Friday, July 1, 2016

July Daylily Parade

I can't believe that July is here. June simply evaporated. Part of the reason why I feel this way is because we were away for almost 2 weeks during June. When we returned I nearly fainted at how the weeds tried to take over. It is amazing how my daily putzing in the garden keep the weeds from becoming a major factor. I can now appreciate my own efforts. I had to call in my Dearly Beloved to help tame the beast.

Sophie asked if my daylilies were still blooming. Most of them are blooming now. The very first ones and the ones in the most shade are not but I have a fair amount of them blooming. The following is the daylily parade with the names below the picture of the ones I know or think I know the name.
Paper Butterfly 

May May
Baltimore Oriole 
This peachy one and the one below might be part of the Chicago series. 

This is a small one. Nameless at this time. 
This is is supposed to be fragrant. I can't remember what it smells like since my smeller doesn't work so good any more. 
Golden Hibiscus 
Wilson's Spider 
George C. Bingham

Now don't go and get all apoplectic on me since I don't know the names for all my daylilies. I have had most of them since the late 90's.  My newest ones are Golden Hibiscus and the Wilson's Spider and I believe they are a 2004 vintage. When I see all the beautiful colors and ruffly petals of the newer varities it makes me want to purchase more. I am trying to not have so much of that strappy foliage in the garden, however if I run into a purple variety someplace I will probably succumb.

My tall lilies are about gone. I have a few with buds. We need rain to make them pop open. Maybe this weekend. 

Speaking of the weekend, I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July Weekend.  Enjoy and be safe.


  1. I have trouble remembering the names of all my daylilies also, except for 'Eye-yi-yi' which is the majority of the ones in our garden. Sometimes I make up my own names for them, such as 'Big Banana'. You have a nice collection, I especially like the peachy Chicago one.

  2. A fantastic lily parade to celebrate the 4th of July, Lisa :-) By gosh, looks like you're a serious fan of a plant I'm just introducing into my garden. Perhaps it's you that's influenced my purchases :-) We don't get the sunshine temps you do (my garden is partially shaded) but I've got two now. The first is building up to a great clump aboutvto open flowers any day - how often do you divide yours? My second is a new one for 2016 and I've yet to see it flower.

    Wishing you a very happy 4th of July with all your friends and family :-)

  3. Lisa girl I hope you are getting the rain that you want (we aren't so the sprinkler system is much appreciated !) ... I love your collection of day lilies ! Golden Hibiscus is a stunner ... but also the deep red ones too like father-in-law .. wowzzer! .. Yes I go back and forth with the strappy leaves thing too .. love the flowers but the foliage can be a pain .. so I have to find the right balance some how.
    We had Canada Day on the 1st .. but how the heck did July arrive so quickly?
    Have a Happy 4th .. son is in Boston with wife celebrating there at brother-in-law's place .. I can imagine the fireworks will be spectacular !

  4. I could never keep up with the names of daylilies. Yours are beautiful. There were a few already here in our new garden and they have been very pretty.

  5. Once upon a time I knew the names but daylilies seem to get away from one very easily.

  6. Beautiful lily series of photos! Gorgeous!

    Happy Week to you ~

  7. As each year goes by, I forget the names of more and more of my daylilies, too. You have a gorgeous array of blooms, without or without names! June flew by for me, too, and I think I spent most of the time weeding. I'm hoping the mulch I finally got down keeps them at bay for awhile.

  8. I know only a very few names of my daylilies - justthe ones that mean something special to me like the Hush Little Baby ones for the grandchildren, and the new Indy Charmer for the youngest one, and one called Little Fred that I bought in honor of an older man Tom and I loved. All of yours are beautiful!! I loved seeing them.

  9. Oh, I know one more - Primal Scream, because I looked and looked for a frilly orange one that bloomed later than my common orange daylilies.

  10. Daylilies are so wonderfully easy --I cherish them for this hot part of the summer. I've been saving up some photos, and your post has inspired me to put them into a post of my own :-) I don't remember any of the names of mine.

  11. Wow get your pastels out Lisa!!

    That peachy one is my absolute favorite. It glows.


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