Thursday, May 19, 2016

Middle May

So far this May has been cooler than usual. I haven't accomplished a whole lot in the garden this spring it seems. Not one load of mulch. Not much weeding. Geez. What is the matter with me? I don't know either.
The few roses I have are blooming very nice. 
I filled a couple of planters. 
I guess you could say I have accomplished something.;) 
The large irises are about finished blooming and the Japanese irises are beginning.
We have had some welcomed visitors.

And some not so welcome visitors. 
The clematis have been busy blooming.
I can't hardly wait until it warms up. Hard telling what will bloom.
What is blooming in your garden?


  1. I didn't realize rabbits would eat Wild Columbine. Well, I suppose they'll nibble on any plant, right? Pretty photo of the Red Admiral on the Virginia Waterleaf. And your pots look great!

  2. That rabbit is so darned cute! But I know what he leaves behind isn't so cute. It doesn't seem like I've gotten much done in the garden either, but not because I haven't tried, but because I can only do so much before I poop out. The weeds may get the better of me this year:( Your containers look great, and that is such a pretty clematis.

  3. Love that pot with Heuchera and Hosta. I think I have that Hosta so maybe I will try that. Our temps have been almost ten degrees below normal and now we are about to shoot above normal. But I am a fair weather gardener and find it hard to get out there when it is gray and chilly, even though the plants don't stop growing.

  4. Your garden looks like a magical place!

  5. Love the yellow roses and the Spiderwort. I had no idea that rabbits would eat Columbine. Kind of an alarming realization.

  6. We have a rabbit whom we see most years out by the barn, or up by the turnaround. But this year she, I imagine her as a mama, appeared on our lawn. I was so pleased I told her she could eat anything she wanted. I am quite potty (as they say in the old country) about rabbits.

  7. BUNNY!! omg that is the cutest bunny!!!!!

  8. I love the color of your spiderwort. I don’t have that hot color foliage - it looks great with the purple blooms. Can you tell me which clematis that is in the photo? I have a very similar one and I don’t know the name of it and haven’t had luck finding it via google. Good luck with your pests!

  9. Diana, the Clematis is Ernest Markham. It is a new one for me. I just planted it last year. The spiderwort is Kate. It doesn't like it when it gets hot and dry.

  10. We have rabbits everywhere. I am resorting to using the liquid fence treatment. Your flowers look lovely.

  11. Your header photo is fantastic ~ love the bunny and beautiful floral shots of your lovely garden!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  12. Cute little bunny! Gosh no mulch or weeding or very little? Sometimes we gardeners get in those kinds of slumps. It can be so hard to get started but once you do you'll come around real fast. Hang in there!

  13. Hi Lisa,
    Your garden is looking fabulous. I love your butterfly pic. Things are really warming up here this week with temps in the high 80's. Feels like summer. I was excited to recently see my first hummingbird of the season!

  14. For "not accomplishing much", your garden sure looks great! :)
    I love the bunny photo, even though I know how destructive those cute critters can be. There were 2 baby bunnies in the French garden and they ate all of the Petit Pois plants (but, ironically, none of the edible pod pea plants, which are called "mange tout", or "eat it all."

  15. Lisa your garden is a dream you've creatived beautifully with love and care! Enjoy it!

  16. It all looks lovely Lisa so you must be doing everything right! Your roses are fabulous!
    We have had quite a cold spring, although May was reasonably warm, so things are late .

  17. Bunnies are a pest but what an adorable pest they are! Your garden is looking wonderful! Love that yellow rose. :o)

  18. Hello again, Lisa :-) I hope you've got the sunshine you were hoping for and have been outdoors enjoying time in your very creative garden - I love all the areas you have.

    In this post its the Tradescantia Blue and Gold that has caught my eye. What a great clump you've got, I didn't realise it could be vigorous in growth or that it is also known as spiderwort. Oh dear what's that rabbit like? It's pond snails that I'm not happy with - they're eating my more delicate pond plant leaves - I'm losing their flowers too :-( Ah, a quick search tells me frogs can eat snails - grow little tadpoles, grow!!

  19. My gosh Lisa girl !!
    Has it been this long I haven't commented that your whole blog has changed ? WOW! .. that header picture is too cute : ) we used to have bunnies visiting but since all the grass is gone from the back garden here , I guess they don't feel welcome ? haha
    I love the roses .. how can anyone have a garden without out one or two right ? .. and that planted bowl with Curly Fries hosta? and the dark heuchera is so pretty .. so is that gazing ball (I still have mine in the house yet .. hum?)
    I have a thing for white and that iris is gorgeous ! .. we used to do seed socks for the finches but went to feeders .. now I want a seed sock again! LOL
    Clematis are like garden earrings I think .. that deep pink one is a beauty.
    Well done girl .. your garden is looking beautiful : )
    Take care!

  20. Hi Lisa,

    Thought I would pop over here just to let you know I have emailed twice and had them returned to me.
    I will keep trying.......
    Hope you are well and happy xxx

  21. The color of the clematis are extraordinary!!! What would you call it...a raspberry???


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