Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daylily Delights

When June heats up so does the Daylily display here at Greenbow. It is always a delight to walk around the garden counting the blooms on the various clumps of daylilies. Of course Luna has to keep an eye on me. She is always afraid I might do something fun and she would be left out.
I have forgotten most of the names of these daylilies. Iknow this is one of the "bird" series but I don't know which one.
This one is too. I might try to find the names one of these days. I don't think it would help them grow any better.
Little Grapette is my Dearly Beloveds favorite daylily even though it is small in stature it is a great bloomer and so colorful. I can see why he would like it best.
Another small daylily is this yellow one. It is a good bloomer too.
Some of the daylilies that are in a lot of shade don't have as many blooms as some of the others.
The way daylilies adapt to most any soil or light conditions makes them way up there on my list of favorite plants in the garden. This little bit of purple is about as close to blue that Ihave seen on a daylily. Are we gardeners always looking for blue for the garden??
Colors go from the pale to the bright. Sometimes you find it on the same plant. Other daylilies just shout at you with color.
This riot of color is tempered by the surpise of walking down the path and finding a seed of the Japanese Maple back lit. My camera didn't quite capture the special feel I got when I saw it but it is a calm complement to the daylilies and soothes the soul.
I hope your week has been bright and exciting and your weekend will be calm and full of the fun that make you happy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garden Path Mulch

Early this spring I decided I needed to do something about the dirt path that meanders at the NW side of our garden. Before the pine trees came down, you can read about that here and here, it naturally got a layer of pine needles every year and I didn't have to worry about us tracking in mud after every rain. As you can see, we (actually myDearly Beloved) put two truck loads of pea gravel onto the path. My job was raking and leveling somewhat. In the past this path was covered with bark mulch too but it wouldn't stay in place becasue when we get heavy rain this path becomes a small creek. The pea gravel has stayed in place so I am very pleased. Another concern brought up by my friend was "can you walk on it barefoot"? I guess that all depends on how much you go barefooted in your garden. Yes, I can walk barefooted on this path.
Luna doesn't seem to mind the gravel in the path. She doesn't track in near the amount of mud as in the past. Obviously weeds pop up in the path.

They are easily removed.

Where the three paths converge from the back of the garden, from the gate and off the patio I placed a round (?) section of stepping stone.
It solves the problem of what to do where three paths meet.
We had these old timbers lying around the garden needing to be put to use. So I ran them along the edge of the path to contain the pea gravel. I think the gravel will stay in place anyway becasue this path is indented somewhat what with all the travel on it.
So what I would say is if you have a difficult path to try to keep mulched pea gravel is a good remedy. The pea gravel blends right in, stays where you put it, easy to walk on, and the best part is that it is inexpensive.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

US Open Inspiration

No I wasn't inspired to get out in the rain to play a round of golf like the Pros were doing today. I was inspired to show you one of my little projects that I have done lately. You see, I have needed some more hose guides in the garden and I just hate all the cheap hose guides you can buy. They don't last and I think they are ugly. I am too cheap to purchase some really nice ones.
I got this bright idea to use some old golf clubs that have been sitting around in the garage for 15 years. The perfect way to recycle. I cut the handles off.
Then I pushed the club heads down into the ground. I even used the handles.
They work perfectly, didn't cost a thing and they look just fine tucked into the planting edges. I dare say they will be a conversation starter at some time.
From a distance you can't see most of them. When the ground is a little softer from all the rain I will push them down further. I am quite pleased with the way they worked out.
So if you find some retired golf clubs and you need a hose guide this will be a perfect solution. I asked my Dearly Beloved if he wants a new set of golf clubs. He wondered why I would ask such a thing but I need a few more hose guides. Maybe you just need a new driver...and wasn't it the putter that was giving you trouble the last time ????

Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - June 2009

For those of you that aren't aware of it, today, June 15th, is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. GBBD occurs the 15th of each month. Yes, that means year round. So to enjoy a lot of photos of blooms, after looking at mine of course tee hee, you can go to Carol's May Dreams Garden and check on Mr Linky to see all manner of blooms from all around the world. To participate just make a post on the 15th and add your site to Mr Linky. We would love to see your photos.

In my garden there is all kinds of things blooming now. June is a lovely month for my garden especially when we have a spring as wet as this one has been. Every plant is responding to the moist conditions.

The Goose neck loosestrife is beginning its show of white. Some poeple don't like its aggressive way of roaming around a flower bed but I don't mind it. If it gets to acting invasive I give it a good ripping out and it behaves for awhile. The Daylilies are beginning their show. This small yellow one is pretty even on the back of its bloom where there is a blush of red.
I forget this ones name but it is a rebloomer. So I really appreciate its second bloom time in the fall.
I know this stand of small yellow blooms reminds you of Stella but it is Song Sparrow. I was smitten with its name. What was I thinking?? It does work hard and sometimes rebloom though so I forgive it for resembling Stella. I mean how could I resist a birds name?
This yellow daisy like bloomer is tall. I forget its name but it puts on a nice show at this time.
The Hydrangeas are my favorite bush blooming now. I have some lace caps. They are supposed to be blue but I forgive them their pinkness.
This climbing hydrangea is supposed to be an agressive grower. has its very own cedar arch to grow over but all it does is pout these last 5 years. At least now it is blooming. Maybe next it will start climbing.Niko Bue tries its best to give me some blue. I has great big blooms but the blue barely squeezes into view. This Oak Leaf Hydrangea blooms up a storm each summer. I so appreciate its blooms and then during winter it has the most beautiful bark. Definitely a hydrangea everyone should have.This little patio pink hydrangea lives up to its name. It is a small thing and makes the most beautiful deep pink blooms. I have three Spiderworts blooming. Kate has my favorite leaves.
The carpet rose sure churns out the blooms. I imagine the rose conoseurs cringe when they see it but it is so carefree, fragrant and blooms up a storm all summer. I just love it. If you click on this one to enlarge you can see the residen crab spider hoping for a big fat bumble bee to come along for breakfast.
I have several stands of Astilbe. This red one is the prettiest right now.
This tall Phlox is a blue variety. It is so pretty and has varigated foliage.
June would be quite boring without the vist of royalty. The Queen of the Prairie is visiting now. I always look forward to her visit.
I have a couple of tall lilies blooming now.
This one is in with daisies and Jackmanni clematis. A nice combo. The Scarlet Bee Balm is blooming.
Ligularia 'the Rocket' is beginning to open. It is quite the sight when these all get fired up.
I hope you enjoyed the blooms. I have several Hostas abloom. I think will wait until another time to show them. There is so much to see... Have fun.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saving the Best Memento for Last

In my last post I showed a picture of the plants and pots I purchased as mementos of the Spring Fling. I am sure you noticed at the left edge of the photo a plant not exactly potted up. No, that was a healthy division of the Hosta 'Kossa Regal' that I received from Mr McGregors Daughter whom I now know as Barbara.

This all began after a wild dash for the train when we, Frances, Gail, Tena and I, headed out to Barbara's house to join some others for a tour and dinner to kick off the Spring Fling. Barbara's dear husband came to the station to give us a ride to their home. Since we caught the last express train out to Barbara's house we were some of the last to arrive. Shortly after we arrived Barbara conducted a mini tour of Squirrelhaven. There was so much to see.I was a little disappointed that we had such a short time to try to take in all of her lovely garden.
In the deepest shade of her garden grew a huge tall hosta named 'Krossa Regal'. I was so enamored of it in Barbara's garden as it stood up to be noticed and looked so healthy. I mentioned this to Barbara and she said I could have a piece of it. I thought it was forgotten in the mad dash to the restaurant where we had a delightful dinner. So many ladies, so much talk.
Then we departed from the restaurant with Rose, Beckie for the ride back to town, which I want to thank Rose and Beckie for the comfortable ride back to town. But no, Barbara didn't forget. The next event that we attended she came waltzing into the crowd with a huge hunk of the 'Krossa Regal' for me. In my minds eye I could see her dashing for the train hefting along this huge hunk of hosta brushing by passengers. I am sure the train passengers had a good story to tell about the little lady with the huge plant galloping onto the train, hosta flying as the train was about to pull away.
As you can see I also got this precious hosta into the ground as I was potting up all the purchased plants. This pass along plant from Barbara is the true memento of the Spring Fling. It illustrates how kind and generous is the spirit of all the participants. I can't thank you enough Barbara.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring Fling Wrap Up

Chicago Gardeners sure did put on a great Spring Fling this year. The people that attended were the very best. Everyone was so lively and friendly.

I could go on and on about the Spring Fling gushing just as this fountain does at the Chicago Botanic Garden. But I will try not to do that. The weather was just perfect for us as you can see by the sky shown here. The most quite time I believe was when we were in Rick Bayless garden. Maybe it was the presentation that took so long. This just goes to show how nice everyone was paying atttention when they would like to have been looking around. Carolyn Gail's garden was the sweetest little garden. I was pleasantly surprised to find we could all fit into her garden but it was so full of delightful plants and things that you didn't notice the size. With lovely roses as this one she said was thought to be from the confederate era. What ever era it sprang from it sure is a beauty. The bonus of touring her home was certainly appreciated. It is as welcoming as Carolyn herself.

The public garden in Wrigleyville was an eye-opener for me. I have read about these types of community gardens in magazines for years but had never been inside one. It is amazing the amount of veggies and fruits that they can produce here to help their community.

Lincoln Park showed us some sculptures. Of course it had much more to offer but I am trying to show a few different items seen and not yet posted about.

Below is the booty that I made it home with. After seeing all of the inspiring gardens with their containers and displays I just had to have a little something to remember the trip. So I opted for a nice big red container and a smaller one.

One of the other bonuses we received at the SF was a pair of Ethel Gloves. Ethel and I got out into the garden andI gave them a try out even though they are a bit small. Ethel and I got all planted.

I filled the large pot then...

the small planter. Of course I bought a few too many plants for the new planters so the overflow plants went into a concrete planter I already had. I am pleased that the Supertunia given to us by Proven Winners worked right into the color scheme of the chosen plants.

I just can't thank the Chicago Gardeners for enough for all their hard work. It sure made for a pleasant Spring Fling.

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