Sunday, May 10, 2015

May in Miniature

While May is flushing out and making the garden a pretty place to stroll.
I find that love abounds in the garden. The birds are singing. Flowers and trees are blooming.
I have also been refurbishing a few planters that had plants that were worn out. This is where the miniatures come in. FINALLY the nurseries around here have brought in some miniature plants. So new potting mix, new plants, a couple of new pots and I want you to know the fairies approved and have moved in for the summer.
I have had this above concrete planter for years. Luckily the plants in it have survived until this past winter. I guess the second winter in a row with severe weather was more than the plants in it could take. So it was totally replanted. 
This large red planter has been pretty good since it was planted several years ago. I lost a couple of plants that were in it but found a replacement for them. I think it is amazing how the miniature hostas thrive in pots over winter. They are tough little plants when they are situated in an ideal spot.
This is a new pot. Some of my inspiration to repot and to actually add pots was the fact that I found these minature plants. Like the tiny Evergold Carex Hachijoensis  and the tiny holly that was tagged as Rock Garden Holly Hybrid.What ever their names I enjoy the small sizes available. 
Yes these plants may grow up to be big boys and girls but  right now I am going to enjoy the tiny worlds they inhabit now. 
Now I am ready for our little neighbor girl to come and visit. She was asking me earlier in the year where all the fairies were. I had to explain how they migrated to warmer climates during winter and return when the House Wrens are heard in the garden. I am sure they will be calling her soon. 

Another planter I have planted up is not a miniature. I have tried to get hens and chicks growing in the garden forever but for some reason they don't like it here. I am trying it in a log planter this time. If the rabbits stop eating them they might make it.
As you can see the Maple tree seeds are numerous. I can't keep them picked up. I will be pulling maple seedlings for a long time.
I hope all is growing and glowing in your spring garden.


  1. Oh Lisa,

    Cannot tell you just how much I love the fairy planters.

    Spent just ages looking at them.......trying to observe every detail. So sweet.

    I must remember to show Poppi next time she visits.

    Well done you......beautiful.

  2. Oh I LOVE the faerie house! I love all your wonderful little planters.

    Can I come over and paint in your garden?? <3

  3. I am glad you like them Cheryl. I am quite addicted to "fairy" paraphernalia. It tends to follow me home so I feel obliged to find a place for it. ;) People know of this illness, I mean tendency so they also gift me with these things. All fun...

  4. Jessica you would be welcome here any time. We could paint together. Sounds like a lot of fun. You would feel like you were in the country, which you would be compared to where you live.

  5. You have been having fun. And, yes, you will be dealing with maple seedlings! Our garden is overrun with them and I am hoping for rain to make it easier to pull them out.

  6. Lots of work on those pots--they look great! I could not get hen and chicks to grow in the garden either but they do love my hypertufa pots. I bet they'll be fine.

  7. I love all your fairy gardens, Lisa! I think you've added more since I've seen your garden--but then that has been three years ago; where does the time fly?? The miniature plants are so cute--the carex is just adorable! I haven't had much luck with the small conifers, but I bought a new one anyway last week. Keeping my fingers crossed this one will make it. I have an idea for a new fairy garden area here; I'm just hoping Sophie and Frank will leave the fairies alone:)

  8. Those red heart shaped leaves are really something! Looks like a St. Valentine's Day Tree!


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