Saturday, May 3, 2008


Today Carol at May Dreams Garden is the hostess with the mostest hoes and wants us all to show our hoe collection. If you don't have a hoe collection any garden implement that you adore and use a lot will do. Carol is a great afficionado of hoes and their affect on her garden. She has related some Lessons to hoe by. She has most interestingly ammassed quite the collection of hoes too.My small yet useful collection amounts to two hoes. I must say the old fashioned hoe, the one with the down turned blade that everyone either has or has seen in ones parents or grandparents garden is not used a whole lot by me. Its heavy wooden handle is made for larger hands and stronger backs. Of course it is ideal for chopping down tough grass and weeds.
I prefer the other hoe in this picture. It has a slim aluminum handle that is long which gives me extra leverage to get after weeds. The aluminum is light weight and the yellow handle makes it easy to spot when I set it down in the garden. I can leave it out over night without any ill effects too. As a matter of fact it sits outside most of the summer so I don't have to go into the barn or garage to look for it. As you can see the head on this hoe is a little different. It is flat. This works so well when going through mulch. We have a lot of mulch in our garden. Those little weed seedlings get a good start in the mulch but this hoe is ideal to just take them down. Not only this but it easily fluffs the mulch so that it doesn't get compacted.I also use the width of this blade as a measure when I run it around the edges of flower beds. I try to keep this distance between the beds and lawn so that the mower man can easily whip around the flower beds with the mower.This particular brand of hoe handle you can change the head to various implements such as a cultivator claw, a more typical down turned hoe etc. I have only the one head, this flat hoe and am quite pleased with it. I hope to see other hoe collections and hear what type of hoe you use. Have a nice weekend hoeing up a storm no doubt.


  1. I know it is hard to imagine, but I don't have any hoes with interchangeable heads like yours. I do have one with a flat blade like that, and it is razor sharp for cutting down weeds. I guess your other hoe is more for cultivating the earth a bit.

    Anyway, it is good you have two hoes, they can keep each other company.

    Thanks for coming to the Hoe Down today!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Lisa, I am planning a later post on my hoes (waiting for assembly of a new toy), but I was a little intimidated by Carol's vast collection. So I am glad to see you have just two hoes; the lightweight one sounds intriguing; I might check into those.
    By the way, I've never noticed all your blue pots--I love them!

  3. I like the look of that hoe. We have quite a few weeds and usually my favorite tool of trade is my hands, but after looking at all the varieties today, I may be branching out.

  4. I have several hoes but the one I use the most is one that originally started off as a "regular" hoe. I then divided it in thirds and cut off the outside third on both sides. Makes a small head but one that gets into all the tight spaces.

  5. Huh! Over at Annie in Austin's I discovered a hoe designed for chipping ice... and here at Greenbow I learn about a hoe with interchangeable heads. Two things learned in one day--it's a good day. :)

  6. I have some interchangeable tools. Haven't posted yet but hope to by midnight! You have a good start on a hoe collection but there is no catching up with the Queen!

  7. Thanks for the hoe post Lisa...this is all new to me....I only have one hoe, do you think its lonely?????

  8. Lisa, your flat blade hoe sounds like what I need to get weeds out of mulch. I have been trying to weed 10 min. a day like Carol suggested, but my weeds are growing at 20 min. a day!

  9. :) I have always been a gadget guy and different tools are always needed!

  10. Carol this has been fun. I love seeing everyones collection and they way they chose to show them.

    Rose, definitely join in on the fun. I like those blue pots too. They are in the house during winter which is why you haven't seen them until now.

    Sherry, there are lots of choices. I am sure you can find one that suits you.

    Richard, this sounds like a good idea. I could use a skinnier hoe too.

    Kim this is a fun way to learn.

    Hi Teri, I hope you get home safe and sound. I thought I saw someone waving. :)

    Oh Layanee, no way I would ever match the Queen with her hoe collection. I would need another barn to store them.

    Oh Cheryl, I doubt if your hoe is lonely. It probably has made friends with the rake and mower.

    Beckie, you will catch up with those 20min weeds. Hang in there. I am sure your hoe family will be most helpful. I thought your post was a hoot.

    Monarch, I am sure if you did any gardening you would have the latest and greatest.

  11. I have the same Scott's interchangeable tools that I've had for many years now. The only problem with mine is that I bought the tools on clearance and there was never a handle to go with them. They are still my tools of choice though and I love them. I usually sit when I weed anyway so I don't need a long handle.

  12. Lisa: Sounds like you've figured out how to get the most out of you hoes. I like that one with the interchangeable head.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  13. Dear Lisa,
    What an interesting post. So very fun. I do have a hoe collection...and a shovel collection....some are very old.
    My husband does the hoe work around our gardens. I am a trowel girl.

  14. Until just now I thought there was only one kind of hoe--my dad's. That guy looks like he has his ancestry tied in with the Swiffer line! Thanks for the education, Lisa. I feel encouraged to make my garden thrive this year, thanks to teachers like you.

  15. That is cool, Lisa! I've not seen it before, but what a great idea!


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