Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

So much is going on in the garden right now I don't hardly know where to start. Today has been a mix of summer weather. Thunderstorms and lightening this morning with the sun playing peek a boo before the next round is supposed to begin again. We got 5/8inch of rain this morning not so bad. The night before there was a worse storm.You can see as you walk down the gravel path that the 3.5inches of rain that came all at once washed the mulch out of the beds into the path.
Even worse was that my poor potting bench is on higher ground than the other side of the garden where the gravel path is and it had mulch piled onto the shelf that is 9 inches above ground. Geez.

I am hoping that the little House wrens don't decide to come out this afternoon. The young are beginning to become impatient awaiting food. They would fair better waiting until after this next storm.
Mom is still feeding as fast as she possibly can.  It won't be long before they are out though. 
I was delighted to get out between storms to see what all was happeningin the garden. Of course I had to pull weeds while the ground was so soft. The wheel barrow is full needless to say. I did find a new blossom in the garden.
My very first Lucifer Crocosmia is blooming. Thank you Randy. What a beauty it is.
Luna often comes to where I am photographing wondering what it is that grabs my attention. It seems she knows when something is special.
Not that she is nosey or anything.
She often grins like she knows she is in the way.
"Oh no Mom. I don't want to be in the way. I just want to help". 
Back to flowers, I was sort of distracted. The daylily that I have named FIL (father-in-law)  is blooming . 
It was interesting to find the wild strawberries ripe. They dot the lawn.
It doesn't take long for a critter to find them. 
Mushrooms are loving this wet weather.
All sorts of them are popping up in the mulch. 
Sorry about this long winded post. It's just that I got tired of sloshing around in the garden and thought I would come in to visit awhile. Have a great week.


  1. Sorry you had storms...
    I love Luna's grin :-)

  2. All that mulch washing out... arrrgh.

    I am anxiously awaiting blooms on the few Lucifer crocosmias that managed to overwinter for me. It's a wonderful plant, but I have lost almost all the corms I planted over the past couple years. I hope yours do better!

  3. Laurrie, Crocosmia is a tender bulb here. If you put it in a warm place it will survive most winters. This is one reason why I was so pleased to have these return and bloom.

  4. Sometimes what I love most about garden pics is the pets in them! I noticed how much better the Crocosmia shows up against that silky white coated dog! He should try that all the time. Beautiful gardens and pictures. Regards, Michele

  5. More like, "Oh, Mom... you KNOW these flowers are pretty, but not half as pretty as ME!" :-D

    Hope the little wrens were smart enough to stay inside during the afternoon storm!

  6. Your Garden is looking great. We are expecting an unusal rain storm tonight. Not normal to get one this big this time of year, but everything can use the water. I went out to bring in some roses because they will probably get flattened and I want to enjoy some inside..ah nothing like a Rose Garden. :)) Luna looks like she is having a good time with you. I like her Smile. :))

  7. Your garden is a busy and wonderful place.

  8. You know I love seeing Luna here, Lisa. It's wonderful to have a gardening companion, isn't it? I think Blackswamp Girl is right--Luna probably wants to make sure you are noticing the prettiest thing in the garden:)

    Congratulations on the crocosmia--I planted a few bulbs late this spring, and I'm hoping they'll bloom for me. There were no instructions on the package, but I assumed I'd have to dig them up this fall--yours overwintered?

  9. I am jealous of your rain, although last night all night long, it seems, it we finally got a slow rain. The grass and plants are sighing deeply!!! Your garden looks gorgeous despite all the mulch movement! Hi are so pretty!!!

  10. Lisa, you have wild strawberries??? I have to plant tons of them here to get a harvest. We have wild blackberries down by the lake, but not a strawberry one.

    I planted Cocosmia for the first time this year. We'll see how they do. I loved it when I saw it planted with daylilies in St. Louis at the regional. Lovely strolling in your garden.~~Dee

  11. Your garden is looking great. We are getting a ton of rain this morning so I'm not going to complain although I was almost washed away on my way to work this morning.

  12. Sorry about the storms. We are having them too. We needed the rain but I don't like the lightening. Thunder I don't mind.
    Love the grin. Those Crocosmia are so pretty. I had them but they never bloomed. Guess I should have dug them sooner.

  13. After reading this, I am trying not to think what will happen to my nice new gravel path when we get another gusher rain storm.

  14. Lisa girl i love that introduction picture to this post .. I felt like I was walking in your garden through the arbor ! And what can I say about Luna wanting to have her picture taken too ! If my girls were outside cats they would be thinking the same thing no doubt : ) What is that red flower Lisa ? it is so vibrant and it looks like a crocosmia ? is that what i have spelled incorrectly I bet ?LOL
    Joy : )

  15. Mingus wants to stock his Mose into what i'm taking a picture of too. The other day it was a spider - he raced over and knocked it right off before o could divert him. Sigh.

    Not too long at all - I enjoyed this post!

  16. The nose and the grin are perfect!!

  17. You guys have been getting more rain than we have. I have enjoyed having a few rain free days and mild temperatures. I hope you can dry out soon and enjoy the summer before it gets too hot.

    I have a wren that built a nest in my box. Bless his heart he has been in the tree singing his heart out, (very loudly), for days on end. I still don't know if he has attracted a female to nest with him. I am seeing him going into the box more often now, so hopefully he has. We have been feeling sorry for him.

  18. I like the pictures. Your garden/yard looks like it would be a pretty place to sit outside.

  19. I hope you get to dry out some before another wave hits you. I can just imagine the frustration of the mulch. We have heat and humidity. I have to watch getting over heated. The queen Ann's Lace has taken over my flower beds. The bugs love it so I do not mind. I will "weed" it out at some point, maybe in September.
    Stay cool. Dry out. Love seeing Luna.
    Happy 4th.

  20. PS July 3rd
    Hey Lisa girl I meant to drop by and wish you a Happy 4th of July Day !!
    Hope you are having a great weekend and seeing fire works ? set off a sparkler for me ? LOL
    Joy : )

  21. I do hope you won't have strong storms again...just a soft rain from time to time ...when it is necessary ;-) ! Your garden now looks so fresh. Here the crocosmia is quite winterhardy. They soon start to bloom too. I guess your mushroms aren't eatable, aren't they?
    Have lovely summerdays!

  22. Luna is an angelic soul. I finally see what she looks like. I love her. Terah

  23. Catching up here Lisa :-)

    This summer mix of weather is a pest isn’t it? We’ve some unsettled days with rain, thunder & lightning just in time for a music festival here in Scotland. Hope it’s nicer with you now :-)

    Delighted to see your wren nestbox with young peeking out. I wonder if they are still there. I’ll guess not. Hope you get to see them out in your garden :-)

    Love that pic with Luna and the Crocosmia :-)


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