Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Blooms

My Dearly Beloved was outside taking pictures today. He was feeling right artsy.

Some of the narcissus are beginning to bloom.

He got pictures of some in bud.

He also found an arum unfurling with a hosta poking up right beside it.
He had a little different way of looking at the daffodils too. Don't they look windswept? The wind was blowing but i don't think it had anything to do with the way these are standing.
After I got home from work I went out to see all these buds he was photographing. I found that some had actually opened. You notice the blue sky in the background? The sun was shining so brilliantly. It was wonderful. We are supposed to get 3" of rain tomorrow. UGH... I hope they are wrong this time.


  1. Well, didn't he do a good job! The flowers are beautiful So springy. I found just the beginnings of a bud or two on my daffodils today. Also got some more cleaning and clearing of flower beds done. Ah, sunshine!

  2. He did a great job on the pictures! I can't believe the hosta is coming up already.

    I hope they are wrong on the rain too.

  3. It really is spring there!! Beautiful flowers.

  4. An exciting time of renewal!! Great photos!! hugs NG

  5. Lovely flowers, as well as photos!

  6. Oh goody, you are getting some spring up your way. Good job, DB. Those yellow daffs look like my super early ones, but you have the orange cup ones also, so they must not be that far ahead of the others, or have they been open for a while? I would love to know the name of those early guys.

  7. Yes Beckie he did a good job. Lucky you getting some flower beds cleaned out. I need to get out there too but it is sprinkling as I write. UGH

    Thanks Robin, but the rain has already started.

    Teri, Spring is here. Yipee. I am voting for more sunshine right now though.

    Thanks NG and Rosengeranium.

    Frances, I wish I could give you a name of those early daffodils. I don't have a tag nor do I remember what they were. Most I dug out from a patch that DB had before I moved here which were planted by the previous owners of the house so we don't know. The ones with the oragne trumpet just opened Yesterday. I also have some white ones but they haven't opened yet. I know I planted them and not too long ago but I can't find any information about them either. I will have to keep better records from now on.

  8. Very nice seeing the blooms over here ...and nice to see how others choose to capture them!

  9. Your husband did a great job on the photos. We still have a week or two to catch up to your blooms.

  10. Your hubby likes to take pictures too! That's good! His photos are lovely.
    I can imagine how happy you are to see the daffodils. They're so beautiful against that blue sky.
    I hope you don't get all that rain. Blah!
    Come on Mr. can do it!

  11. Dear Lisa,
    He has a great eye! I enjoy photgraphy very much. Notonly do I like taking pictures but I like looking at others photographs.
    Nice to see your daffs.
    We also are having a rainy day today.
    I do not mind April showers....not three inches at once!

  12. he made very nice job - beautiful narcissus :)
    my hostas are still sleeping, las weekened I dug one out by mistake :(

  13. Well done hubby, great set of photos.
    How come your hostas are up, not one of mine to be seen!!
    Its a strange thing this gardening business.

  14. Nice pics! Those flowers are beautiful!!

  15. Lisa,
    Just found the comment you left on my post about my cat problems. Thanks so much for the helpful advice. I'm hoping you are right--last year I bought some nasty potting soil that had been sitting out in the Walmart parking lot for a month, I think. It was like charcoal and wouldn't take in water.
    I'll try your tip on drainage as well as replacing the soil this spring.

  16. Okay, When did you put the new guy on your blog?? I just noticed him or is it an 'it'? Kinda of cute though!

  17. So finally spring has arrived!
    Lovely photos!
    I wish you a nice weekend, Monika

  18. Nice flower pics. Very relaxing. Thank you :-)

  19. Nice to see all that has stopped by and commented lately. I have been working extra and love to see what you have to say.

    Ewa, it is so disappointing to pull out flowers you want in the garden. I have done that too many times.

    Rose, it doesn't pay to use bad potting soil just because it is cheap. Potting soil should be a good mix to be successsful especially if you put it into a pot you want to keep going. Good luck.

    Beckie the Gnome is new. He has been in my garden for several years. He sat on the garden gate post welcoming people and keeping out bad spirits for years before I put the red balls on the posts last spring. DB took a picture of him the other day and I was inspired to put him on the blog to welcome everyone.

  20. Wow... what a wonderful photographer you have there!


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