Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Trifles

I hope everyone survived the 4th of July holiday celebrations. Here we started out with a nice shower which made weed pulling rather easy. It was cool too so I got out and pulled a wheelbarrow of weeds. Easy to do here.
I searched the flower beds for some red, white and blue color combos.
I found some reddish and white.
Some reddish and blue.
But not just the color combo I was wishing for.
The 'Patriot' hosta is looking quite spectacular. It is a large hosta and it chose to bloom on the 4th.
Besides all the partying we do on the fourth we always look forward to the first blackberries of the season. We weren't disappointed. It appears that we will have a good crop this year.
We didn't even have to leave the house to see fireworks.
Our neighbors around us took turns setting off some beautiful displays. Obviously I don't know how to set my camera for clear shots. You can just use your imagination to focus. 
Have a great week everyone.


  1. It has been a good growing year here, too. your daylily pics are true fireworks!

  2. Pulling weeds out of damp soil after a nice shower is one of the most satisfying things to do in the garden!

  3. Those blackberries look great. It was very hot here but got a little cooler in the evening. There were storms around but we didn't get any.

  4. They may not be the desired color combo you were looking for, but your blooms look very festive anyway, Lisa. We also didn't have to go far to watch fireworks--I sat on my front porch after the kids and grandkids left.

  5. Lisa, We could sort of see the color show through the tree canopy. I told Mr I that it looked like brake lights! Glad you got rain to improve weeding. gail

  6. Don't mention weed pulling! My beds look worse than they ever have. I figure they will die this winter LOL

  7. Nothing so pleasant as weeding after a rainstorm! I am trying to do in in rock hard soil, so the weeds are way ahead of me.

  8. Blackberries, fireworks, celebrations, blooms & weeding... sounds like a fine time with you!

  9. Your garden is a gorgeous labor of love. I really like all of those colors!

  10. Your garden is a gorgeous labor of love. I really like all of those colors!

  11. What a day. Beauty and excitement day and night.

  12. Dear Lisa,
    I too have been pulling weeds.
    I try and do as much as I can in the morning before the heat gets me.
    I used Queen Ann's Lace this year for my arrangements. I have plenty to work with!
    Some blue food coloring in the water and magically you have blue flowers...red food coloring makes pink....
    I usually have pink, white and blue....for the 4th.
    Yummy blackberries...
    Stay cool.

  13. Your daylily blooms are terrific! And your berries look yummy!

    This is the first year I'm getting my red raspberries in, what a treat!

    Lovely fireworks! You have good neighbors~


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