Friday, March 21, 2008

Color for Easter

With all of that sunshine yesterday I couldn't ignore the urge to plant something in the garden. Since the ground was too wet to even walk on in most placess I could think of only one alternative, plant some pansies.

The planter on the front porch was screaming that it was tired of this winter look. All was yawning or actually dead and gone.

After all we wouldn't want the Easter Bunny to pass us by just because it still looked like winter on the front porch.

I found some pansies and violas at the big box store plus some gorgeous yellow lillies. This combination gave us a big shot of color that I don't mind telling you we needed.

So we went from winter drabness in the planter on the front porch to something to give a cheerful welcome to all who come to call on us this spring.

Of course I bought a few more than I actually needed for this big green planter. I always seem to overestimate the size of this planter. It was a happy accident since I could plant up a couple more smaller planters.

The only sad thing is that the stores don't have any spillers available yet. I guess those spillers are just a little too delicate to be out yet.

I want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Blessed Easter. I hope the only bunny that comes to your garden is the Easter Bunny.


  1. I also planted pansies and violas in some containers yesterday and put them on my front porch. Like you said, it was a real shot of very welcome color.

    Good idea on the lily, too, I just have the pansies and violas, so no height in my planters.

    Happy Easter to you as well,
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. oh, it is beautiful. I just LOVE the happy faces on those pansies.

  3. An irresistible urge to plant something is definitely one of the symptoms of spring fever. I'm sure the Easter Bunny will be lured to your house by the cheerful and attractive plantings. How could he/she not be?

  4. Your planters look great. The chicken planter looks especially cheerful. And it's always best to buy too many plants (not possible really) than too few, IMO. Spring has sprung! :-)

  5. Wow, that is so much better and so cheery. I love the lilies, great idea.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Your display on the front porch shouts "Its Easter"...really lovely Lisa....lovely combination.
    Easter wishes to you. Of course I will have the real bunnies dropping by, they always do, think kind thoughts Cheryl!

  7. Beautiful Lisa! Ahhh... color! A happy and blessed Easter to you as well. :c)

  8. Your yellow lilies and pansies are gorgeous.
    OK, what are spillers?

  9. Happy Easter to you and your family! I just love your easter flowers and the colors are just perfect!

  10. Lisa, If I planted pansies right now they would'nt last long in our heat. They are going to love your front porch and they look so nice with the bright yellow lilies.You can always tuck a spiller in later.
    Have a very happy and blessed Easter.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  11. Dear Lisa,
    The pansies look so cheerful. I really love the lilies for height.
    Will you plant the lilies later in the ground?
    Your planters look beautiful!
    Happy Easter!
    Blessed new beginnings.

  12. I love violas.
    I plant them almost every year.
    In NYstate they used to reseed themselves well and we'd have a huge plot every summer.
    Down here, we have to keep replanting.
    But, they're my favorites--so I do.
    Yours remind me the warm weather will soon be here.

  13. Do you feel better now having gotten dirt on your hands? I think I would, but still too much cold in the forecast. Snow for Easter (light). Does that mean it is going to snow for 7 more Sundays?! Happy Easter to you all!

  14. I like your cheery, springy arrangement. You will definitely entice the Easter bunny now.

  15. Happy Easter!

    That planter certainly made me smile. What a great welcome each time you come and go.

  16. What bunny could pass by that combination of yellow and blue? Especially when most bunnies would love to eat both lilies and pansies.

    Happy Easter to you and yours, Lisa!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. What a wonderful transformation, you changed the season in one fell planting! I also think the chicken planter deserves a spotlight. The lily adds a lot to the combo. Hope you and yours enjoyed the day.

  18. Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies." John 11:25
    I wish you a Happy Easter!

  19. What perfect spring colour -- especially for Easter. Spillers not necessary. Wow, I'm so surprised it's actually that warm in other parts of the world


  20. That's such a welcome sight - I'm sure the Easter bunny felt right at home when he came to see you. Hope you get the warm weather to go with them ASAP! Happy Easter.

  21. Awww. We love 'em pansies. They look cheery on your porch. Pansies are on the mark-down shelves now and I'm ready to dig mine up as they have sad faces. They'll never survive our spring. We love them in the coldest months.

    Happy Easter, Lisa! I wish you a nice drying out.

  22. I am so glad you all liked the lily and pansy combo for Easter. I hope you didn't eat too much chocolate yesterday and if you have children all the ears are still on their chocolate easter bunnies.

    Terra Hangen- If you go to Gardening Gone Wild you can see the post about filling your planters with 'thrillers, fillers and spillers'. Spillers are the plants the hang over the edge of pots.

    Meems pansies are just spring flowers here. It gets way to hot and dry for them during summer.

    Sherry I will plant the lilies out in the garden after they finish blooming. I will be hoping they take. They probably will. I have done this before and they live for a few years. They won't bloom during spring of course becasue they have been forced this year. They will bloom their normal time.

    Nina, I don't have luck with Violas establishing themselves here either. I wish they would.

    Mary, I have tried putting pansies out during fall but they never recover from our winters enough to bloom in spring or before the heat of summer kills them. I just treat them like cut flower arrangements. I put them out during spring or fall and pull them up when they get ugly.

    Cheers to all...

  23. My pots remain empty due to freezing temperatures but your plantings certainly inspire! Hopefully warmer temps are on the way and the urns will be planted! Yours are beautiful!

  24. We're a long way from planters too, but yours gave me a real thrill of delight. We'll make it through, for sure...just a few more weeks, I tell myself. :-)

  25. Wow... that is a much-needed shot of color! I can't believe that you found blooming lilies at the box store in March, though. I don't know if that makes me happy or very, very sad. :)

  26. Well done, your Spring decoration looks very nice! But aren't you afraid that the beautiful lilies will find it difficult to overcome cold nights outside? Or aren't you expecting any further cold days?


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