Sunday, February 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2015

If you just look out the widows into the garden it doesn't appear that much has happened in the garden since I last wrote and well, it hasn't. Yet if you bundle up and stroll through the garden as I did today you would be happy to see that despite the cold weather spring is testing the area.
The ends of the pussy willows are popping. It is so fun to find these sweet soft expressions of spring beginning to open. 

Around back Diane is attempting to unfurl her red lacy blooms. She was fooled as was most of the garden with a few days of sunshine. Last night the temps dropped to 5F with a wind that was blowing a gale. The feels like was in the minus section. 
The poor little Snowdrops decided to just lay down in the duff and await better temperatures. 
Now if you come on inside where the temperatures are nice and toasty you will find the orchids abloom. This orchid has waited 3 years to bloom again. I don't know why it didn't like it's conditions but it finally has given some beautiful blooms. 

What is blooming in your garden/home today? Anything or are you one of the unfortunates buried in snow? "They" say we are to get some of the white stuff tonight. We will see. Fortunately most snows have gone around our area this year.

If you are craving some more spring beauties and some garden talk pop over to Carol's May Dreams Garden where this 15th of the month meme all started. Get your blooming fix and start your monthly bloom journal with her and all that participate. 


  1. I'm impressed that you braved the cold to go outside to your garden today, Lisa. I went outside only to fill the bird feeders since yesterday's winds blew them around so much. Nice to see some promises of spring on your pussy willow and witch hazel. No snow here either, just cold, cold.

  2. Pretty signs of Spring to come!
    Love the orchid, too!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. Hi Lisa, lovely orchid. We are some of the ones buried in snow. Was -9 Sat nite. The wind did die down down long enough for the dogs and I to get outside and walk this afternoon. Hope the snow misses you.

  4. I am inspired to look for a pussy willow plant to buy.

    Orchids are a joy when they finally get a notion to bloom and the blooms last so long it was worth the wait.

  5. Great pictures of buds yet to be. It's nice to see some promise of spring when we have 5 inches of snow here in my area. Urgh. Take care!

  6. Good thing you got the photos before your latest snowfall, Lisa! With a little luck your snowdrops will wake up refreshed when you get some milder weather.
    And what a cool orchid!

  7. Love that pussy willow Lisa,

    Poor snowdrop, understand totally how the poor plant feels :)

    Spring is not far away now is it ??

  8. Are your pussy willows and blooms covered in ice after last week? Nice that the snow cover is gone where you are.

  9. Yes, our garden is covered in snow with a layer of ice over the top. Difficult to get around outside right now.

  10. Even that little bit of Diane is beautiful. Does it get really showy? I am thinking of getting some fancy pussy willows for a spot right outside our big window where a shrub is dying. Would be nice to see something in late winter that is close to the house!

  11. The weather is slowly trying to change with fluctuating temperatures...snowing one day and thawing the next. Your catkins are a sign of spring on the way...almost here!

  12. Love your doggie! Great header!

    So wonderful to see all these wonderful photos of signs of Spring ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. Wow, your part of the world has had lots of topsy turvy temps. Actually, here too. My tulips were inching up only to have frosty nights and three inches of snow to wake up to. Lovely Orchid!

  14. I guess that actually Spring has brought another first signs to your garden and temperatures aren't so frosty anymore. Luckily snowdrops don't mind snow and frost and will show up as soon as sunshine arrives again. Wishing you lovely, sunny and warm Spring days,


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