Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2013

This May seems to be the most cool wet May in recent memory. The flowers all seem to be enjoying it. Especially the clematis and iris.
Ramona looks enchanting as she blooms. 
Miss Bateman is cozy with the arch she is climbing this spring. 
Fireworks is putting on a show up the arch. 
This blue one is gorgeous but I don't know it's name. We don't mind because he is so handsome. 
This white iris is a pass along. It waited until the perfect spring to boast of it's beauty.
This white one with the blue falls doesn't have a proper name but it doesn't matter as it is so gorgeous. The smalll pale yellow iris in the background wish they were so large. 
This great yellow beauty is not happy with the wind whipping it around but no matter. The bright yellow is appreciated. 
Of course that isn't the only thing blooming. Just wander down a path and you will see much more abloom. 
Roses overhead are just coming out. 
A few alliums are gracing the garden as the columbine pop up here and there.
Golden Alexander glows from here an there. Weigelia shrubs, 
Spirea shine as well as 
a big ole snowball bush.
What is blooming in your garden?  Be sure and go over to Carol's May Dreams Garden and share your blooms with the rest of us bloomaholics. 

Other Blooms: Pink Phlox; Boltonia; High bush Cranberry; Lonicera sempervirens; Sweet Kate spiderwort; appendaged waterleaf; Cranesbill; Soloman's seal; Ninebark 'summer wine'.


  1. Darn, Lisa; I wish we had stopped by on our way home last week to see your garden! Your clematises (clematis? clemati??) are all gorgeous; I wish I could have seen them in person.

    The sun has finally been out for a few days, and I've tried to make the most of it out in the garden. Yes, the spring rains have made the flowers happy, but unfortunately, the weeds are ecstatic:)

  2. Wow, and amazing assortment of Clematis and Iris. Gorgeous!

  3. Tulips and they are on the wane.

  4. Very pretty Clematis and Iris, and all the others, too!
    We had wind and rain last week-end. My Snowball Bush was reduced to a white carpet of petals under a now scraggly-looking shrub. Yours is looking very pretty!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. The iris with the pale standards and blue falls is very pretty. It sounds sturdy, too, if the wind is whipping around the smaller yellow ones, but it is still upright. Your snowball bush is loaded with blossoms, as is the spirea.

  6. Your garden looks lovely. So of the flowers you showed won't grow in my garden. I'm a little bit jealous.
    Wish you a great springtime.

  7. Beautiful Blooms, all weather really does seem to extend the season for flowers, doesn't it!

  8. Hello again Lisa, oh my, what a delight to see greens and beautiful blooms from your garden. Quite a contrast to what I remember you having with those long dry spells last year. I bet you’re loving this start to your garden year.

    I too love your clematis blooms and what wonderful colours. My Miss Bateman is only producing buds here at the moment! Looks like you’ve got a good clump of Iris putting on a great show. Ah… I can just picture you walking around your garden Lisa – Happy Bloom Day :-D

  9. Wow, your Clems look very happy! Mine are a few weeks away. We've had a cool May here but unfortunately not that wet. When it comes to rain, lately it seems like it's either feast or famine. Happy GBBD!

  10. Your garden looks perfect for May - and you have so many happy clematis vines, Lisa! Say hello to 'Ramona' for me... she didn't like living here.

    Happy May!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. love love love all the clematis you have planted. Particularly that white one. such gorgeous plants.

  12. Your clematis are gorgeous. Every year I mean to replace the one I lost and somehow never seem to see any good ones at the nurseries. I may have to mail order.

  13. I always wonder about two flowers we just dont have down here! Clematis and Iris. Both are so beautiful and exotic! Nice photos and specimens!!! Thanks for showing!

  14. the flowers are gorgeous!
    some of them are photographed in such beautiful light that they are magical!

  15. You have a gorgeous selection of blooms, and I imagine all that purple and white and pink must harmonize beautifully when walking through the garden in person. Hope you're having a great weekend, and a happy Bloom Day to you! :)

  16. Lisa, on your peonies they don't necessarily need full sun. All of mine grow in some shade-mostly shade in fact. Down south like we are a bit of shade is not bad. They would of course like an hour or two of sun to do their best but some shade is good. Not sure if you have sun but if you do give it a try!

  17. Such a variety of bloom...fantastic. We have had a lot of spring rain so the clematis and iris are outstanding this year, while other years, not so much. As for the blue clematis, think it is Multi Blue so you might check similar images online to compare. Great photos!!


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