Friday, April 4, 2008

Wild Flowers

During this time of year even a dandelion is a welcome spot of color. We had our first dandelion while walking at the park with Luna. We had several firsts. The first Spring Beauties Claytonia virginica... They are popping up everywhere. They are forming little islands of pink in some lawns. If you are lucky you can see these little islands in the woods too.
The first vinca vine blooms...

Our first Rue Anomone Anemonella thalictroides. They are such dainty flowers. I just adore them when they burst into bloom. Come on sunshine.
And finally our first Prairie Trillium with some Dutchmans Breeches in front of it. There was some Dutchmans Breeches with buds. If we should get some sun in the next few days we will be inundated with blooms. Can anyone spare a few rays?


  1. What a beautiful "firsts" post! You have a lovely spot to walk with Luna.

  2. Actually, dandelions are quite pretty, aren't they? The reason why they are so hated, is problably their aggressive spread...
    Today, while walking my dog in the woods, I picked my first bouquet of wood anemones... it's spring time! /Katarina

  3. These flowers are beautious! It really IS spring!

  4. What lovely photos. You surely have spring!


  5. These are gorgeous detailed pictures you take ! love seeing the first flowers : )

  6. me again ... I just had to add that I am so pleased to see someone else taking a photo of the dandelion. Far too much negative about that poor thing so I'm pleased to see someone 'featuring' that cheery yellow perennial :)


  7. I imagine your gardener's eye thirsting for signs of new life springing out after the long snows of winter. Your pictures perfectly capture your joy.
    I get the feeling it is almost like being on the ocean forever and finally spotting land. Happy Spring!

  8. Love the photos...please show your Trillium when it blooms. I love them.
    I have one up and I am terrified the rabbits are going to eat it.

  9. How lovelly to see what wild flowers bloom in your side of the world.Love the Claytonia virginica.
    I can spare a few sun rays (the weather is getting too hot arround here) where should I send them to? ;-)

  10. So glad you got a walk in today. I was afraid the rain might stay in your area. How is Luna doing?

    If you are seeing wild flowers just now, we will have to wait a few more days, Then I might take a walk in the woods too. And if I happen to see morel mushrooms...

  11. PS. There's an award for you at my place... /Katarina

  12. I am glad everyone liked the pictures of my first Wild Flowers. It is so exciting to see them in the woods.

    Not so exciting to see too many dandelions in my flower beds but they are fairly easy to pull.

    Spring is really here. I hope it stays for awhile.

    I think you analogy is good WS. These wild flowers are like a beacon in a gray ocean.

    Cheryl, I have a few trillium on the north side of the house. I will have to get out there to see if they are ready to bloom. Those rascally rabbits better leave things alone.

    Gintonio, all spare rays can come my way. Thank you.

    Beckie, Luna is doing just great as long as she gets her meds. Easy to forget she is sickly. I will keep my eyes peeled for mushrooms. I haven't seen anyone out looking for them yet so they must not be ready. Or maybe they have all drown.

  13. I'd like to spare a few sunrays and give them to you...but unfortunately we don't have any sun (snow is forecasted for tomorrow!)! In a few weeks the meadow behind our house will be full of dandelions.It is beautiful to look at but unfortunately we'll have them later on in our garden too...

  14. I would LOVE some dandelions about now. Maybe after all the sunshine this weekend we'll get some.

    Spring is slowly creeping north, isn't it!

  15. It is a shame that dandelions are considered weeds, they are quite pretty.
    I'm looking forward to the warmer weekend. Hopefully the floodgates of spring will burst open those buds.

  16. I love the wildflowers...yes, even the dandelions. Our lawn will be a sea of yellow in the not-too-distant-future.
    Lovely to see these blooms! That one in the second photo is so delicate.

  17. Lovely Lisa, looking forward to getting outside into the garden now :-)

    Funnily enough our dandelions aren't flowering yet. I intend keeping an eye on them this year. I am more than happy for some to grow as long as they don’t flower and spread any more. Our guinea pigs love them :-D

    I noticed some of our primroses are flowering now too. This is such a wonderful time of the year isn't it :-D

    Hope the rain stays away for you and you get some sunshine. We have a sunny morning but are expecting snow later!

  18. Dear Lisa,
    So nice to see your wildflowers. I am still waiting for ours. Maybe today I will get out into some woods and see what is blooming. I love dandilions and have not seen my first yet.
    Hope your area is not flooded. I heard abut all the rain you received.
    I bet Luna is happy to get out and walk between showers.
    Sunny skies at my house today. I want to clean flower beds!
    Wishing you sunshine and bird songs,

  19. trilium is something I miss and I would like to have in my garden :) spare rays? it is going to rain here for the next 3 days :(

  20. Love these flowers and makes me jealous that I will probably be a month behind you in my pictures!

  21. Well gang I can't thank you all enough for stopping in. Most of us probably wish we were in Austin right now. Except for Mon@rch of course. He is having a blast watching Salamander meandering to mate. A wonderful second. If I had the choice I don't know which I would do. Oh well, I can't do either so here I sit in a pout. Haa.. Not really, I had a great day birding today. Maybe I can find something to take a picture of that doesn't look like a lake tomorrow. Hope all are having a good weekend.

  22. Oh Lisa I know it is still dreary there by the weather man's report. If only I could share some of the 'already very hot rays' from here and you could share your rain we might actually balance out on both ends. ha.

    Really enjoyed walking with you through the park today and seeing all your firsts. Blooms have a way of bursting forth even in less than perfect circumstances.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  23. Spots of color are spots of color, regardless. :c) Beauty in muted colors... lovely finds.

  24. Pretty flowers Lisa! We have all of the same ones here in Minnesota but none of them are blooming yet (not even any brave dandelions!) I'm hoping a little rain this week and then maybe some warm temps after that will get things going.

  25. Nice post Lisa, lovely close up photos of the flowers.

  26. Beautiful! I like my regular garden, but wildflowers hold my heart!

  27. Hey, are you sure that's Rue Anemone? It actually looks like one of the more rare types of Anemone to me. (But I could be wrong - it's hard to tell with a picture sometimes!)


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