Saturday, June 4, 2016

June's Joy

It is amazing how time does fly. I really notice it in the garden. It seems that all the flowers that I just love are so ephemeral. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Of course it isn't all that fast acting but the flowers of May aren't the the stars of June. This month the Japeanese Irises are taking over where the larger bearded Irises left off.
This iris was labled as a "pink" iris. All I can say is that someone had a great imagination. There is a tinge of pink on it but really, stating that it is pink is an exaggeration.

June is also the month of the lilies. The tall garden lilies
are beginning to bloom.
The tall lilies have had a difficult time this year what with rabbits being in the garden. My usually mild mannered dog has become a crazed bunny chasing, tall flower tromping trollop. She acts like she has never been in the garden before and doesn't know why there are paths.
We go from the very tall to the extraordinarily short hostas.
 The little darlings are starting to bloom.
 They bloom up a storm.
The daylilies are just beginning. Song Sparrow is usually the first to bloom and it holds true this year. I know it looks a lot like Stella but it isn't. It is the first to bloom and usually it is also the last to finish. Can't wait to see more daylilies abloomin.
I always look forward to the blooming changes in the garden yet some are so short lived I hate to see them go. 
Is there anything in your garden that doesn't bloom long enough to suit you?


  1. Oh, such glorious colors and flowers!
    LOL your dog going bunny-chasing! I think it is wonderful that you have garden-bunnies. Such a beautiful happy place.

  2. Wonderful Lilies. Are these Asiatics? Love the mixed yellow and dark red one.

  3. Oh my gosh...I've never seen hostas in bloom! They are gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Hello again, Lisa, I’d have my neat , ground cover, orange flower geums flower for even longer that they do – they look great with my deep red astrantia flowers :-) Loving your lily colours and these hostas are just adorable :-)

  5. So true, Lisa. I wish the tulips would last longer; this year, especially, we had a warm spell just when they started to bloom, and they all bloomed their heads off, and then poof! they were gone. Now I'm looking forward to coneflowers and daylilies. Love all your hosta blooms--I've heard there are some people who don't like them and cut them off, but I'm certainly not one of them! Sophie is a crazy garden-crusher, too, when she sniffs something out of place. Even so, the darned rabbits are eating my tomatoes--grrrr.

  6. I have a pink Hellebore that was supposed to be white. Have to say I like that Iris with the tinge of pink. We have a garden tour here on Thursday and the temps are shooting up so high so fast that I am worried that everything in bloom today will have faded by then. Ephemeral by season or by weather!

  7. Lisa girl thank you for your sweet comments on my garden : )
    I am loving your June Joys ! LOL ... That "Pink" iris is gorgeous .. I just ordered some black ones that were on half price ... I love dramtic dark colours so I thought that would be perfect .. if you have any advice on planting and growing that type of iris non-bearded .. siberian ? type)let me know ?
    Yes some of the blooms last only a day or two .. akes me look at some of them twice deciding what to do .. my tree peony has not bloomed for a second year in a row .. I have to look at the crown to see if there is too much soil there .. they all have such picky details you have to watch out for eh?
    Your puppy is just overwhelmed with the "Joy" of chasing the rabbits .. all bets are off when that happens and the paths are the last thing on his mind! LOL

  8. A rabbit will turn the most well behaved dog into a wild beast. :o) Your lilies are beautiful!

  9. Oh goodness there is so much that doesn't bloom long enough for me. Like everything. Ha! Lovely blooms!

  10. OMG like everything does not bloom long enough for me! I want them all all the time. Ha! Too much to ask isn't it? Lovely blooms!

  11. Thanks for the welcome home ~ still taking time to adjust ~ (not as young as I used to be ~ LOL)

    You have a magnificent garden and lovely photos!

    Happy Day and Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  12. Thanks for your comments on my blog ~ Love your Header with the bunny!

    Happy Week to you and Happy Fourth of July ~ ^_^ in the USA

  13. Now that it's July, are your daylilies in full bloom? Have your poor tall lilies recovered?


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