Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet relief

We are have a beautiful morning going here today. A great way to begin the weekend. We are receiving some much needed rain. I woke to find a good half inch of rain in the gauge. The rain paused long enough for us to take Luna for a nice long walk. The poor girl hasn't been able to walk very far due to the temps not being below 90 most of the day. When we got out to walk it was a lovely 68F. Aaaahhhh
In the garden the Asiatic lilies are blooming.
The above and below lilies were a mixed bag of 'Tango Blend' These were the only two colors that came up. I did want the yellow one too. Too bad it did show its face.  I like the dark one best. I am drawn to dark lilies. 
This dark maroon one looks almost like chocolate. Yummmm.
This dark orange one is marvelous too.
Of course I like the lighter side of lilies such as this 'Grand Cru' .
The daylilies are beginning to bloom too. This swathe of Song Sparrow are singing out loud.
This daylily below is one of my bird series. I am not sure if it is Screech Owl, Baltimore Oriole or something totally different. If anyone could enlighten me I would be most happy. 
This one is Big Bird  Tetrina's Daughter. It is sort of small because of how dry it has been. My poor garden has been assaulted by the weather this year. Spring was long wet and cool. Lately it has been hot and dry. I hope with this rain it sort of evens out.
The smaller daylilies are beginning to bloom too.  This one is a small double named Bubbly.
This one is so old I have lost it's name. I brought it here from my previous garden 16 years ago.
This small one I bought many years ago too. I guess I was into those  small yellow daylilies then. I am doing a little editing of this post as I found the names of a couple of these daylilies. The one below it June Bug. Cute name for a small daylily. My birthday is in June so this is probably why I bought this.
Isn't it interesting how our tastes in garden plants change over the years?  I haven't bought a new daylily in several years.  I am leaning toward upkeep now. My small suburban garden if fairly full. Now I have to edit to add. It seems that more shrubs are creeping into the mix. How is your garden evolving?


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Glad that you had some much needed rain. I expect Luna enjoyed her walk in the cooler temperatures. She has such a thick coat, it must be difficult for her, in extreme heat, just to be in the garden.

    My tastes have changed over the years. Saying that, there are some plants I never tire hellebores, foxgloves, and epemediums. I have bought more shrubs in the last two years. I find them realiable and the flowers long lasting.
    I love the dark lily.....probably my favourite out of all your lovely images.

    I am feeling a little better and worked in the garden today. Mainly cutting back, it was so good to be outside again working.
    It is a cool 14C (58F) today.....

  2. I am also finding I must edit to add! I never thought I would be at this stage, but I am actually taking some things out for better design, for room for other things... and sometimes just to simplify.

  3. Oh, I love all of your lilies! I really like the dark ones too! Have you ever been able to grow tulips? There is a black tulip that is just devine. I would like to do a mass of black/near black alongside a white garden! Wouldn't that just be spectacular? Could you clear out, or re-adjust just for that Lisa...and then show us all of the pics??? Hehehehe...You like how I asked you to do it, instead of me? LOL. OK...I am thinking about it!!! Have a great Sunday!

  4. My garden is not evolving this year. No rain, extreme heat and wind. I will live vicariously through your beautiful photos. The lilies are just stunning! Xoxo. Terah

  5. Your lilies are just lovely! Miss Coco feels Miss Luna's pain, by the way. We only go out late at night, but it has still been an uncomfortably muggy walk for her. Lots of panting, and lots of water bowl refills. :-/

  6. I love all your daylilies, Lisa! Your garden must be awash in color right now. I'm still in love with daylilies, but if I want to add anymore, I'm going to have to edit, too...or dig up more dirt when Mr. P. isn't looking:)

    This morning is the most comfortable morning we've had in a long while--I'm glad the heat has finally broken, too.

  7. Nice selection of lillies. Not sure which is my favorite. Plus 90's here also...I stay inside.

  8. Lisa, I believe that Greenbow is a beautiful place!

  9. We have been getting much welcome rain too. We weren't desperate but it still so nice to have it cool and cloudy and rainy. I love your daylilies. The bird names are great. I'll have to look into them. My garden is dependent on this zone 2-3-4 that we live in. I grow what survives! Lots of iris, daylilies, spiderworts, a couple monkshood, lupines, violets - all simple and lovely. No annuals, nothing exotic or fussy.

  10. I was so excited to get a nice big yard when we moved here that I planted everything without regard for upkeeep. Now I am going for easy upkeep and deer resistent where I cant keep them out. My neighbor took out her Bearded Iris bed and is putting in textured & colorful bushes. Less up keep as she ages. I have no lilies and I was looking at some today too. hmmmm Spring always calls me to the nurseries.

  11. nothing like the sound of rain when you need it and want it! Looks lovely on all those intense colors.

  12. Lisa girl you are too funny : )
    Thanks for absolving my greedy sins girl ! haha
    Your lilies are FANTASTIC ! I don't have any blooming yet .. our swings in weather have been like yours except we didn't quite get that dry and poor Luna suffering from the heat! .. A HUGE YES !! to how our tastes change over the years of gardening .. and as our gardens mature we have less room etc .. so it takes some sneaky planning if we are to hide? new plants in with the old ? LOL .. It is COOL and very WINDY here this morning .. almost a brrrr ? eeekkk !

  13. Lisa, your asiatic lilies are puttin' on the dog. They are beautiful. That dark one almost made my heart stop. Love it!! I only have the yellow asiatic anymore. Now, you've made me want more. Are you coming to the Seattle Fling? I hope so.~~Dee

  14. I love all your lillies, the colors are great.
    My garden is not too bad, yet, but the heat is coming, si I think everything will soon be burnt.

  15. I am glad you got the rain. Your lilies are outstanding. I love the warm summer colors!

  16. Your garden is beautiful! I love the Mouse Ears! I love hostas too and wish I had more shady places for them. I have bought five hydrangeas in the past and only one is still living but it is small and has never bloomed. I hope one day I'll have some lovely hydrangea blooms.

  17. Changes of all kinds belong to our lives. My taste (with regard to plants and colors) has also changed over the years and this makes the garden always look a little different. Besides we were glad too for the rain that came a few days ago.
    Your daylilies are beautiful, the older I get, the more I like this easy care plant :-) !!


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