Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Question and Answer

My question to you is, do you know what this growth is on this lily??  This lily did so well this spring with all the rain. There are several of them planted together.  One got to almost 6'tall. This was the first year that I had to stake them.  This one didn't get so tall and then it developed this, what ever it is on it. I have never seen such a thing before.  Have you??

Gail over at Clay and Limestone asked how much rain have we received lately. The answer is...

I emptied the gauge a couple of days ago and we haven't had rain since.  Believe me this doens't bring us up to our normal amounts for the  month but I have hopes that we will get more.  The skies have been looking quite promising. Even the turkey vultures sitting on the big tower don't want to get up and about.

I hope your area is having just the right amount of rain needed, the sun is shining and you don't have any garden pests. 


  1. Lisa, that is really odd looking. Some type of lily gaul? We are hoping for some rain too Haven't had much at all and I am getting tired of watering. :) Those turkey vultures are great. I wish we had more here. They are so interesting.

  2. Such a strange growth...
    never have I seen anything like it.
    We have had a cool, wet summer.
    Autumn looks to be cool and wet too.
    Always something interesting in the garden.

  3. I wish I could help out, but I have no clue what is going on with your Lilies. I hope you find out.

  4. I don't recognize the growth...I wonder if Tina at In the Garden might know? Lisa I am wishing you rain, we've gotten more then our fair share and the clouds can move your way! Thanks for the link... gail

  5. Are these tiger lilies (Lilium lancifolium), Lisa? Ours regularly produce those dark bulbils in the leaf axils, though not in a cluster of leaves quite like yours.

  6. Hi Lisa, like Nan, I believe those to be bulbils, sort of like seeds that can be planted about one inch deep to grow new lilies. The tiger lilies always produce them, but I have had other lilies do it too, particularly when they were stressed by a last freeze or drought. Pick them off and plant them. I usually just put them around the base of the mother plant, and already have some blooming size lilies from ones planted a few years ago.

  7. Beckie, this is what I thought it might be.

    Nan, I am not sure what this lily is. I certainly hope it is bulbis.

    Fran, I have been afraid to touch it. I wondered if I should just cut it off. Ha...I will try planting them and see what happens.
    If I left them maybe they would be like Gails coneflowers and start germinating right on the plant.

  8. Lisa, I'm glad you've already had an answer about your lilies, because I certainly didn't know what this is. Isn't it great to have expert advice right at your fingertips?:) I need to check the raingauge out in the garden, but I'm sure we haven't had more than an inch or two since Sunday either. Thank goodness; I was getting tired of lugging that hose around:)

  9. This is so interesting--I have heaps upon heaps of tiger lilies and have never noticed bulbis (bulbises?). But I also have a good layer of leaf mulch, so... We have not had much rain at all. I'm planting out some stuff (including the three lovely fleece flowers you gave me, who have been VERY patient in pots and are looking just wonderful) and the ground is SO DRY it is hard to break the soil. I'm going to take photos for a Mish-Mash Monday post!

  10. My first thought would be a gall, perhaps a HEMEROCALLIS GALL MIDGE.

  11. What's up with that lily? That is interesting.

    I hope the rain comes soon.

  12. I'm with the bulbil looks to be an bulblet (and they are usually underground, right?)

    Maybe you have some new type of hybrid that makes stem bulblets above ground!

  13. Whatever it proves to be, it's such a gorgeous color and so exotic looking that I am hoping it's nothing harmful.

  14. Wow! It's carefree without those insects in this season. Happy gardening in fall. Lisa, what can you plant during this feason.
    I hope cactus is not affected!
    Bye bye!

  15. we have plenty of rain..

  16. Hello Lisa...sure puzzles me too!
    Rain..Hah..we've only just begun a few days time for us to pull everything out of the garden. My mastergardener (hubby) is preparing the garden for it's soon to be seasonal slumber and likes everything wet when he's tugging and pulling at the earth.
    BTW..loved your comment at my blog but that was a garden that I *toured recently!Not my own.
    hugs to you I'm filled w/ joy!
    aNNa xo

  17. Hi Lisa, good thing you've gotten some replies about this interesting looking growth. It would be nice if it actually produces new plants for you.

    I wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog a while back. I really appreciated you taking the time!

  18. Hi Lisa, thanks for being such a faithful reader of my blog when I've taken so long to get back to yours. I'm glad you solved your question. I'm not help on that one. We've had a ton of rain lately too. 2.46 inches the other night. I don't know what to do with all the clouds.~~Dee


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