Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seven Things Meme

Some time ago Carol over at Maydreams Garden asked me, and several others, to do a meme of Seven Things about me.  I have finally slowed down long enough to do this EVEN though I have done this before.  A long time ago when I first started blogging.  Now lets see if I can think of seven new things you don't know about me.

Today is a perfect illustration of one of the seemingly odd (to some people) thing about me.  I love to walk in the rain.  Now I am not talking a storm but a nice gentle rain.  Just enough rain to keep most people inside so I feel like I have the entire neighborhood/park or where ever I might be walking to myself.

Secondly I have a darling dog named Luna.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who reads my blog regularly.  When you have a dog, especially a big dog, those walks are more frequent and believe me she doesn't care if it is raining, snowing or anything else except extreme heat.  Then she would prefer to stay inside with the AC on.  I have actually done a meme for her at the request of someone. You can go here to read it if you didn't read it before or wouldlike to know more about her.

Thirdly, I find it difficult to talk about myself.  I, as most people, don't find myself all that interesting.

Fourthly, since becoming more sensitive to the sun and my arthritis gives me fits more often I have begun to paint in watercolors.  This is a way I can enjoy my garden while sitting in the shade and not exerting so much.  At this point I must thank my Dearly Beloved who has started taking an interest in the garden since he retired.  He does a lot of the heavy work around here now.  He also says I should tell you that I like to create gardens but I don't like to weed. Which brings me to the fifth thing about me. It is true that I haven't totally embraced weeding.  While Carol can make something as mundane as weeding sound like the thing to be doing my mind just can't wrap itself around that chore.  I probably won't ever have the veggie garden of my dreams because my DB would have to do a lot of work to get it ready and alas, I hate to weed. 

Sixth, I am not at all techy.  I have switched my Blogger account over to the new uploading system for photos and have made a big mistake of putting my photos and post for my other blog, Artsy Endeavors, on this, my garden blog.  It is very frustrating.  I find anything other than typing or better yet reading on the computer frustrating. 

Sixthly, I am a big Colts Fan.  Now, I am not just a recent Colts fan but a long time, before the Manning dynasty, Colts fan.   Actually football is my favorite sport to watch.  I guess it is because in my family there were a lot of football fans and players.  While I can watch some golf or volleyball because I have played some and I have watched some baseball and basketball because my children played I would much rather just park myself on the sofa with a beer and a bowl of popcorn and let the games play on.  Of course when the Colts play the Steelers it is such fun because my Sister is a big time long time Steeler fan.  What's the matter with her?? tee hee...

Lastly, I am something of a Bibliophile. Our house makes a great deposit for all the books I have.  The only bad thing is our house is small and it is already stuffed with books.  I have a cabinet full of garden books that I read and reread. We have several bookcases and tables full of books. Birding, travel guides, reference books about nature.  I have made myself learn to get rid of books that I don't intend to read a second time or that just collect dust for what ever reason. 

So, my dear readers this is it.  All I can think of right now.  I hope the sun is shining on you even if the rain comes down.  Happy weekend.

P.S. I can't count either.


  1. Thanks for playing along, Lisa. I can understand your love for the Colts. I'm not an avid fan but I stay in tune with what's going on and of course want/expect them to win another Super Bowl this year.

    And that weeding thing, you need to work on that. I know you can do it!

  2. I love your meme! (And that's a great idea, doing a meme "on behalf of" Luna--I think that if I ever get tagged again, Coco is going to be the one "writing up" the list. ;)

    I bet I would feel totally at home at your house, by the way... houses with books just automatically are more interesting and cozy to me than houses without them. I don't think that I have enough books.

    Oh, and this Cleveland Browns fan TOTALLY AGREES that your sister needs to find a new team! lol.

  3. Dear Lisa,
    always nice to know a wee bit more about you! I think you are very interesting!
    I seem to be having lots of trouble this year getting out into the gardens for anything other than to take photos. I hope my husband retires and takes over the weeding!
    I love to walk in the rain too.

  4. Luna loves that rain also! Sunny here this weekend but I felt as though Tucker and I were on that walk with you.

  5. Lisa, I am here to say weeding is way over rated! But books every where, walking in the rain and a big friendly dog are not! I've really enjoyed seeing your water colors. gail

  6. I've got to agree with Carol & respectfully disagree with Gail on this one. You need to learn the Zen of Weeding. Once you get into the zen, weeding becomes meditative, relaxing, and even enjoyable.
    Luna sounds a lot like my old Borzoi, who used to hog the vent in the kitchen in the summer, but who wouldn't come in during a blizzard.

  7. Lisa, such fun to see you and Luna walking in the rain and enjoying it. That soft gentle rain was what we had most of the day too-although I didn't walk in it.

    The Colts are a great team, 2nd on my list after the Bears. But like you I love to watch football.(maybe a gene thing)

    Weeding is soo overrated. :) And I wish I had inherited the painting gene-you make it look easy, but I know it takes talent!

  8. LOL, it was a fun post to read Lisa and I love getting o know you better. It seems we have much in common: walking in a gentle drizzle with dog - check, not keen on weeding - check, mad about books - check (my house is stuffed to the gills with books too).

    Tara has something in common with Luna too, she doesn't like to go outside when it's got, anything else doesn't bother my littel doggy at all. Being just a small puppy with a bare belly and there's a snow blizzard going on? Bring it on!

  9. Dear Lisa, you are such a sweetie, I love all those things you mentioned, but you forgot one, you are quite a comedian! Low key but hilarious, the best kind of humor. :-)

  10. This was fun, Lisa; in fact, I got sidetracked yesterday reading Luna's meme and somehow never got back here to comment:) I'm not surprised to find we have several things in common. I certainly don't share your artistic talent, but painting in the garden sounds like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon...especially while watching someone else weed:) My husband rolls his eyes everytime I say I want to create a new flowerbed; he knows I like to plan and plant, but weeding is a different story.

    Being a Colts fan is not a bad thing, either; probably better than being an eternally disappointed Cubs fan:)

  11. I think you are very interesting too Lisa! I am glad I am not the only one who finds nothing zen-like in weeding. ;c)

  12. Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing stuff about you. By the way, it's perfectly possible to grow veggies in a weedy bed, and I have scientific evidence! ;-) I always used to find weeding very cathartic, kind of like meditation, but as I've gotten older and rounder, the ground is just too far away!!

  13. Great meme! I remember Luna's meme & you tagged me and Benny to do one too :-) ... great memories ♥ I love to walk in the rain too - always more fun with a nice dog though! Luna looks like the perfect walking companion.

  14. You have the right dog for rainwalking. None of my collies could stand to get their feet wet.

    I share your love of books. I have devoted one room to be my library because I keep so many well loved books. Oddly my gardening books are all over the house because I carry them around reading bits everyday.

  15. Wow! it's so interesting to know about you and luna. Walk in rain sounds interesting.
    I also have a lot of book and bookselves.
    But the new books just keep coming in. No more place....
    Lisa, you really have the patience to write such a long post.
    Mine is a short one.
    OK, I am going to check on the meme on Luna.
    Thanks and bye!

  16. I so admire those who have a talent for drawing and painting. I myself can hardly draw a stick figure. Your paintings are beautiful. I will have to check out your other blog. Thanks for telling us about it.

  17. Great meme, and charming participation. I think bibliophilia afflicts many gardeners. I'm new enough at all this that I don't know what 'getting tagged' means. Is that the only way you can participate in a meme?

  18. CommonWeeder, you can consider yourself tagged if you want to participate in this Meme. Just link back to me in your post and go for it. I think these memes are difficult.

    I am glad you all enjoyed this.

  19. Hi Lisa! A person who likes books can not be "not interesting". I like to walk in the rain, too! I don't like weeding in general, but sometimes, I start thinking about other things while weeding, and it helps. So, we have a book lover, rain walker, dog lover, painter, gardener, football fan... Very impressive! Thanks for telling us about yourself!

  20. interesting.. i studied computing and IT but im not really tech savvy =P

  21. Hi again Lisa, very interesting to read a bit more about you. I guess I agree, I tend not say too much about myself either.

    Ah… now I do like the idea of painting in the garden although I appreciate you’d enjoy doing more gardening. Perhaps it would be sketching in my case. I have considered plantings to do this many times. Alas I never get out there… and the plants went on their hols!

    Funnily enough I enjoy gardening in the rain! I can see why you’d enjoy walking in it. Now… I can’t possibly comment on your sports team but good on you for being such a strong fan :-D

  22. Lisa,
    It's always interesting to read and learn about other bloggers. I also love to walk in a misty or drizzly rain...I also like to garden in it. It is so neat to feel like you are the only person in the world out in the weather. My pup Bocephus, loves to walk in all kinds of weather with me. He doesn't mind getting wet at all--in fact it makes him very frisky.

    Weeding always makes me feel very virtuous, but is something that I think is overrated!

  23. Always nice to know more about the blogger behind the blog!

    Thanks for sharing your seven things Lisa ;-)

  24. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Do you think there are support groups for no-weeding garderners? I'd gladly join... :-)

  25. Nothing boring about you, Lisa! The house full of books would make me feel at home, too.

    At one time I was a pretty good weeder... felt at ease crawling around on the the ground and didn't mind getting dirty.

    Then I moved to Texas. It's a decade since the first fire ant encounter and I've never felt at ease since then...especially since the older I get the slower I can jump up.

    Would raised, bordered beds help for vegetables? With maybe one of those long-handled Cobraheads?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  26. Thank you for sharing "unknown" things about you and getting to know you a bit as a "real" person.There seems to be some points we have in common. I hate weeding too (but I have to, otherwise...:-) !!), I love books and I also loved to walk in the rain (and snow storms) with the dog we once had. And I am not at all techy too....otherwise I wouldn't have had the problems with my blog recently ;-) !!

  27. BTW - this Stylish meme that is going around? I am just going to link back to my last answer, and link back to 10 blogs I chose in December. It is mostly about promoting a few new blogs, and linking back to the one who picked you, not so? Once you've DONE All about Me, you've done it!


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