Monday, May 2, 2016

A stroll through the garden at the beginning of May - 2016

I can't seem to get the end of the month meme worked up and now that it is the 2nd of May I thought if I hurriedly post today I can consider this for the beginning of the month. As I peeked out the back window I could see that the garden is definitely awakening. So let us have a look around.
If I step out the back door and look to the left this is the path that would take up into the back garden on the East side. 
If we look right you look right across the patio to the West side of the garden. This side I think more of the working end of the garden. The path at this end is where I keep my monster of a hose laying through most of the summer so I don't have to put it away after each use. The potting bench is also over here. But let us not go there yet.
 I want to take you around to the front.
We can walk the path that takes us to the side gate.
 It is really greening up here.

Another peek into the East side of the garden.
When you step through the gate this is what it looks like as wide as my my camera will see. There are paths all around my little knot garden.
 Lets hang a left around the Knot.  You can see the Alliums blooming now with some similarly colored irises. You will notice that through out the garden there is a lot of our native columbine blooming. I pretty much let it go where it wants to. The humming birds appreciate it.
There is a path that runs along the fence but we won't go there today. We will look ahead.
Here we will see where the apple tree used to be. This bed is evolving.
Behind the bench you can see the Spring Gold Blue Spruce that was planted here this spring. Yes, this bed could be a story of it's own.
We will walk ahead toward the barn. More iris starting to bloom as is the Pagoda dogwood.
Further to the left is the Veg garden. I have radishes about ready to pick and some peas coming up. Can't hardly wait for those peas.
If we go back to the gate, turn around and take the path to the right
you come to the big maple tree that helps to keep the East side of the patio shaded. 
If your walk around the maple you come to another little seat in the garden. You also come to one of my favorite early blooming clematis, Patricia Ann Fretwell. She has a double bloom and is just gorgeous. She also gifts us with another bloom time in early fall. It isn't as prolific bloom but she is never a disappointment.
If you walk along the south side of the Maple you come to the big Oval bed. On the right side of the Oval bed it takes you straight to the Screen House.
The South side of the Oval bed takes you along the Southern most bed in the garden (left side). 
Through the arbor here 
 you go back to the compost pile and there is a back gate to the neighbors garden and the easement.
Behind the Southern most bed, to the left of the above picture you can see the chain link fence.  It is not so pretty but it keeps Annie from aggravating the neighbors. You can see the remainder of the piles of Locust limbs. Must get that cleared away.
If you turn around and head North you come to the path where I keep my hose, as you can see.  You can also see the big Ash tree that shades the West side of the patio.
There are a couple of other side paths. Like this one that splits the space between the big shade trees. and if you go around the Maple you can go through what I refer to as the Hydrangea Path. 
This is just part of the path that goes around the Maple. 
Lets make our way back across the patio and here we will go onto the gravel path that is what I refer to my maintenance path. From this end you can see how it splits.
If you turn left you go back toward the screen house. You pass by another small bench and my little water feature, sitting area.
If you turn right you arrive at the side gate that will take you to the North Garden. Since this post is so picture heavy and you are probably worn out from all this back and forth,  around and around I will spare you from this side. It is the most neglected part of the garden other than the front garden. Yes, I said front. 
So until next time. Happy Spring, Merry Gardening.


  1. Your garden is waking up beautifully...
    monster hose! LOL

  2. Wow ... it looks fabulous! I'm jealous! I love how there seems to be something new and different around every corner. Compliments to the gardener!

  3. Oh, wonderful, I am enjoying hanging out in your garden, virtually speaking.

    There is much to comment and complement on, but snowball bushes always catch my eye...growing up, ours was so loaded it lasted quite a few snowball fights, lol. I have a few here, but they are quite small yet.

  4. Magnificent garden ~ so creative and beautiful and lovely shots of it ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  5. I just loved looking at your garden ...
    Thank you

    All the best Jan

  6. Happy Spring Gardening to you too, Lisa :-) What fun to sit here and tour your garden with you. I do love your paths meandering around your borders - my garden style too. You've got such a mix of planting areas which flow beautifully together. Great job and garden with a rich mix of planting that must attract all sorts of wildlife which I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing. Love all your structures and decorative features too. You must really enjoy being outdoors in this special space you have created. Nope, you definitely won't tire me out with photos and chat ;-)

  7. Wow --spectacular :-) I love the way the areas flow from on to the other.

  8. Wow! It's quite a large garden and it is clear you've put in a lot of work and thought. I love those arbors and the idea you let the columbine wander where it may. Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful, Lisa! Now I really want to find the time to make the drive down and walk all those paths with you!

  10. Your garden is huge! Everything is much further along where you live than here. Barely any buds on Alliums or Iris here. My best crop this Spring is rabbirs!

  11. Wow, you're so, so far ahead of us, Lisa! I still love reading blogs in more temperate areas because I enjoy your gardens, then when my own comes on I get to enjoy many of the same plants all over again. Yay, spring!

  12. Thanks for the tour of your garden! 'Patricia' is a beauty - and is blooming so early! I love all the wandering paths.

  13. Lisa girl ... I enlarged all your photos and I am gobsmacked !
    I have never seen the extent of your gardens for some reason, like I have just seen now and they are totally amazing ! ... plus you are in the thick of things blooming and looking so beautiful. All the garden accents you have placed are so pretty and that huge tree with Patricia is stunning .. I love double clematis too.
    Hey .. the hose thing .. how well I understand .. I am so excited about some help with the new system coming, it is ridiculous .. like Xmas to a kid? LOL
    I am in love with your garden girl !!
    Joy : )

  14. Stunning Lisa......your garden is truly beautiful.
    I love the pathways and vistas.
    Your hose made me smile......

    Great tour of one of my favourite blogging friends garden.

  15. What a stunning garden. So my style! soft and rambling with surprises around every corner!

  16. What a wonderful tour through your garden, Lisa. I love getting to see the wider angle shots so I can try to put the pieces together. Your garden is full of sweet paths and lovely gates and arbors and beds all joined together and it looks great - especially for the beginning of May.

  17. magical looking garden ~ thanks for visiting today ~ been a bit down ~ will get up again ~ be well ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  18. Hi Lisa! It's green and serene! That clematis on the tree trunk looks stunning!

  19. You have a beautiful garden, Lisa. And I didn't know it is so huge. There are so many different paths you can walk along. I guess you need a lot of time to stroll through your garden and watch all the lovely plants you have. There is of course also a lot of work involved. And it is evident that one isn't always fond of working in the same way. We should never forget to enjoy our gardens despite all the jobs that have to be done there. Wishing you a lovely end of Spring!

  20. Beautiful!
    There are so many changes since I've seen your gardens.


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