Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - January 2008

I must say that I am quite pleased to report a I have a couple of blooms for January Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

The Kalanchoe that I repotted right before I brought it in for the winter is blooming nicely. The poor dear was broken in half with the repotting process. Kalanchoe's are a brittle lot but as tough as they are beautiful when blooming.

The drunken sailors decided to show up in full
uniform. Despite being all wapperjawed the one in the green bulb vase has a nice root system and has actually been blooming for some time.

The rest of the crew in the potting medium are trying their best. One of them has a nice bud about to burst into bloom. The other two are just green and that isn't bad this time of year. Maybe they just need a little more time and a little more sunshine.

I am sure that they all need more light. The one in the bulb vase was growing well with me turning it every day. Then we went away for a few days and it grew like a weed and didn't get turned. So it has a permanent list starboard.

Now I don't know if I can count this as a bloom but one of my palms has a growth that has little balls on it. Seems like I have seen this before but I am not sure. There are several stalks with these little balls. I don't remember ever seeing an actual bloom come of this but it must be what it is. Does anyone that knows about palms have an opinion??
I will leave you with this close up of the bloom on the narcissis in the bulb vase. Happy blooming to you all.


  1. Happy GBBD Lisa. It's nice to see that you have a few blooms for this important day. I have a few dafs in flower too, paper whites that come with a lovely scent.

    Your Kalanchoe is looking great, I love these plants as they are so hardy and flower for such a long, long time.

    My blooms are up too.

  2. I like those palm things, whatever they are. Have you ever heard of adding rubbing alcohol to paperwhites water to stunt the length of the stem? Anyone? The kalanchoe is a gorgeous color.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Even though I consider myself a better birder than gardener, I'm going to participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day when I get home from work. I have a few 'bloomers' in the house right now too and I loved seeing your pretty flowers (could almost smell that narcissus). What a great treat in the middle of January!

  4. Good for you, Lisa - you *should* be pleased. That close-up shot of the kalanchoe at top is especially stunning; what a pretty pink!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Happy Blooming Day to you and thank you for the introduction to "wapperjawed" - blogs are so mind-expanding! I can file that next to the "cattywampus" frequently used by certain Divas of the Dirt.

    Your kalanchoe looks so good that I might evict some other plant from the window just to fit one of them in.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. Wow! The Kalanchoe is beautiful.

  7. Hi Lisa: Vivid color for your GBBD January. Your Kolanchoe is my favorite-- I've never brought one indoors- good idea.

    Yes, your Palm bloom counts. Palms (and Palmettos) do flower and congrats to you for having one bloom inside! Some of the blooms on various palms can be quite beautiful. If I recall Rusty over at yearroundgarden in Miami posted a Queen Palm bloom on his GBBD... you might want to check it out too.

    BTW I thought it was just 'us southerners' that said things like wapperjawed... "hearing" you say it gave me a big smile!

    Have a happy bloom day, Lisa.
    Meems in Florida

  8. I have never grown Kalanchoe because I thought they only came in orange & yellow. I want 1 like your stunning pink one!

  9. Happy GBBD to you too Yolanda. Everyone mentions the scent of the paperwhites but for the life of me I can't smell these. Maybe because my sinuses are all clogged up.??

    Frances I have never heard of adding rubbing alcohol to paperwhites. It will be interesting to hear if anyone does that.

    RJ, I will come over and look at your blooms.

    Thanks Nan.

    Hi Annie, glad you liked wapperjawed. It sort of fit the plant. You will like kalanchoes if you get some. They are so lovely when they bloom and the bloom lasts a long time. They plant itself is no demanding. Just wonderful.

    Hi Meems, thanks for the palm info. I looked at Rusty's palm bloom. WOW that thing is huge.

    The one I have started out in an arrangement several years ago. It is now in a huge pot.

    I have southern roots Meems so I probably spew southern sayings from time to time.

    Happy GBBD to you too.

    MrMcD. I hope you find a pink kolanchoe. You would like it for sure in person. The color is stunning.

  10. Hi, Lisa, and thanks for sharing your blooms with us for another bloom day. That kalanchoe defines "pink", doesn't it? I wonderful contrast to the cold outside.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  11. I'm not sure what those little things are on your palm plant, but they sure look interesting! Maybe we'll get to see the answer on February Bloom Day? :-)

  12. Nice blooms, Lisa! I have a kalanchoe that's been in bud forEVER. They just don't seem to want to open up. It bloomed last winter inside, then I planted it in the garden where it didn't bloom all summer! I brought it inside again this winter and now it's got flower buds. Weird!

    I've had a palm get those things just like yours. I never really investigated online as to what they were, but I figured they were a bloom of sorts.

    Yes, Frances, I've heard of the alcohol thing to retard the growth of paperwhites' stems. I've not tried it though.

  13. Dear Lisa,
    Your blooms are a blessing! So very pretty and cheerful!
    It is nice to have flowers in January. I could also join in on Garden Bloggers Bloom day. I do some inside winter gardening. I usually have cut flowers too! I will check into this fun "Blogger's Day". Is it once a month?

  14. stunning blooms! Great way to get a smile out of me during winter! Thanks

  15. I don’t know what kind of palm you have, but it looks like you are pass the bloom stage and now you are in the fruit stage. May be you did not see the flowers because they were very small when the stalk opened

  16. These are great! Do you like the fragrance of the narcissi? I find they are a bit much up close, but do a nice job of scenting the room. And their flowers are so lovely.

  17. Wow, Lisa. That pink is in a class all by itself.

  18. Nice blossoms! Nice to see in the winter time... last winter I posted my blossoming palm, too. Same as you have. The little kernels turn yellow.

  19. Lisa, I love your Kalanchoe! Now that is saying something because I usually dislike kalanchoe very much, but your macro shots of the blooms are great. Unfortunately I'm not able to wait for the rest of the photos to load but I KNOW they must be lovely! My blooms are very different up here in the north. Happy GBBD

    Cheers, Diane at Sand to Glass

  20. Nice blooms for bloom day! What a nice kalanchoe color.

  21. What a funny name "drunken sailor" for a plant !! Your Kalanchoe has a beautiful color (here you see them mostly in red). I'm longing for the blooms and fragrance of the narcissi.

  22. Kylee, my kalanchoe doesn't bloom all summer either. When I bring it in it usually gets reeeaaallly dry and then I give it a good soaking and that seems to force it to bloom.

  23. Sherry, Carol at May Dreams Garden started this once a month meme last February. You can post on your blog about your bloom on the 15th of every month. If you go to her blog and leave a comment then people will come to your blog and look at your blooms and comment. Everyone is welcome to participate. You can find blooms from all over the world. FUN

  24. I love that beautiful pink Kalanchoe too. I thought they were just house plants, and didn't know until recently that you could put them outside.

  25. It is always so exciting to see indoor blossoms when all is so quiet outdoors.. it allows our gardening passion to be satisfied watering and fussing the indoor plants.I have african daisys that reward me but I forgot about bloom day..oh well must be ((the break)) that consumes my mind! hugs NG

  26. I love your Kalanchoe and will give it a try if I can find some. My mom used to grow it in Australia..outside, of course.
    Those paperwhites didn't take long to bloom, did they? I miss having those. They smell so delightful.
    I enjoyed seeing your naughty rabbit, vigilent pooch and all those mushrooms and other fungi. Fascinating stuff!
    Your seating area is very ingenious and I'll look forward to seeing what evolves :)

  27. Lisa, your kalanchoe looks great and from I red in the comments it is a favourite one for most of the visitors:)
    I like it too - I had one, but didn't want to bloom. I understand that your is re-blooming.


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