Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flew the coop

The House Wrens that have been so busy by my window have their young moved out into the garden. It must have happened yesterday when I was at work. I was hoping to be home to capture them on camera as they fledged but it was not to be. The little rascals were gone last evening and I found them this morning by the bower. The parents had coaxed them from the Forest Pansy tree pictured here in the background all the way past the new fence to the stick pile. One of the stronger of the fledglings was up in the vines on the bower. I tried and tried today to get a picture of one but the parents squaked at me the entire time I was looking for them. The little ones behaved themselves and stayed hidden. The wren house you see in this picture is one that the House Wrens used as a decoy. There are a few sticks inside. It is funny how they do that. They will put sticks into every house in the garden but only use one to rear their young. They even go in and out of the decoys. Smart little birds.
This Saturnalia Sweetspire is just loaded with blooms. I suspect that one of the little ones was in here too. The bush is so thick I couldn't see into it. The parents really got upset when I walked around this bush though.
I planted two other Sweetspire bushes last year. Another white one like this one and a pink flowering one. They haven't set buds yet. They weren't as healthy as this one was in the first place. This one I bought with a gift certificate. The other two I bought at end of season sales for $10 each. I think they will recover from their dry mistreated year and will look like this one in a short time.


  1. I always feel regret when I realize they flew the coop and I wasn't there to watch. The bluebirds on campus fledged last Thursday and I missed it. I always miss it :o)

    Next year I intend to have nesting boxes in my yard. I'll probably camp out to see the action. LOL!

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Your bushes are loaded with blooms. I bet the butterflies love them too. The wrens are smart birds. I adore them.
    Maybe the little ones will come out in the open tomorrow.
    Big storms coming in tonight. I heard 60-70 mph straight line winds. Those are hurricane winds...I brought my feeders in.
    Crazy weather,

  3. Sorry you missed the fledglings. What clever birds they must be to create decoy homes. Do they do this to avoid predators? (Or maybe bloggers with cameras?:)

  4. You are such a good foster mom. Too bad the birds flew when you were gone. Hopefully you will see them tomorrow. Pansy tree? I do like your spire bush though. Have a great weekend!

  5. Sorry your wrens fledged while you were work. It's always interesting watching the parents coaxing the young to leave the nest.

  6. It's always a joy to watch the fledglings and their parents communicate! I have seen these bushes and always wondered what they were now I know! Thank you! Happy birding!

  7. Awww, hate you missed them leaving, but I am sure you will see them all soon walking around behind mom and dad with mouths open. :c) Your sweetspire is beautiful. We planted several in the new raingarden bed.

  8. I love this story. Fascinating about the decoy houses. Smart, smart creatures. I think someone should title a book, Saturnalia Sweetspire, or even Forest Pansy. I've never heard the names before and they are both magical.

  9. Lisa, you are a font of knowledge! We have wrens nesting in a birdhouse [I can hear the babies] and I wonder if they also made decoy nests. You've reminded me to keep watch so I don't miss flight school.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. I always seem to miss the fledgings too. Your sweetspire is a beautiful bush.
    Have a nice weekend Lisa.

  11. Hi Lisa.....sweetspire....I am not familiar with looks very pretty. Similar to a hebe, I should think, when it blooms??

    Our little wrens do the same....always build several nests (complete) and only use one. The female apparently chooses which one, the male does all the nest building. Wonderful little bird.

    Shame you missed it but we always seem to, don't we.

  12. I always learn something from your blog. I never knew the wrens had multiple nests! I will really keep an eye out for that now.

  13. What a fun series this is Lisa! You and I are alot alike. There is such joy in watching nature.


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