Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busy Blooming

This is one of our first daylilies beginning to bloom. It seems that summer is upon us no matter what the calendar says. The temps are in the upper eighties and the humidity is even higher. The garden appears to be quite happy about this. The last iris to bloom is the wild blue flag iris. This plant is a pass along from a neighbor that grew only wild flowers in his garden. He is now gone but his legacy of wildflowers in the neighborhood is still going strong.
Even the Locust tree is sluffing off its spent blooms. They rain down like dirty snow. Filling the bird baths, your dring and your pockets if you aren't careful.
My only climbing rose is blooming up a storm too. I just love this plant. I am trying to get it to grow up into our apple tree. It is beginning to get up there. I have lost the tag and don't seem to have the name of it written down anyplace that I can find it. You have to get your nose right in there to get a whiff of it.
This Mock Orange you don't have to be too close to get a whiff. It sends out its marvelsous scent all over the patio no matter where you sit. Our guests were quite taken by its smell and the way it lights up this area around the patio. It is really an eye and nose catcher.
I am hopeful that life will slow a bit now. I must get back to blogging and reading my favs.


  1. You have loads of pretty flowers. And you're right---the garden typically likes it hot, doesn't it?

  2. The pecan flowers give us that kind of 'coverage' here - except they look like caterpillars.
    Lucky you - a fragrant mockorange! Ours is pretty but has no scent. I hope you have some tucked in vases, Lisa!
    As to temperatures, once it's warm enough for the impatiens to be happy you'll need the A/C that night.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. I have been showered with the spent catkins from the oak trees. Thank goodness the pollen is gone with them. I had forgotten the fragrance of the mock orange until you mentioned that. Why don't I have one of those? Your daylily is a beauty. Mine have yet to bloom.

  4. So beautiful Lisa! The growing things love this warm/humid weather so much. Everything seems so lush and happy right now.

  5. The persimmons showered the driveway with their little bells...Your climbing rose will be beautiful in the apple tree, that is a great idea for climbers.

  6. Lovely flowers you have blooming!

  7. The plants are happy about all this warm weather, aren't they? I'm expecting a lot of blooms soon, too.
    Hope you didn't have all the rain we've had in the last 24 hours; gardening chores are put on hold again.

  8. With those summer temps you are having, it would be so nice to have life slow down a bit, and linger in your garden, enjoying all of those beautiful blossoms--here's hoping you get the time you need. ;-)

  9. Everything looks so lovely. It amazes me how much farther ahead you are into the season.

  10. I love that daylily, very pretty colors. Your roses are gorgeous! I'm having a good year with blooms as well this year! Just not so good with veggie's (too much rain I think).

  11. Hi Lisa....we still have unsettled weather and temps are around 65 degrees.

    I love the wild iris, such a stunning colour.
    I have a mock orange and I agree with you, the scent is beautiful....
    Your rose is really taking off. I only have one climber and so far the rabbits havn't got it.

    Nice to see what is happening with you.

  12. What a beautiful set of pictures. Wonderful. None of those blooms has occurred here yet. We're about twenty degrees cooler.

  13. Dear Lisa,
    Be sure and drink lots of water.
    Now is the time of year I get so busy in the gardens i can forget.
    So many lovely blooms. The Mock Orange is a very lovely tree.
    I am looking forward to the day lilies blooming. They are so pretty and appeal to my Zen side.

  14. Love the color of your iris and the mountain laurel, which is my favorite!

  15. I can't believe it's Daylily season already. None of mine are blooming yet, but my mom has some. That one reminds me of 'Siloam Merle Kent.' Stay cool!

  16. You have such gorgeous flowers blooming! The heat is here all of a sudden it seems. 70 yesterday, 90 today!

  17. Iris - daylilies are my faves. Your humidity is a good thing but not good for a hair style :o) It's dry here again - no rain, hot sun, low humidity. My gardens are at my mercy with the garden hose.

    Great photos! I love the smell of late spring.

    And, Lisa, I understand about getting to blog reading... I'm so far behind I'll never catch up.

  18. Your rose climbing up the tree is indeed stunning. Really beautiful! I wonder whether this "Mock Orange" is a philadelphus virginalis as it has a fragrance too?


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