Friday, October 4, 2019

October Consolation

We have had only .9 inch of rain since the last time I wrote with half of those days in the 90's which made news because a lot of those 90's were record breaking heat. This time of year we normally have plenty of rain and cooler weather. 
As of today the cooler weather has come in but still no rain. My poor garden is looking quite drab. There was a spot in the garden that gave me great consolation today. I wanted to share it with you.
The compost corner is nearly surrounded by Tatarian Aster. The Missouri Botanic Garden says that  Tatarian Asters will grow to 3 -4 foot tall. I am here to tell you that these will grow much taller. I am was so surprised to see that the range this summer is 4 to 8foot tall. The chain link fence you see is 4' tall quite a few are double that.
They lift my spirits high too
This afternoon the blooms were buzzing. There were so many bees, flies, bugs and Butterflies floating around. It was a joy to just stand there and watch.
You should be able to click on any of the pictures to enlarge them so see if there are smaller critters in the blooms too.
There were a couple of American Painted Lady Butterflies.
There were also some large Sulphers and Cabbage Whites flitting about but they wouldn't stand still for  a picture.
There were several different types of folded-winged skippers. 
Those tall plants were bobbing and weaving in the breeze. The bugs were flying from bloom to bloom so I didn't get shots of everything. The wind blew my patience away.
Such a nice introduction to the weekend. I hope you all are planning a good one.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

September Slump

As it always seems September is the time in the garden that everything seems to slump. Every plant in the garden seems to start to get that worn look. 
Some of the reasons are that the days are getting shorter and we haven't come to the fall rains yet. There is a lot of moisture in the air. We have had heavy fogs each morning but not much else.
 I sort of hate to admit it but this gardener looks forward to the time when I don't have to do much in the garden except weed and sit around thinking about things I want to do next year. Do you ever get like this? 
I have had some nice surprises lately. Like these two Queen of the Prairie Filipendula rubra plants deciding to bloom. They normally bloom in the spring/early summer. I think what brought these blooms on is that there was an accident and a major water line was broken. The city came to flush the lines after it was fixed so this area of the garden was flooded. I guess the Queen thought it was spring again.
Another pleasant surprise was this Red Spotted Purple butterfly that sashayed through the garden. I don't see these often in the garden. You can see the red spots on the underwings in the following photo.  
I hope you are having plenty of pleasant surprises in your garden. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Back Garden From Above

We had an outfit come out to give us an estimate on a new roof. Our roof is 24years old so it is time. We have had a couple of issues. The fellow that was on the roof measuring and looking things over has been here before, a really nice fellow. I asked him if he would mind to take pictures of the back garden when he finished. He said sure. The following is a short video he did. I didn't realize he was going to do that and came around the corner of the house to tell him not to worry too much about all the tree limbs in the way. I think he did a good job with what he had to work with.

I hope you enjoyed the short tour. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - August 2019

I am so pleased to say that I have several  blooms that are quite exciting to me this month. First up is the Cardinal Flower. It is planted here with some tall Blue Lobelia and a wonder of wonders a Dusty Miller that lived through the winter. It was something of a surprise that the Dusty Miller lasted because the rabbits ate the other ones. I didn't expect it to live in the first place since none had ever done so before. Neither had Cardinal Flower so that is why I am excited about this one.
Now don't go noticing those papers on the ground. There are other things happening to this flower bed that I will talk about another time.  
Look at this rather delicate looking vine going up the post with chicken wire around it. It is Passiflower Lutea, our native Passionflower. I planted it as a tiny tendril last year. The rabbits ate it to the ground, not once but twice. Then this year it took off.
It started budding up this past week. Then we got some rain day before yesterday and POP. We have blooms.
They are so small but they are sweet. I asked my DB to take pictures of the blooms. I couldn't get anything that resembled the flower. 
They look like little stars. I hope they lure Fritillaries into the garden as they use this for laying eggs. 
Rattlesnake Master (eryngium yuccifolium) is another plant that has taken me several tries to get established. I think I finally found a spot it likes. You can see that it will have to duke it out with the Northern Sea Oats.
This hardy Hibiscus isn't one of the new huge ones. I have had this plant for 40 years. I have moved pieces of it with me through all my moves. It reminds me of my childhood. I moved it once again this spring. It was out by the mailbox and was a pill to mow around so I moved it to the back garden. It doesn't get as much sun and I wondered if it would even take but here it is blooming once again.
If you look down this path, you can see that the rest of my blooms seem to be the stalwarts of this time of year. Hostas, black eyed Susans, tall Phlox, Monarda. In the  bed on the right I have been removing some and planting others so there will be more of a mix next year.
How about your garden? What is blooming this 15th of August? Please do go over to Carol's at May Dreams Garden where many post about their blooms on the 15 of the month.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thankful Thursday

I have been wondering how I was going to broach this subject with you. Today being Thursday and many people write about things to be thankful for so this being one of them for me I thought this is it.
I was walking through the garden the other day and I noticed what I thought might be a leaf blowing across the ground. No that wasn't it. Do you see him down there?
A sweet little toad making its way. It stopped between the miniature hostas. So you can imagine the size of this toad.
It appeared to not pay much attention that I was giving him my full attention. I wondered where it was off to. Then all of a sudden instead of going around the largest stone I have in the garden. It hopped right aboard.
I wondered what drew it up onto the stone. Perhaps it was wanting to play king on the mountain. It sat there for a little bit. Along came a tiny ant and it slurped it right up. I sure wish I had video of this encounter. It would have been a good one.  I suppose it was waiting for another ant to wander by for it out waited me. It is definitely more patient than I.
This spring being so wet for so long encouraged the toad population. I am hopeful that there is more than one toad in the garden. I took a close up of the pattern on its back so if I see another toad and get a photo I can compare the spots to see if it is same or different individual.
Simple pleasures often come in small packages. Do you have anything you are thankful for today?
I am also thankful for all the comments and encouragement from all of my readers. Cheers.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Small Patches Great Satisfaction

After years of reading about Jason's small patch of Tithonia and a friend of mine talking about her Tithonia right outside her kitchen window I finally planted a small patch of my own.
The Tithonia is taller than our 4' fence that I hate to look at. It pleases me to no end that it camouflages the fence. 
Photo above by my DB.
Along with the Tithonia I also planted Zinnias. Not a lot but enough to bring in several different butterflies.
Tiger Swallowtails
Folded wing skipper of some sort. 
Silver spotted skipper. 
Photo above by my DB
Just enough to keep me going out there to see what else is drawn to these blooms.
Just across the path from them is a huge Clethra shrub in high bloom. So if you tire of watching butterflies you can count bumble bees and a great assortment of bugs drawn to the fragrance and nectar rich blooms of the Clethra.
You know what I will be doing this weekend. I hope you have fun plans for the weekend too.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Shadow Shot Sunday - July 28, 2019

I couldn't resist this shot, one during our daily walk. You might think we were alone. 
We were not alone.
Happy Shadow Shot Sunday. Pop here to see and share.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2019

July has been a month of lots of blooms but the big splashes of color are slowly ending as the rains have stopped. There was a good deal of flopping going on due to all that rain but there has been a good deal of blooming going on too. The flopping will have to wait for another post but this first photo gives you a hint of what I am referring to.
The daylilies are winding down.
This is my only spider daylily. It has finally recovered from it's move to this location this year and has bloomed up a storm. 
The last Oriental lily 'Legend' is abloom. I cut one and brought it inside and it is perfuming the entire living room. 
Monarda and tall phlox are popping now.
 Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea blooming  along with Cleome. While Cleome can seem a bit weedy they are fairly easy to remove if you wish to do so. I don't mind a small stream of these as they will bloom until frost. You can see the black-eyed Susans photo bombing in the right corner.
 Some of the Oakleaf hydrangeas are turning pink. The ones doing this are the ones that were gifted to me and I have no idea what kind they are.  
 Purple Cone flowers and Russian Sage make a nice combo out front. 
Even some of the tropical plants I bought this spring are coming into bloom like this Croton. 
 The Canna is blooming right along too. 
Carol  keeps the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day meme going. Pop over here to see what is blooming in other gardens and share  yours too. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Six on Saturday 6/7/19 - The Circle Garden

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you have probably read about my struggles over time with what I call my Circle Garden. I have a rather relaxed gardening style but I have always wanted a Knot Garden which to me is very formal. My efforts so far have been dismal. I will write about that another day.
 Right now the Circle is looking fairly good and I am pleased with it's transformation. At least I am willing to share it on Six on Saturday, the meme that Jon the Propagator hosts every Saturday, mainly because there are six paths that spin off this Circle Garden. I am going to give you the six views you get when coming to the Circle from one of the paths. When you enter the garden from the path that goes around the East side of the house this is the view you get.
From the path from the patio you get this view. This is the view I see most often. I am usually looking out the kitchen door this way or entering the garden from the patio to here.
If I enter this area from the Hydrangea Walk I see this.
Coming back from the barn toward the house and Circle you would see this.
Walking along the fence and looking back you see this.
As you follow around the fence line you come to another path that you could take back toward the Circle to here.
As you can see there is a variety of grasses, plants, herbs and rocks along with the center focal point being the dogwood Cornus Rudtan ‘Celestial Shadow’. 
If you would like to see what all everyone is posting for their Six on Saturday you can pop over to Jon the Propagator's blog and check it out.