Monday, January 14, 2008

Luna's retort

Whilst my Mom thought I was sleeping too much yesterday just because a rascally rabbit was in the garden eating things. She knows that when I am up I show no mercy for the rabbits, squirrels and cats. Why look at me now. I just chased four squirrels and the neighbors cat out of the garden plus I have that pesky rabbit cornered in the stick pile. It won't be so la dee da about showing its face today.

Besides if you saw my Mom right now you would think she was the foolish one. She is outside while there is a dusting of snow on the ground looking for blooms for Carols Garden Bloggers Bloom Day tomorrow. Even I know there won't be anything in this garden blooming despite what Kylee posted on her blog. After all, a girl needs her beauty sleep.


  1. Luna... Woof, woof, bark, bark, woof, woof, grrrrr rabbit, woof, woof! Woof!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Sure there's a wrabbit in there... I think Luna's just "pretending to work!" ;)

    (Oh wait, that's my dog.)

  3. Good girl, Luna. Tell Mom to give you a treat.

  4. Luna looks like a hard working hound. She can come chase rabbits in my yard anytime.

  5. Go get em, Luna!

    (I've seen my dogs do this too and watched the rabbit run out the other side, tee-hee)

  6. Luna - leave that cat alone! It might just get rid of the rabbit for your mom. But you go on showing those squirrels who's boss.

  7. Woof woof Carol.

    BG... Luna does like to pretend to do lots of things.

    Marvin my Mom gives me lots of treats...obviously.

    RuthieJ I think the rabbit did go out the back side. Sometimes Luna trots around and around that pile before she gives up.

    MrMcD, I like to chase any furry critter that comes into my garden. Mom said it was my job and I always mind my Mom...NOT.

  8. Psssst! Luna! Tell your mom to plant some English Daisies! ;-)

  9. You go girl. We have priorities.


    (owners of Robin-Bumblebee)

  10. Have I told you how beautiful Luna is? You must brush her every day. My dogs like hunting down those wabbits, too.

  11. Hi Mary, I don't brush Luna every day. I try to brush her at least once per week. I brush her more often during the high "shedding" season.


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