Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - June 2011

 This Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden is surely a lush one here at Greenbow. Despite a sweltering 9day run of 90F heat and drought we had had so much rain before the drought that most things are blooming in stride with the weather.

The hydrangeas are beginning to set blooms. This Niko Blue is even showing a bit of blue without my interference of adding some Aluminum Sulfate to the surrounds.

The Oakleaf hydrangea is in full swing too.  It pays no mind to the weather vagaries.
There are still some astilbe blooming.
The Goose neck Loosestrife are beginning to stick out their necks.
The ever dependable day lilies like Litte Grapette are blooming.

The Hostas are living up to their predecessors nick names of Plaintain Lilies. 'Love Pat' has these beautiful clusters of small lilies hoisted up above those cupped blue rumpled leaves just begging you to take a whiff.
We have all sizes of hostas in the garden. Dogs too for that matter. This little toy poodle named Oly  belongs to a friend and is visiting us here in Greenbow.  He belongs to a friend of mine and while she goes out East to visit he stays here. He is dwarfed by the big  hosta 'Blue Angel'. In the planter right behind them is a minature hosta 'Mouse Ears' blooming. You can see the size difference.
Here by the fairy garden you can see up close a larger clump of Mouse Ears. It is tiny delight hugging close its small lily-like blooms. 
Another lilliputin bloomer is this tiny sedum with its tiny bloom. You really need a macro lens to fully appreciate this tiny bloom.
On the other end of the spectrum a little spash of sunshine yellow hosta even has a flower or two.
And we don't want to forget those beautiful white lilies that people often throw out after Easter. It is much more fun to stick them into your garden and see them bloom the next year around this time. They will be even more beautiful on a warm summer evening shining in the dusky light while throwing that lovely lily scent into the air.
To the wilder side of the garden the butterfly weed is blooming nicely.
What is blooming in your garden today?  Join us at Carol's May Dreams Garden and show us.


  1. Things are very lush in your all the hostas! Oly is cute too.

  2. Oly is a cutie; next to him the Blue Angel looks huge! I added one, too, to the garden last year--a Blue Angel, not a poodle, that is:) I'm hoping mine will eventually get this large, too. Love the hydrangeas--mine always turn out pink, but then I never remember to add anything until it's too late.

    It's a rainy Bloom Day here today, but I'm loving these cooler temperatures.

  3. Everything looks lush and happy. I really like the yellow hosta and the Little Grapette daylily. If we don't get rain here today, I'm giving up!

  4. Lisa, Oly is just too cute. Can I have him please??

    Hosta's are great plants. I love them and have quite a collection. People grow them for their leaves but the flowers, I think, are beautiful.

    I grew milkweed from seed this year and they are so slow. I have put them in the ground and they are only about three inches high?? Summer will be over by the time they flower:-)

    It is raining at this time....drizzly summer rain, the temp is around 18C (66F)

  5. I am so glad you had enough rain to sustain the garden during the HEAT! The hostas are looking good; especially the yellow one. That would light up a shady space. Nice color on the Little Grapette; I wish theat came in tall scape~That color would be brilliant peaking above a few Susans! gail

  6. Love the dog...and your blooms are lovely! It is too bad lillies only last for a while. Happy GBBD!

  7. Your post epitomizes June. The lilies are just wonderful, and your Hostas look so happy. 'Little Grapette' is the best day lily. If I had to grow only one, that would be it.

  8. Your garden is extraordinary, Lisa!!!

  9. I have the plants that you have but yours are always a week or two ahead of mine! So it's nice to visit your hydrangeas and butterfly weed and see what I will have blooming soon.

  10. Your garden is very beautiful and inviting. The hydrangea--so many varieties! I never knew. Your hosta and your lilies are like a breath of summer to me.

  11. I ADORE that photo of the sedum blooms! Thank you for taking the time to get down close so you could share it. :)

    By the way, I think that my 'Mouse Ears' might bloom this year, too! And after seeing yours, I can't wait--I just really like how the flowers are held above the foliage on that one for some reason. Happy GBBD!

  12. So glad you have deep ground moisture to sustain the garden, Lisa - the variety of hostas just makes me sigh!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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