Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Splash

The Gray Catbirds continue to entertain me this summer. Now that it has become so infernally hot the water feature is a great draw. You will have to pardon my photos as I took them through the patio doors. The water feature is just across the patio from the doors and the birds don't like it if I even open the door let alone sit on the patio to photograph them. Catbirds are very wary.
Ahh yes this water seems about right.
A good splash and she feels like she can go on sitting. I do believe they have a second nest going. I haven't found it as yet. 
A good splash makes her feel better. 
Why do I think it is "her" since you can't look at them and tell the difference?  "He" is not too far away. Ever watchful. Escorting her to and from a certain direction where I think the new nest is situated. 
He even watches as she has a bite of blackberry jelly before they depart. He doesn't dine while she is out and about. He is ever vigilant, his job is to protect her.
Of course the Catbirds aren't the only ones partaking in the cooling bath. The Robins take turns making the big splash. After a couple of them bathe I have to go out and add water. After all you can't have the water too deep because you don't want your birds to accidently drown.

Robins are the Masters of the bath. They don't like to share while bathing. All others await their finish before diving in. This male House Sparrow is patiently awaiting the Robin's permission to go ahead.
The House Finches are way back on the pecking order. They have to await some time before they can move in for a cooling bath.
Or they can do as some of the more shy birds, such as the Cardinals, and use a different bird bath. 
Are your bird baths quite busy in the bird bath this time of year?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Foliage Follow Up - July 2011

As the heat settles on the garden and we slip into those lazy hazy days of summer foliage plays a big part in the garden.
Green is the operating word here at Greenbow. Where in the flower beds there are a lot of greens and then take many forms.  Barren Wort (epimedium), Ginger and Sensitive Ferns huddle together.
I saw in a magazine a picture of black grass popping up in a spread of golden creeping jenny. It works but the creeping jenny has to be tamed from time to time as it trys to take over the world. In my garden the "golden" creeper turns more green this time of year. I would like it better if it stayed its golden color longer. 
Hostas play a big part in my shade garden. They tend to hold the colors that they are supposed to be. 
Do you have any interesing foliage combos in your garden?  If so Pam at Digging would love to have you post a foliage follow up to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I would love to see them too. So if you need inspiration for foliage in your garden head over to Digging and have a look at other foliage combos.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2011

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to all of you that have stopped by via Carol's,  our hostess's blog, May Dreams Garden.
To start our tour here at Greenbow I have to show you the Robert Poore tall garden phlox that is the absolute best phlox in the garden here. He pours the sweetest fragrance all through the garden. I have placed clumps of this through out my garden to have this sweet smell as one strolls through. It is fun to see how tall it grows in various places too. I am sure that light is a factor in some places but the height differences are interesting. Here by the fence it is about 4' tall. I have a spot that is almost 6' tall and it doesn't need staking.  Then there are some short three footers too. All are generous with the scent.
This white phlox I have moved from the front garden to the back by the patio so we can see it more often. As I have often said I don't go out front much. Along the edge of the patio, behind the phlox you can see some hostas blooming and the last of those pretty yellow daylilies. 
On the back fence the yellow trumpet vine is blooming up a storm. The hummers and other nectar feeders keep busy on this vine. 
The red mondara and blue phlox are fighting to get some sun here. I do like the combo so I should move them out to the front of the border where they can gather the rays they need. 
Russian Sage is so pretty in the morning light. 
This is the latest Cranesbill that I have planted. It has been in the garden since last summer. It has small leeaves and blooms but it has ignored the drought and flood seasons here an bloomed up a storm. It is sweet how it spreads so willingly in it's alloted area. 
The cushion blooms of the limey green tansy are going strong. The Lucifer Crocosmia that is right beside it is lying down on the job. hmmmm Must remember to stake the Crocosmia. It would look so pretty if it would stand up 
The old fashioned hibiscus is beginning to bloom.
The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is blooming up a storm. I can't wait to see when the strawberry affect kicks in. It has been in the vanilla stage for some time. 
The goosneck loosestrife is about finished blooming. There are lots of hosta blooms. the butterfly bush is blooming up a storm and several other things setting blooms.
I hope you enjoyed your boom tour. If you want to see other blooms all over the world do check out Carol's Blog. Or if you wish to participate do make a post and add your garden to Mr Linky.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Trifles

I hope everyone survived the 4th of July holiday celebrations. Here we started out with a nice shower which made weed pulling rather easy. It was cool too so I got out and pulled a wheelbarrow of weeds. Easy to do here.
I searched the flower beds for some red, white and blue color combos.
I found some reddish and white.
Some reddish and blue.
But not just the color combo I was wishing for.
The 'Patriot' hosta is looking quite spectacular. It is a large hosta and it chose to bloom on the 4th.
Besides all the partying we do on the fourth we always look forward to the first blackberries of the season. We weren't disappointed. It appears that we will have a good crop this year.
We didn't even have to leave the house to see fireworks.
Our neighbors around us took turns setting off some beautiful displays. Obviously I don't know how to set my camera for clear shots. You can just use your imagination to focus. 
Have a great week everyone.