yourselves.

  21. Lisa, that just looks great with your house. Fantastic job. Bill and I worked remodeling our house together, so I know what you mean about two people making a job go easier.~~Dee

  22. You've made a lot of work ! It looks beautiful.
    Luna is cute as ever. Is her heart better?

  23. Patientgardener I like wooden fences. I probalby would have chosen wood but our neighbor has a big white plastic privacy fence because of her poool so I tried to match that side.

    Hi Jim, there are no trees in this area...yet. I will plant at least one tree here for shade during summer. I miss my shade already.

    Hi Teri, I am glad you like the fence.

    MrMcD, Vinny (the JR) would definitely go under in several places. I will have to put fencing up when he comes around. It is easy to push into place.

    I am still on my laurels so to speak. :)

    Thank you Nancy J and Theresa.

    You are right Beckie and I understood what you were trying to say.

    I wouldn't want to tackle another fence right now Carol. No hiring out for this. It really isn't my type of work.

    Frances you bet Luna is the protector and she likes for us to all be together. She gets all fussy when we aren't together. It is the shepherd in her. Don't have to worry about snap decisions here. I am too tired to worry about it all now.

    Amy, Gudl and Gina, I am glad you like the fence.

    Hi Meems. Glad you like the fence.

    Sherry, you bet I am going to enjoy the planting. I am looking forward to it.

    Hi Mary, I do put a small hoop fence piece here and there to keep her inside. I just stick it into the ground. Easy and affective. Luna has gone to t he neighbors house and slipped under their fence to see if she could visit thier dog. Their dog hasn't found the hole they have yet. Funny becasue it is a little smaller than Luna and could easily slip under their fence and get out.

    Cheryl I am lucky that Luna has never jumped the fence. She is big enough but in her mind she can't do that. I am glad you like the fence.

    I want to thank you all for your positive comments about the fence. We are really liking it.

    Verobirdie, Luna is feeling ok as long as she takes her meds. She has decided they are a treat so she takes them willingly. She does get tired easily but that is to be expected.

  24. Oooh... a new garden to plant! How fun! :) Luna is so cute, voicing her displeasure at having you on the other side, but being nice enough to lay down in the corner to illustrate your point about it being low. *grin*

  25. Wonderful job! You and your hubby have done a lot of work and it looks great. Enjoy planning and planting that new space!


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