Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Wonders

The garden always amazes me when one day you look out and nothing is blooming then the next day you open the drapes, look out into the garden and the garden has come alive.
Blooms abound.
I went through this short path and found
that the tree peony was blooming. How does it know it is going to rain all weekend? It seems it starts blooming just before big storms during spring. The blooms, as beautiful as they are, don't last when the rain soaks them. One needs to be in the garden several times daily to appreciate all.
I wonder how this happened? How did these Irises get under the edge of the Birds Nest Spruce?? When did this happen?  Definitely one of the mysteries of the garden.
I wonder why I don't have more blue bells planted around back where I tend to spend more time?  I will have to remedy this soon.
I also wonder when Jack first appeared. He so quietly appears and then in no time slips away for the season. 
I hope you are able to get out in the garden daily now. Enjoy those spring wonders. 


  1. You really do need to be out in the garden several times a day -- it changes that fast when spring decides to appear. All at once everything comes out.

    Your emerging garden is lovely, surprises and all!

  2. It does seem to happen overnight. I don't know why but I didn't see any blooms on our tree peony this year. I love your bird cage!

  3. Beautiful blooming garden!
    I know what you mean about the rain - My Snowball Bush is in full bloom, and rain is in the forecast throughout the week-end. There will be a white carpet of petals on the ground.
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Nature just knows. And has unerring timing. Enjoy your lovely show.

  5. Lovely, Lisa! I'm so glad that spring has come at last to your garden. And when it arrives, it really makes an appearance.

  6. Been spending lots of time outside lately. Got our Veggie garden planted this week and finished it today. Got my potted plants in too. Will be having a visit soon from someone who comes thru now and then that blogs. Its all I'm allowed to say right now. :) I wanted things to look good when she sees my chickens. :). Your garden is looking wonderful.

  7. It does seem as if spring arrives all at once by magic. Good to see all the bloomers in your garden, Lisa. I hope you're able to enjoy your tree peony blooms for awhile longer. I try to get out to at least look at the garden several times a between the rainstorms:)

    I enjoy all the little surprises each spring, too, like your iris. I think I must have some garden fairies helping me plant here, because I've found some things growing I know I didn't plant!

  8. We like a lot of the same plants - Virginia bluebells, Golden Alexander, columbine. The Virginia bluebells if left to their own devices will take care of any shortage you think you have. What do you do when the flowers are done and the foliage starts to get ratty?

    1. Jason, I don't do anything bluebells. The just disappear after it turns hot here. Is there something I could do to hasten reproduction?

  9. Just look at all your blooms! We've hit a hot stretch so maybe things will start to pop here too.

  10. That's a beautiful tree peony and double file viburnum in the first picture? Ha! I have to laugh at your irises and spruce. I often wonder how the heck that happens too! Happy spring to you! You were so sweet last year when we talked in the parking lot on that last day. You bring a smile to my face.

  11. It is so amazing how quickly a garden awakens once the warm days of spring arrive! I know what you mean about the peony blooms. They do not seem to hang around for long as the rains brings them to a droop. Sigh....

  12. Your garden is very lovely. It's amazing how time moves and how we can measure it by watching a garden.

  13. So many blooms!! what a wonderful walk through your garden. I'm envious. We're getting rain all this weekend too but I'm hoping it encourages the flowers to come out.

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  15. It truly is a daily miracle this time of year. I'm just sad when the flowers go by.

  16. The violets in your banner are stunning!

  17. Oh wow oh wow. Beautiful, Lisa. I love the pathways. Yes, all of a sudden things are busting out all over here.
    PS: Matt's slow stick plane is a remote control so nobody is in danger; he controls it from the ground. It looks bigger in the pic than it is.

  18. Lisa girl how are you !!
    We were the same here .. nothing for weeks while everyone else seemed to have so much going on .. then BOOM!
    The garden explodes and it is a riot going on .. you have to love it eh ?
    I am so anxious to see my new peony Green Lotus that I planted last year .. it has come up beautifully .. strong and full of promise .. fingers crossed I can get decent pictures of it blooming : )
    Love your garden accents too !
    Joy : )

  19. All of those pretty white spring blooms on the shrubs look good around your bird cage.

    You have to admire peonies for putting forth their best effort despite the weather forecast. Every year they act as if they've never heard of rainstorms.

    Isn't it fun to discover something as beautiful as an iris popping up unexpectedly? It's so much better than the usual suspects that show up in odd corners.

    My garden is still at the early bulbs stage, but I have to circulate everyday to see what has popped up.


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