Monday, August 1, 2016

August Greeting 2016

August has come in like a lamb.  I know that here August is a real dry heat monger and isn't really like this first day, a fantasy of mild 80°F with a much needed dousing of 3/4" of rain. August is just giving this little respite before coming into it's own.  I am gladly accepting this gift of mild weather and taking advantage by getting out and doing some weedin. I even got to pull-up the hose onto the path for a day. Maybe even longer if we get more rain. It is trying it's best to rain more. Here is hope.
As you can see there is a whole lot of green going on in the garden now. July was so hot and dry I kept thinking it was August. My garden helper and I decided to walk around on the now softened grass to see how the garden was after this gift of moisture.
On these short forays through the garden my mind just can't help but start ticking off all the garden chores that need to be done. Like cutting back the iris foliage.
The laybrinth is holding it's own this summer. That is one thing I can say for Zoysia grass, it is very forgiving of drought times.
There is a lot of green in the garden now. If you look around a bit you can find shots of color.
Let us walk around back to see if there is more color.
Annie tried to convince me that there was a rabbit rustling around over in the side lot. We aren't going there. We will walk around a path or two to try to find some color.
 It is a good thing I like green.
You have to look fairly close. To find shots of color.
Of course there is color here and there. I just need to be watchful I guess.
 I will have to close for now.
The next time I will be zooming in for some colorful treats. That is if I can convince the plants to cooperate. 
Do  you still have a lot of color in your garden?


  1. Your garden and labyrinth is gorgeous and love your 'helper' ~ Wonderful photos and yes do enjoy the respite from the humidity and heat ~ Thanks for visiting ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  2. I love your labyrinth, Lisa! I wish I lived closer--there are many days I could use some meditative walking. And I love the sign in your header--did you make this? I do still have color in my garden, thanks to the daylilies and now the zinnias, but there is lots of green, too. I'm hoping August is different than July--I've had enough of this heat.

  3. I also love the labyrinth. So what have you got blooming out back? Are those Hydrangeas? Roses?

  4. Garden of weedin' LOL
    Annie is right there are bunnies hiding!

    And...I LOVE your labyrinth!!

    Happy PRT! xoxo

  5. Your labyrinth is looking spectacular. Shows how much you can do just with green. I don't have a fraction of the color you do at the moment. We had a hot dry July until the last week when we got almost 8 inches of rain. First day of August was lovely here as well. Doubt it will stay that way!

  6. Rose, the sign is actually cut into stone. There is an outfit near here that will cut most anything into any size stone. Amazing. They often set up at the annual Christmas bazaar at a local school. This particular sign was given to me. I just love it.

    Enough of the heat for sure. The temp isn't so bad this morning, 77° but the feels like is 94°...UGH.

  7. Jason, more about blooms to come. Spotty... Hydrangeas Strawberry Vanilla and Lime Light are in full bloom. Annabelle didn't like our hot dry July. She looks pathetic.

  8. Wow, that labrynth is great, Lisa! I don't know how you get those curves so perfect. Yes, this break in the weather is so nice, before the onslaught of August! Hopefully it will be better then July. Maybe August and July will switch places. :) I'd like to know the name of the person locally who carves into stone.

  9. Well Lisa, a garden of greens with spots of colour is my kind of garden. I've never heard of Zoysia grass but by gosh it certainly looks good after a period of hot and dry temps. It looks very refreshed after your small amount of rainfall too. Your labrynth really is coming into its own now and what a fantastic garden feature to have the space and location within the garden to have - he-he going very green here, really I am ;-)

  10. I LOVE your labyrinth! What a great idea. Parts of my garden (the shady back) are very green right now. I need to add more shade plants that bloom in midsummer (working on that). Soon the Hyacinth Bean, Blue Mistflowers, Jewelweed, and Swamp Milkweed will bloom, and then late summer will bring more color. I agree: Early August was teasing us with perfect weather. Mosquitoes are horrible here now! How about by you?

  11. I am intrigued by your labyrinth. Didn't know you could do that with zoysia and a lawnmower. Very creative. Glad to see your summer is going well. Lots of color for August.

  12. Is the whole yard fenced in so you don't have to worry about her getting out? How much land do you have? Your gardens are like something out of a magazine. Amazing.
    Yes, I have a lot of daylily color and hollyhock color and goldenrod color.

  13. Your garden looks great!And that labyrint is really impressive!


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