Monday, September 15, 2014

Blooms Winding Down

Time again for the September Garden Bloggers Bloom Day brought to you by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. For more blooms around the world you can check out her web site. Now that you are here you can see what is going on in my Zone 6 garden here in SW Indiana.
My garden is starting to get that worn around the edges look. There are a spattering of blooms here and there.
You walk down this path and you can see that the Tall Phlox still has enough blooms to scent the air. The Datura was still open at 1pm today. It is so overcast. 
One of the bright spots of the garden is this mum. While it isn't a fancy variety it has lived in this garden for quite a few years. Out living many others I have tried. 
I have White and pink Anemones blooming now. This is unusual because the pink ones usually bloom earlier in the season. Then the White ones take over. Not this year. We have had a mild summer with plenty of rain. 
While looking out front for some blooms I got side tracked looking at all the bugs and bees drawn to the Fireworks. 
Sedums too had their share of bumbles.
The only rose blooming is the carpet rose. 
This little butterfly didn't care that the rose blossom wasn't at it's best. 
Toad lilies are blooming up a storm this year. 
It would have been a good year to add to my small collection.
This begonia looks so delicate but don't let looks decieve you. This is a hardy begonia. I couldn't believe my eyes when it survived this past winter. As you can see it is blooming up a storm. I just love begonias. I wish there were more hardy varieties. If there were I would grow them all.
Another stalwart of the fall blooming garden is Aster. I don't remember the variety of this one but it is floriferous. I am pleased with how it is blooming.
What is blooming in your garden? 
Below is a more concise listing of what is blooming. I didn't even mention the annuals that keep a bit of color going in the garden at this time. They are hard workers too.
Black and Blue Salvia
Filipendula "Kakome"


  1. Lovely blooms!
    Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

  2. Gosh I love that 'Fireworks' goldenrod! I had moved mine to the land but hubby boxbladed it:( I'm getting more tomorrow night at a swap. Lovely flowers!

  3. I've had miserable luck with that hardy Begonia. Each year it fades more, so I need to try a new large plant in a new spot as I love the look. Yours is beautiful. And your toadlilies look good. Mine haven't done anything yet so hope they get a move on before the frost arrives.

  4. It sounds like your garden is still giving back to you. I love that begonia!

  5. Oh Lisa… your garden looks to me like it’s having a real good end of season party before it gets all worn! I do love to see your toad lilies every September – your asters too. Happy GBBD, Lisa :-D

  6. Ooh, look at that begonia! Is that the one you bought on our trip to Asheville? I just love that foliage. Love the toad lilies, too--I planted a few a couple years ago, then they died from neglect. You're right, this would have been the perfect year to get some started again. Looking forward to some warmer temps and sunny days the rest of this week.

  7. What beautiful toad lilies! YOur garden is really looking beautiful.

  8. We have no honey bees left in my neighborhood, and not a single bumble bee in weeks. Abandoned ship, I guess. Lots of hover flies and other non-bee flower visitors though. I appreciated the reminder of how nice Solidago 'Fireworks' can be.

    Christine in Alaska

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Love the Begonia, very pretty.....I love the way it droops.

    Is the butterfly a hairstreak??Stands out on the fading rose bloom.

    Our season has been very dry....the garden has been disappointing this year

    Your garden looks lovely Lisa......

  10. Fall still looks really pretty where you are. We have seeds and berries starting too. It's a whole change in texture. Pretty soon, the golds and reds will begin to blend with green. Thanks for sharing bloom day!~~Dee

  11. I love those Toad Lilies, Lisa, the markings on them are spectacular. Your garden is still looking good too, and you're lucky to have the pink anemones still blooming, mine gave up a while ago.


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