Sunday, May 4, 2008

Near Perfect Day

Today here at Greenbow it was a near perfect day. I had time to take Luna to the park. My Dearly Beloved went golfing with some friends. I poured myself a big glass of iced tea, went to the patio with all the labels from the flowers and bushes I have purchased these past few days. In the dappled sunlight I brought my garden journal up to date. I sat here thinking and deliberating about what I want to do at the end of the patio. As you can see it looks different this spring with the ferns all popping up and the new fence installed. We have some Witicha Blue Junipers planted along the fence now among other things. I will post more in detail about this later. I just don't want to race into something and then not be happy with it. As you can see the Lilac tree is making a natural umbrella over the end of the patio. I don't know if I want an arched arbor there now or not. What do you think? I think I like the Lilac tree doing its umbrella act here. The sun will make it grow the other way now that the pine trees aren't there to shade it.
The sky was so blue today. Just look what this beautiful weather brought out. It is always such fun seeing one of these huge hot air baloons sailing across the sky.
With my binoculars I could see that there were two men in the basket. I have always wondered how it would feel to be floating along on a spring breeze as they were doing. I sort of did that today in my own way.
Now if you think this post was a little choppy that is how my day went. I floated from one little project to another pausing for long minutes on the patio just relishing this gorgeous spring day. I hope you had a restful, delightful day too.


  1. Hi Lisa, I didn't mind your 'choppiness' at fact, I enjoyed your post. I, too, am loving this spring weather and all the flowers in my garden! I have wondered what it would be like to float in a balloon, but I'd be to petrified to find out!

  2. Your patio is just so comfortable looking..great job! I do remember seeing the hot air balloons sail away one morning I got up early to go birding while in Sedona!Thank you for regularly popping by and following my trip postings...the Grand Canyon was awesome!!! hugs NG

  3. I had a very restful day today also. I spent time at my daughter's in the North woods. I never thought the day would come when she would be interested in gardening and watching the woods and trees for wildlife and birds. It felt good to share that with her.

  4. Busy day, no time in the garden. I will take a balloon ride someday.

  5. not a chopppy post -- it was enjoyable. What a lovely yard you have: so lush and green too. Our snow is nearly all gone right now; only traces of it left. That iced tea of yours has me wanting to go make some too! I can't believe the size of the lilac tree -- I love how it canopies and, if it was me, I'd leave it that way. But you should do what pleases you most. Enjoy! Wow, you live in a warm climate!


  6. It was a wonderful day wasn't it. Sun, warm air, no wind! We finally got a big job done, and then I went to a baby shower with daughter and granddaughters. All in all a very enjoyable day. The arch might make it seem cluttered, but you do what you want in your garden!

  7. Your garden and patio look very inviting. And a hot-air balloon ride, I can tell you, is an incredible experience---smooth as silk, not scary at all once you're off the ground, and joyously free feeling. You should try it.

  8. What a lovely day Lisa, the sort of day that just is.
    I really do think your garden is so pretty. I am a great arbor fan, I have several, but that lilac is something special, and makes a wonderful feature. Would the arbor pull you away from the lovely shape of the tree? Its personal to you isn't it but I think it looks stunning as it is.
    We saw a large baloon float over the house yesterday, calming aren't they? Enjoy your days.

  9. What a lovely way to spend the day Lisa. I had to work this weekend unfortunately, but had some time in the afternoons to relax. I love the way the new fence looks.

  10. What a nice patio spot you have Lisa to sit and write in your garden journal. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  11. Lisa, me again. I have been looking at your plant on the table. I know it is a begonia, but which one? Is it called an Iron Cross, or something like that?

  12. I love your patio! Looks so calming and peacful. I envy your organization, I too am trying to keep a journal and I tend on throwing seed packets and plant tags in my binder and forgetting about it. This year I went through it and organized what I did last fall! LOL

  13. Sounds like a beautiful day to me!! I love all your wildflowers in the previous post too. lovely!

  14. Jan I would love to ride in one of those balloons too.

    NG, can't wait until I go to the Grand Canyon.

    Jane Marie, it must have been that kind of day...restful.

    Layanee, I am sure this is your most busy time of year. Hope you get a restful day soon.

    Diane, compared to your climate it is hot here. I am in zone 6b.

    Beckie, that begonia is Iron Cross. I just love these types of begonias. The leaves are so pretty. I bought 4 kinds of begonias the other day. Escargo, one with polka dots that is an Angel Wing and a Red Beefsteak named Omaha. When I see them I can't resist them.

    Pam, I think I will try a hot air balloon ride sometime. They give them not too far from here every once in a while.

    Jayne, you need a day off. I hope you get a restful day soon. I am glad you like the fence.

    Cheryl, those balloon rides look like fun to me. I would be so excited if I rode in one I don't know how calming it would be. I get excited when I can just hear the gas whoosh into the balloon.

    Deb, it was a nice day.

    Thanks Karen. I am usually behind in the journal so don't feel like you are too far behind.

    Glad you liked the wildflowers Judy.

  15. I think an arch would be redudant as long as that tree is there making a natural arch. It is perfect as it is.

  16. Is that a tall glass of ice tea I see? I just brewed up a batch in the sun yesterday - I have recently converted from Liptons to Luizianne - it is delicious! If it didn't make me so wired I would drink it all the time. :)

  17. It sounds and looks like you had a perfect day to me too. Love your patio area Lisa. Your lilac tree looks gorgeous growing in such a beautiful arch.

  18. Oh Lisa, your patio looks so inviting! I'm glad you had a relaxing day there.

  19. Your patio looks so friendly and cozy, Lisa! I love the lilac tree!

    I have ridden in a hot air balloon. It was wonderful, seeing the world from up there.

  20. Dear Lisa,
    The hot air balloon is beautiful. I have always wanted to go up in one.
    I too need to update my garden journals!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  21. Your garden journal on the table reminded me that for a long time I haven't written anything in my own one. All my new labels ares still waiting to be "memorized" somewhere. A perfect day also means to allow to have some daydreams which fly away with the air balloon....
    Hope you'll have still a lot of perfect days, Lisa!


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