Thursday, September 25, 2014


We had such a rough winter last year. It did some damage to these cedar trees. Early this late winter/early spring I got to looking at this trio of cedars They had big holes, some floppy limbs. The one on the far left had to come out. So what could I do with them? I didn't want to completely remove them. I planted them here to hide these unsightly guide wires.
So I decided to try to topiary them. The one on the left was to be round balls and the right one was to be squares. This is how they looked after their first shearing and they grew back in this summer. 
I went at them again yesterday. They are beginning to come around. I don't have the crisp squares on the right one or the round rounds on the left one. 
They are coming along alright. I have read that you should make more often and take off little bits to make them full. I do like they way they look. A bit of whimsy in my garden.
So now if you go around the house you see this. Your eye stops at the topiary, I hope and you don't notice those ugly guide wires or the traffic going by. 
When you pull into the drive and look over that way you look at the topiary instead of the guide wires. At least I hope so. 
Have you ever done anything like this?  Do you have any tips for me?
Happy Autumn Everyone.


  1. Wow, I am so impressed--these are so cool! I'm not surprised, though; your talents never cease to amaze me. If I tried this, I would have green shapeless blobs:)

  2. They look wonderful! Definitely detracts your eye from the wires, I didn't even notice them.

  3. Lisa,

    I am truly impressed, you clever girl :)
    They look wonderful....what wires, who would notice them with your artwork in front.

    I am not expert but I tend to do little and often as you so rightly said.
    I have two rounds in tubs by the front door.......would not want to try anything that size !!

  4. Hi Lisa, nice job there! I thought you were going to be clipping your plants in a cloud design at first. I do like the topiary style you’ve chosen and it works perfectly as a focal point now putting your wires right into the background :-D

    You must be very pleased with your handywork! Ha-ha… I suspect now you’ve done this once you’ll get the bug and do it again :-D

    No, I’ve never tried this myself but I have put plants and structures in a spot to mask something else quite often.

    Thanks - Wishing you a very Happy Autumn too :-D

  5. These look fantastic!!!!! You always have the neatest projects! Great idea here.....very cool.

  6. Thank you for your compliments. It is a fun project but I need a taller ladder.

  7. Nice, Lisa. You've used well that old gardening standby: the art of concealment.

  8. They look great! Not too over the top and perfect for their setting!

  9. Very impressive! I have always been afraid to attempt anything like this.

  10. I think it turned out splendidly. Well done. I can't even see the wires from the last views. What are those wires all about? Such a lovely garden.

  11. I am SO impressed at your creativity. They look great. Did you think of maybe making them in the shape of the wires :<)))))

  12. There's something sort of playful about the shapes, Lisa - and you are right - the topiary does keep one from noticing the wires... brilliant solution!

    It will be interesting to see if the topiaried cedars are better at standing up to snow & ice weight in winter - it seems as if layered shorter branches would be less likely to split apart.


  13. Christine, the guide wires are what the electric company uses to keep the tall electric poles stable. Nothing I could do to get rid of them. :(


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